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  1. Tawnyafitz

    Saints game and parks?

    Still pissed but I see that we will be playing the Rams in Ca this fall. How many days would I need to do Disneyland? I’m assuming the game will be prime time because of our history. Who Dat!
  2. Tawnyafitz

    First floor guest rooms at Fort Wilderness

    Yes. We have stayed in a cabin. It was great. We have stayed in the first floor of the Beach Club and Poly. So easy with a stroller! And no waiting for the elevator.
  3. Tawnyafitz

    First floor guest rooms at Fort Wilderness

    We are planning a trip and want to stay at WL. We love staying on the first floor. Any pictures or recommendations of specific first floor rooms are much appreciated!
  4. Tawnyafitz

    Disney Dining Credits

    Where can I find an up to date list of how many credits it costs at each restaurant? I am reading that BOG dinner is 1 and then other places it says it is 2 credits. Thank you.
  5. Tawnyafitz

    Birthday dinner at BOG

    Hi. We will be having dinner at BOG on my daughter’s 31st Birthday. She has never been here. Is there anything special that I can request? Should I call ahead? Thank you!
  6. Tawnyafitz

    Decorating Door at Polynesian

    I want to decorate our door for our MNSSHP trip and my daughter’s birthday. Are the doors metal? Thanks!
  7. Tawnyafitz

    MNSSHP tickets misplaced

    I found them!! And i saw where they are linked to my account!! Thank you!
  8. Tawnyafitz

    MNSSHP tickets misplaced

    I have searched all my hiding places. Can these be replaced?
  9. Tawnyafitz

    Decorating for Halloween at Poly

    Hi. We usually decorate the windows and doors. Does anyone know if the doors are metal so I can use magnets? Thanks.
  10. Tawnyafitz

    Rivers of Light?

    Why? We are debating.
  11. Tawnyafitz

    Will I get sick on FOP?

    Awe. I was really hoping that I would be able to ride the 7 Dwarfs.
  12. Tawnyafitz

    Will I get sick on FOP?

    Thanks. I was afraid of that. I've tried Dramamine and patches. Mt. Everest was awful as was Harry Potter.
  13. Tawnyafitz

    Will I get sick on FOP?

    I get motion sick really easy. Soarin' makes me queasy so I just close my eyes. Thank you.
  14. Tawnyafitz

    October 4-9, 2018 MNSSHP Dates?

    We have a trip planned for October 4-9. We can make dining reservations on April 5. When will the dates for MNNSHP party be released? So excited! This will be my grandson's first visit. It is a dream coming true!
  15. Tawnyafitz

    Stationary seating on Jimmy Fallon?

    When I ride the Minions ride, I sit on the front row that does not move. Does the Jimmy Fallon ride have this? Thanks!
  16. Tawnyafitz

    For anyone there now...

    We will arrive next Monday ( July 10). It seems to be VERY hot. We are thinking about going to the parks early in the morning ( at opening) then coming back to the resort to nap and swim until 3 or 4. Parks are open until 10pm. If you are there now, how unbearable is the heat? Thanks.
  17. Tawnyafitz

    Ride/Attraction question

    Have you ridden the Jimmy Fallon ride? I get so sick on Simpsons and anything that spins.
  18. Tawnyafitz

    Just Back from the Dream #6076! Any questions?

    We had a fabulous time. Very rough waters for two nights. Castaway Cay was gorgeous.
  19. Tawnyafitz

    Using my own cup on the Dream

    Last time we were on the Dream ( 2015) we were allowed to use our own cups at the drink stations. I used the paper/plastic cup to pour the drink in to my cup to avoid germs. Will I be allowed to do that now? We were very careful to do this, to wash and use GermX but my husband and son still got...


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