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  1. NotUrsula

    For those that rent cars, does the new increase in parking change that??

    I'm claustrophobic about resorts, LOL. Much as I love WDW, I would simply hate not having the option to go off-property any time the mood struck me, and I know from experience that Orlando, FL is not best navigated without your own vehicle, especially when time is money.
  2. NotUrsula

    Do you know anyone who identifies as asexual?

    I think that "identifying" as asexual is decidedly odd, just as a thing. BEING asexual is a truly fluid state, in that tomorrow you could meet someone who would flip the switch for you and trigger desire. Deciding that you are going to deliberately remain celibate seems a different thing to...
  3. NotUrsula

    my friend wants me to help her with a touchy situation

    No, not this; definitely would not pass muster. You can pay legitimate debts as part of the spend-down, but they have to have been incurred before the spend-down period begins, AND you have to have legal proof of that. Due to Medicaid allowances not having caught up at all with the current COL...
  4. NotUrsula

    For those familor with audible

    This article has the cast list: Except for Elle Fanning, who is narrating, the others are all veteran voice actors whose work you can check out on other books. Fanning, of course, is...
  5. NotUrsula

    For those familor with audible

    Very often the publisher will put up a sample preview; try the author's website.
  6. NotUrsula

    Disney Skyliner (Gondola Transportation System) Read Post 1 Updated 6/15/19

    It's possible to paint galvanized steel, but you have to pre-treat it very carefully before painting, and that's not a simple thing on a surface that size. Vinyl wraps will usually hold for the useful life of the vinyl, so I think that it is possible that wraps could be used on sections if it...
  7. NotUrsula

    Password generator for protection

    I like LastPass. Two-factor ID is going to be more secure than single-level authentication, but if you really want to go secure, you can try an encryption key dongle. (That is a physical device that randomizes passwords and stores them for you. Anyone who is not holding that particular device...
  8. NotUrsula

    Jehovah's Witness funeral service; what should I expect/ do/ not do?

    Not at the religious service that I'm aware of. I suspect that the OP was speaking of gatherings after the religious service; in some cultures it is customary for people who attend those to offer discreet donations to help the deceased's family meet expenses, or to mail "condolence gifts" to...
  9. NotUrsula

    Have you tried the Impossible Burger or any of the other Impossible Foods products?

    I have to admit, I'm having a bit of trouble perceiving how something that looks like a thin brown hockey puck resembles a dead animal. (I do have a bit of that issue with lamb on occasion, but only when it's served whole-roasted.) Once meat is sliced into boneless cutlet-type pieces or...
  10. NotUrsula

    Why oh why is my son in love with white?!

    ScotchGard will keep the shoes from getting worse, but best bet for them would be to soak in OxyClean solution for a few days, then run them through the wash again, then treat with Scotchgard to protect. Regular chlorine bleach has a tendency to turn synthetic-fiber whites grey. It's great for...
  11. NotUrsula

    Why oh why is my son in love with white?!

    Go and buy some cans of ScotchGard fabric protectant spray NOW. You want to wash new clothes first once, then treat them with the ScotchGard. After treatment, stains will come out easily without bleach, and yellowing will be minimized. Cloth sneakers can be treated right out of the box...
  12. NotUrsula

    Quick trip to New Orleans

    Please don't take this wrong, but you're clueless. New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in the United States, and is a vibrant community rich in history and with a unique culture. The people who call it home actually do have children, believe it or not. There is plenty to do there besides...
  13. NotUrsula

    1 week in Ireland?

    In the West of Ireland it's fairly easy (though not super-cheap) to hire and car and driver to take you where you want to go; lots of people do that for tourists, and have for decades. The tricky thing is connecting with them, which is where a good travel agent can help. Best to hire an agent...
  14. NotUrsula

    2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs anyone?

    Fun photo: hockey fans cheering in the RAIN That was at the Watch Party held at Busch Stadium for the overflow crowd that could not get into Enterprise Center. The rain cleared up by the end of the second period. Drone shots over the stadium showed the red-painted stands as a sea of blue.
  15. NotUrsula

    Is Brazil Happening At World Showcase?

    This article published last year in Orlando Weekly gathered up links to all of the Brazil rumors, including concept art for a ride (a "flyover" film-based one said to resemble PPF in style; themed on the cable-car ride to the top of Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro; presumably the film would have...
  16. NotUrsula

    My DGD and unexpected blood clotting disorder

    FYI, F5L is also sometimes a factor in infertility. It can cause repeated early miscarriages (the technical term for which is chronic abortion). It tends to be the first thing that will be looked for when someone loses at least 3 pregnancies in the first trimester.
  17. NotUrsula

    The Broadway show thread where we discuss all things Broadway

    No, that's not what I'm saying at all. What I am saying is that it is always POSSIBLE that that choice was made, particularly when the piece in question is unusual enough that critics might really slam the interpretation., and that perception of that possibility often colors judgments about the...
  18. NotUrsula

    Study Abroad Help Needed!

    If the phone she has now is a GSM phone with a removable SIM card, she can keep her current phone and just buy a UK prepaid sim to put in it. Very simple, just switch them out and you have a new number at cheap UK prices, but contacts, apps and all that stuff are preserved. SIMs are easy to...
  19. NotUrsula

    The Broadway show thread where we discuss all things Broadway

    Any time you get casting of a noticeably disabled person, or an able-bodied person playing disabled if that's a lead role, there is what is known as the "Award bait" phenomenon. (Most commonly referred to in the context of film and the Oscars, but it applies for any type of theatrical endeavor.)...
  20. NotUrsula

    Review of Blue and Green Milk - Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

    One review of the Green that I read noted that it had a "floral" overtone that tends to coat your mouth when you drink it. He said it was like chewing potpourri. The recommendation was, "buy it, take the selfie, toss it."


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