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  1. gary1955

    Pros and cons of Flex Pass

    the last renewal incentive I recall was 13 months for a full price renewal. I don't remember if that was last year or the year before. it must have been the year before. I think last year is was no incentive. last year I believe I paid full price and added Maxpass
  2. gary1955

    News: Disneyland Resort Introduces New Annual Passport that Combines Value and Flexibility

    I just checked and this is what I saw this morning, only one slashed day July 4th.
  3. gary1955

    Pros and cons of Flex Pass

    has anyone seen anything on the reservation cap? are they trying to say balance things between other AP's and general guests or is it just first come first serve and the July 4th reservations are up to the total guest limit for that day and the gates are closed to walk ups whether they are...
  4. gary1955

    News: Disneyland Resort Introduces New Annual Passport that Combines Value and Flexibility

    so it looks like the theory that the 31 day moving unavailable date was just a system glitch now that there seems to be an actual closed date on July 4th. there is no longer a 31 day marker.
  5. gary1955

    Pros and cons of Flex Pass

    I'm in the same holding pattern. my pass expired in April and I decided to wait since there was no renewal incentive. my plan was to wait until late summer or fall to buy a new one. I wonder if the Flex Pass was the reason they didn't have an incentive for renewal? since it seems like they...
  6. gary1955

    Free parking at any hotels near DLR with AAA?

    did not know about free parking with AAA. the Comfort Inn on East Katella does not charge for parking. the Clarion Hotel at the convention center sometimes will comp parking when business is slow.
  7. gary1955

    How to Catch All Shows of The Laughing Stock Co. + Other Shows??

    I don't know if they have gone back to rotating shows. the last several times I went to see more than one in a day they were performing the same play each time.
  8. gary1955

    Why did they drain and evacuate Grizzly?

    sounds like a mechanical breakdown of the pumping system. evacuation through the river bed would seem to be the least preferred option. could also be electrical. may have lost power for the pumps.
  9. gary1955

    News: Disneyland Resort Introduces New Annual Passport that Combines Value and Flexibility

    ok, thanks for the explanation. that unavailable day acts as a marker for the end of the 30 day window. I'm a reasonably intelligent person. after reading the explanations and looking at the calendar again I understand what is going on. I think that points to a problem with the way Disney...
  10. gary1955

    News: Disneyland Resort Introduces New Annual Passport that Combines Value and Flexibility

    it is odd that it would change that way. I have been thinking about getting a Flex pass. wondering how difficult the reservation process may be is an issue. the other is not being able to add parking to the pass. right now reservation calendar is pretty much open, but how will that change as...
  11. gary1955

    News: Disneyland Resort Introduces New Annual Passport that Combines Value and Flexibility

    is something happening on Wednesday July 10th? I just looked at the Flex calendar to see what it is like and saw that was the only day closed for reservations.
  12. gary1955

    Has anyone recently seen the castle?

    saw this on youtube today
  13. gary1955

    Timeline questions for locals

    you can use Google maps. if you enter in departure or arrival times it will give you typical travel times. if you can, use a GPS with traffic information. frequently if there is a tie-up there will still be a route that will get you where you want to go in a reasonable amount of time.
  14. gary1955

    Finding nemo observation deck

    I don't know if it is still allowed, but years ago I had a niece or nephew asleep in a stroller and I went in to see the alternate show while the rest of the party was on another ride. I love the submarines, but overall I don't think it is worth the wait.
  15. gary1955

    AP Renewal After Expiration

    looks like I opened up a can of worms. I guess I won't find out what happens in my case until this fall.
  16. gary1955

    AP Renewal After Expiration

    I wonder if there is a difference whether you purchase in person or online?
  17. gary1955

    Can you cut through Mickey and Friends Garage to Tram?

    on my last trip, the one time I walked in instead of taking the tram I could not take advantage of this because the Monorail was on an indefinite hold.
  18. gary1955

    AP Renewal After Expiration

    my AP is expiring soon and I don't think that Disney currently has any incentives for renewal. I'm thinking of letting it lapse and possibly starting up again later in the year. two questions: do they issue new cards or just reactivate the old ones? does the photo pass carry over if I get it...
  19. gary1955

    OK...can I vent about Splitsville?!

    last year I was a guest in a group that went to Topgolf driving range. I wasn't there to check in at the counter but the business model sounds similar with the membership sign-up and all. can't speak to if there were up-charges.
  20. gary1955

    Smoking & stroller wagons banned May 1!

    an idea and opportunity for Disney. bring in some of those sleeping pods that they have at some of the large international airports. I can think of three places they can set them up. unused or underutilized portions of the Innoventions building (could be space themed), one of the "sound...


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