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  1. caflygrl

    Jr. Chef - Food & Wine Festival

    If anyone has had a chance to experience this first hand and can perhaps take a picture of the schedule and what exactly they did, that would be great! We are going at the end of this month with my 5 and 6 year old. Would love to sign them up but not sure where it would go in the schedule. Thanks!!
  2. caflygrl

    Are These Character Dining Prices Current?

    I was able to get through to Dining Reservations today and these are the prices I was given. I mentioned my trip in early April so consider these valid from now until then! PCH: Breakfast: $39, $23 Brunch: $42, $23 (starting 3/29/19, Fri, Sat, Sun only) Storytellers: Breakfast: $44, $26 (ouch...
  3. caflygrl

    Are These Character Dining Prices Current?

    I have been trying to call to get recent prices but end up on hold forever. If I ever get through I will post here! I did have down Goofy's Dinner at $43 and $25 though.
  4. caflygrl

    Maps available -- 5 sets --who would like a set?

    Me please! Sending you a message!
  5. caflygrl

    *April 2019 - Check in*

    Count us in!! We will be staying at Homewood Suites March 31 - April 6 using my husband's racked up hotel points! It will be myself, hubby, DD (6) and DS (5). We last went to DL in Aug 2017 when we lived in Boston. Now we have moved to NorCal and have promised many trips to DL for our kids so I...
  6. caflygrl

    Help me pick my days for DCA! (Aug 2017)

    We are quickly approaching our visit!! I have another question that I searched around for an answer but didn't see it... When we are in DCA (Sun and Thurs) the showtimes for Frozen are 12, 3, and 5. Is there a showtime that is less crowded than the others?
  7. caflygrl

    Help me pick my days for DCA! (Aug 2017)

    Yes this makes sense!!
  8. caflygrl

    Help me pick my days for DCA! (Aug 2017)

    I wish but Park Hoppers x 7 gets expensive. When my kids are older and have more stamina, we will take advantage!
  9. caflygrl

    Help me pick my days for DCA! (Aug 2017)

    The absolute Must Do is Cars Land and TSMM (both days if possible) and Frozen Live. Everything else is icing on the cake! Willing to use FP, will not be using MP or Rider Swap. We are a party of 7 - grandma, grandpa, my sister, myself, husband, DD 5, and DS 4. I am hoping for a break in the...
  10. caflygrl

    Help me pick my days for DCA! (Aug 2017)

    I am having such a hard time picking days to visit DCA as some of the time we will be there, DCA won't open till 10am!! Keep hoping it will change but thus far no dice. We plan on 2 days at DCA, no park hoppers, but we do have 1 MM for DL. These are the hours for DCA while we are there: Sun...
  11. caflygrl

    Can someone kindly link me to touring guides?

    Undercover Tourist has some touring plans and I think Disneyland Daily? I will have to check on my home computer because I am just starting to put some together for my family!
  12. caflygrl

    August 2017 Disneyland Check-In & Chat!

    What are your thoughts on days for DCA? I feel like the days they open at 10a to the general public (Mon and Weds) will be more crowded because even late risers can get there at 10. 10 just seems so late to open!!
  13. caflygrl

    August 2017 Disneyland Check-In & Chat!

    That's a bummer on the monorail! We will probably stick with 2 character meals because it gets expensive with 7 people! I was thinking an early Goofy's Kitchen dinner on an off day. Slightly off topic - is there a place in DTD to get Mr Potato Head parts? We did that in WDW and it was a lot of...
  14. caflygrl

    August 2017 Disneyland Check-In & Chat!

    Our days off would be time spent at Downtown Disney or perhaps the pool. Maybe ride the monorail around - can you do that without a park ticket? My son is obsessed with the monorail. We don't plan to have a rental car. Our flight isn't until 1pm but getting to LAX etc, I assume we'd have to...
  15. caflygrl

    August 2017 Disneyland Check-In & Chat!

    Would love to get some input from DLR veterans on our possible itinerary! Group of 7, DS is 4, DD is 5. Pretty much this is all our first time at DLR. We have 4 day single park tickets so can utilize one early morning at DL. My 1st thought was 2 park days (DL and CA), day off, then a 2nd day...
  16. caflygrl

    FANTASMIC! Dining, Dessert, Fastpass Thread - Q&A Here

    How early can you go in to the Fastpass viewing areas or perhaps better to ask, what time should you get there? I'd love to take my 4 and 5 year old but if we have to wait 45min or an hour, we'll never make it! Also, this may have been covered in the 17 pages of posts, the FP area would only be...
  17. caflygrl

    August 2017 Disneyland Check-In & Chat!

    Awesome! I booked Tues and Thurs just so we have some options on park days.
  18. caflygrl

    Walking from Staybridge on Ball

    Is it shorter to walk down Disneyland Drive to the parking structure? Or is that road not open? Thanks!
  19. caflygrl

    August 2017 Disneyland Check-In & Chat!

    I am late to the party but here I am! Going to Disneyland/CA Aug 12-19 with myself, husband, DD age 5, DS age 4, grandma, grandpa, and my sister! My kids' first trip to Disney World was last July and they keep asking to go back. Hoping DL/CA is just as fun! Super excited for Cars Land!! We...
  20. caflygrl

    US - Kidzone opens later?

    We are planning to hit the Universal Parks on July 11th and 12th. From the Universal site it looks like it opens at 8am for offsite guests. I was making my itinerary on Touring Plans and it is showing that the Kidzone area will not open till 10am. Is there anywhere else I can confirm this? I...


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