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  1. DisneyPiPhi

    Why hasn't Disney solved the main/late dining debacle already?

    I said to my DH recently that I'm glad we didn't have the money for a family vacation before DD was almost three! By that time, she was pretty easy and flexible, although on our second WDW trip, she was a bit of a "threenager" and also got sick, so that was not amazing. But I ultimately think...
  2. DisneyPiPhi

    Why hasn't Disney solved the main/late dining debacle already?

    See, I'm worried about the new ships offering more (read: paid) dining options. I like the rotational thing. I would hate to see a model of one MDR plus 2-3 up-charge restaurants.
  3. DisneyPiPhi

    DCL Miami Hotels

    I have clients on a March DCL sailing from Miami, and when I called, the two hotels they were using were the Embassy Suites Miami Airport and the Four Seasons Miami. We ended up booking the Embassy Suites not through DCL because of a rooming challenge. The hotel offers a free shuttle from the...
  4. DisneyPiPhi

    What do you love at the Community Halls?

    We love the free movie rentals. We like to get a movie and make pizza in our villa
  5. DisneyPiPhi

    Not Impressed by Palo

    We had Palo brunch on our cruise, and like some others, we weren't overly impressed. The food was very good, as was the service, but we weren't blown away. (We are also limited by food allergies, and for me, it always takes some of the fun out of a special dining experience when I can't eat...
  6. DisneyPiPhi

    Convince me I don't need Disney (of help me convince my parents that they do)

    Definitely get excited about Princess' North to Alaska program, which sells a lot of people (including our family) on choosing Princess for Alaska: Several Princess ships have enclosed pools, which are great...
  7. DisneyPiPhi

    Do kids dress in costume at dinner, etc.?

    DD wore costumes all over the ship on our cruise, including to the dining rooms for dinner. This included pirate night (she was Zarina the Pirate Fairy from the Disney Fairies movies) and other nights (I definitely remember the Merida and Moana costumes making dinner appearances.) Tell your DD...
  8. DisneyPiPhi

    Animal Kingdom Moonlight Magic Booking

    My annoyance is not in getting shut out (if that had been the case, I would have been disappointed, but fine.) My issue is that the process had so many errors they should have accounted for and alerted members about. I know it's a limited event; but when I could have had a ticket had their...
  9. DisneyPiPhi

    Animal Kingdom Moonlight Magic Booking

    Excellent point!
  10. DisneyPiPhi

    Animal Kingdom Moonlight Magic Booking

    I started at 1,007 this morning. It paused with 713 in front of me, then it changed to the sold out message. So they only had 300 tickets this morning (or, I suppose, 300 tickets times 4 guests each?) That seems low.
  11. DisneyPiPhi

    Shorter cruises more often or longer cruises not as often?

    Like others, we vastly prefer 7-night or longer cruises... though we'd like to cruise more often, too! :) Given that we need to fly and enjoy relaxing and unwinding on the ship, longer cruises less frequently work well for us. If we lived near a cruise port, I'm sure we'd do some 4- and...
  12. DisneyPiPhi

    Preferring DCL to WDW for the Disney Fix - Anyone else?

    We've dropped down to visiting WDW as a family every 3ish years. Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line are our preferred Disney destinations these days! I love the relaxed vibe of DLR and DCL that allows for more family chill time. I also don't do well in hot, humid weather, and Florida is hotter...
  13. DisneyPiPhi

    No NYC to Bahamas on fall 2020 itinerary. So bummed out. :(

    Yes, I had clients waiting for those Bahamian itineraries with the day at WDW from NYC in 2020 and they were disappointed, too. Frankly, I would be interested in this itinerary for my family, too, some year! I vastly prefer 7-night sailings or longer. My understanding is that they were pretty...
  14. DisneyPiPhi

    BBB Land vs. Sea

    Here's DD in her mermaid getup from BBB on the Wonder:
  15. DisneyPiPhi

    Studio vs 1 & 2BR (Opinion)

    We're pretty hooked on one bedrooms. We like having a separate sleeping area from DD, the larger kitchen, and the washer and dryer. (I like to throw in a load of laundry in the evening without having to leave the room.) Although our family of 3 can easily fit in a studio, we will probably...
  16. DisneyPiPhi

    What to do in WDW before DCL transfer?

    I would swim, but my daughter and I are big pool fans who will always choose to swim. :) Another option is a breakfast reservation at a character meal in a resort, like Cape May Cafe or 'Ohana. Or, a breakfast without characters - Whispering Canyon, Boma, the Wave, etc.
  17. DisneyPiPhi

    Good experiences with Edge club?

    I have no personal experience with Edge and/or Vibe. But, Steve from the DCL Podcast has done a couple episodes where he interviews his oldest son about his experiences in Edge. It's nice to hear a kid's perspective!
  18. DisneyPiPhi

    Animal Kingdom Moonlight Magic Booking

    I also think the Queue-It system works well. I was pretty impressed that I didn't get any of the usual Disney website errors! :)
  19. DisneyPiPhi

    Moonlight Magic Booking: worst experience ever!

    Right. I couldn't have gotten a DVC room if I'd wanted to! If they design the events only for DVC members using points, then they should restrict the reservations only to DVC members staying on points. That wouldn't bother me at all - if that's their goal, then they need to change the policy...
  20. DisneyPiPhi

    Moonlight Magic Booking: worst experience ever!

    I also have a cash reservation at a qualifying hotel, got through the queue, and was kicked out for not having a hotel reservation. I called Member Services at just before 10:00am ET and after explaining the trouble and hearing the explanations of (a) yeah, we know this is a problem and (b) you...


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