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  1. mantysk8coach

    DISer chapter of NKOTB anonymous, part 3... still goin' strong!

    Wasn’t it great? I was a huge Tiffany fan when I was a kid, even before New Kids. Seeing her was amazing and she is still sooooo good! My friend and I splurged for her bus meet and greet. She served us wine and I got to sing “I Saw Him Standing There” with her. Dream. Come. True. Oh yeah, New...
  2. mantysk8coach

    DISer chapter of NKOTB anonymous, part 3... still goin' strong!

    So has anyone been to mixtape tour? Or am I the lone survivor of this thread? :D
  3. mantysk8coach

    Vacation ideas in Mid-West

    I absolutely second Drury Inn in Grand Rapids! We stayed there two years ago for a figure skating competition, and I didn’t wanna leave! They have free popcorn and soda each night, free breakfast and dinner buffet (junky, but fun foods) and each adult gets three free drinks each night!
  4. mantysk8coach

    Game Shows from Earlier Times

    I will never forget the summer of 1986...I was 8 years old and of course off for summer vacation, and my mom has just had my brother so she was home for the summer on maternity leave. Our days consisted of nothing but lounging around watching game shows...our favorites were Press Your Luck, Tic...
  5. mantysk8coach

    Alex Trebek

    My stepfather, and my beloved grandfather (my moms husband and father) both were taken by this horrible disease within 5 months of each other back in 2008. Pancreatic cancer is awful, like low-key said, just hearing the words makes me shudder. Rooting for you Alex.
  6. mantysk8coach


    Friday night: Went to bed at 8 pm because I’m dealing with a horrible cold. Saturday: Despite said cold, headed to the ice rink for 7 a.m. ( I’m a coach), then to an outdoor exhibition after that where some of our skaters were performing. It was a balmy three degrees. Met my dad for lunch, will...
  7. mantysk8coach

    Top musical performances (Live TV)

    Not necessarily live singing, but a live TV performance
  8. mantysk8coach

    WHAT Do you have left to do? ( holidays)

    Ugh, all of the things. We’ve spent 2 of the last 3 weekends moving so the holidays have taken a backseat this year. Need to finish shopping and wrap. And grocery shop for Christmas Eve/morning meals. If I can get those things done, we’ll call it a win. Thankful there’s another full weekend...
  9. mantysk8coach

    Not a word (peeve thread - what's yours?)

    Doggo *cringe*
  10. mantysk8coach

    Do You Find Yourself More Happy or Sad During the Holidays?

    Wow, I have never thought of it that way, but that is spot on.
  11. mantysk8coach

    Should I bring something...what?

    Finding Neverland by any chance? A local kid I know from community theater circles is in that! He’s 13 though I think.
  12. mantysk8coach

    Trends that you hope will go away soon

    Team Xennial here! Love being a part of that label! :-)
  13. mantysk8coach

    Bohemian Rhapsody (the movie)..... (spoilers?)

    I came straight home and watched the real Live Aid performance too! They accuracy was crazy, right down to the Pepsi cups on the piano. Loved the movie...what a legend!
  14. mantysk8coach

    What was your favorite Halloween costume ever when you were a child or an adult?

    In like, 1991 my best friend and I went as the Nelson twins (remember the rock band Nelson that was big at the time?) Long blonde wigs, cardboard guitars and all..... Maybe not my favorite, but definitely the most memorable!
  15. mantysk8coach

    Have you ever met the above celebrity or not?

    No. Shia Lebouf? (Met him when he was doing his tour around the US thing and he took the car ferry across from Michigan to my hometown. Got a selfie with him...the most unexpected and random night of my small-town life!)
  16. mantysk8coach

    Have you ever met the above celebrity or not?

    A friend of a friend did...does that count? :-) How about...Idina Menzel
  17. mantysk8coach

    The Broadway show thread where we discuss all things Broadway

    Yay for performing! What role are you playing in Shrek? I was in it two years ago and was Fiona’s mom in the opening, and then the guard that leads the fairy tale creatures through the forest when they arrive (talk about a quick change!), then a regular guard the rest of the show. I’m currently...
  18. mantysk8coach

    Relationship Deal Breakers

    Yup. Happened to me after 11 years of marriage and 3 kids. (My husband came out, not me). We’ve now been divorced 3 years and just bought a 2-family home to raise our kids in together, yet separately. We’re still best friends, but yeah, definitely a deal breaker. Mutually decided.
  19. mantysk8coach

    What would you do for this dance costume?

    Yeah, I was gonna say, the name of the dress is an actual song...check it out on You Tube. That would be cute! Or “Broadway Baby”.


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