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  1. Breezy_Carol

    Vacationing with one child at a time - anyone else do this?

    One time DD went with high school marching band to England, DH went with the group and DS and I went to visit my brother in CT for NYE. That was a special situation. But, when they were going to summer camp for a week, I made sure they went separate weeks so I had 2 weeks of only children and...
  2. Breezy_Carol

    What do you think of perfect children and teenagers who have permissive parents?

    I don't understand this post at all.
  3. Breezy_Carol

    Has anyone been to Washington dc

    Leebee has great information. I would chose fall over spring. Cherry Blossom can be overwhelmingly crowded. I have been several times and am unimpressed. I always thought the blossoms would be pink, but they are white. BWI probably has more flights than National. DS works in DC and flies a...
  4. Breezy_Carol

    Sexy famous women over 45

    Tina Turner. I wish I had legs like hers,
  5. Breezy_Carol

    People your parents loved

    I remember going to the theater to see Gone with the Wind when I was about 17, with my mom who would have been about 50. When Clark Cable (Rhett Butler) walked down the stairs at the beginning, my mom swooned. I thought this was so funny.
  6. Breezy_Carol

    Has anyone been to Washington dc

    Our son started working there in 2011 and we have visited must more frequently since then. There is always something new to see.
  7. Breezy_Carol

    Late to the party

    I've never even heard of Black Mirror. Now I'll have to look at it.
  8. Breezy_Carol

    I need a new book series

    Richard Paul Evans has several series. The Walk series and The Broken Road series, plus lots of stand alone books.
  9. Breezy_Carol

    Amanda Knox in Italy!

    DH and I were mentioning this last night. No way either of us would take the chance and go back.
  10. Breezy_Carol

    Dis doctors

    I don't think you will die from walking, no matter how far. It's more a matter of elevated heart rate so how fast and hard you are walking. And the walking wouldn't kill you, it would be a heart issue Ask your doctor if you are concerned.
  11. Breezy_Carol

    Bubble Wrap!

    I thought this was going to be how much fun it is to pop the bubbles.
  12. Breezy_Carol

    Are you afraid of clowns?

    Not afraid but just don't like them. One of my kids was afraid of clowns at like 3 years old. If we went to Ground Round on kids "penny a pound night" we would ask the clown to not visit our table.
  13. Breezy_Carol

    Got a question on prescriptions.....

    Maybe it was too soon after the first was filled. If it was supposed to last 10 days and you filled the other 7 days later, the insurance might feel it wasn't needed yet. Not sure of your time line. I think the pharmacy should have mentioned that to you.
  14. Breezy_Carol

    In desperate need of eating habit changes

    I really like WW and it works for me. I had used the book "17 Day Diet", which is basically low carb. It worked for a while but I couldn't maintain it. With WW (formerly Weight Watchers), I achieved my goal last May and am maintaining it.
  15. Breezy_Carol

    The NCIS Official Thread

    Thanks everyone. I thought he said Sara.
  16. Breezy_Carol

    The NCIS Official Thread

    At the very end, Gibbs said one word. It did not sound to me like the name of the character we saw (Possible spoiler) but another name. What was his dead daughter's name? There used to be a way to post spoilers and cover them so you had to click on a link. Is there anymore?
  17. Breezy_Carol

    Horrible Thing Happened Late Saturday Afternoon

    MIGrandma, you did everything you could. Don't doubt your response. That said, it is not something you will forget. 25-30 years ago I came on an accident that had just happened. I remember everything about how I responded and I still have questions. I am a medical professional, a physical...
  18. Breezy_Carol

    Top 3 shows that were cancelled in 2019

    Speechless Murphy Brown I Feel Bad Trial & Error These were to only ones on the list I watched. DH and I thought Trial and Error was hilarious. One of the few shows we watched together. I enjoyed Speechless. Murphy Brown and I Feel Bad were just meh.
  19. Breezy_Carol

    _Chat: How old were your parents when they became grandparents?

    65 and 69 I was 64 when I became a grandmom.
  20. Breezy_Carol

    How do you plan your international trips?

    I get tour guide books out of the library. If there is one I really like, I might buy it.


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