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  1. Smooshdog

    Picture of the Day April 5, 2012

    Want people to look at you weird and say, "what is he doing?"...then take pictures of trash cans!
  2. Smooshdog

    Picture of the Day April 5, 2012

    Grand Floridian
  3. Smooshdog

    Picture of the Day April 5, 2012

    Lighting strike!
  4. Smooshdog

    Do camera stores carry stock any more?

    I'd suggest renting it before buying! I rent all L series glass before buying! try
  5. Smooshdog

    Help me with men's suits and ties please

    I'm an attorney and I have found josabank to be great for suits and shirts. They have suit sales all the time and several quality levels to choose from. I see lots of attorneys in court who wear terrible suits/shirts/ties and it shows. Brooks brothers is a great store as well, but a tad...
  6. Smooshdog

    is it true?

    While waiting in line for the jungle cruise I saw a pretty big rat run into the little garden/woodsey area to the right of the waiting line area near the beginning of the line. Big rat, and pretty fast. Of course people are starting to throw trash on the ground in that area, so I'm not...
  7. Smooshdog

    Fort Wilderness Cast Member Belt Buckle

    Yeah it was me that a little carried away there at the end, but I've wanted one of those buckles since I first saw it as part of the costume. I've been pretty disappointed since the Fort merchandise has gone bye bye and once I saw this on evilbay I had to have. The wife did give...
  8. Smooshdog

    Groomsman Gifts

    At the suggestion of my lovely bride, I got personalized maglites for my guys, and they were a big hit! Everyone can use a good flashlite. check out which has lots of cool options.
  9. Smooshdog

    Photos by Misty!

    Those pics are amazing!...not that I'm biased or anything! :cool1: Misty was just great! We couldn't have had more fun during our shoot. It was fun just letting Misty work her magic and put us in some great spots for amazing pictures! It was raining on us just a bit, which made for some...
  10. Smooshdog

    Am I just being overprotective about my son's football team?

    I played football through every stage of my life, and can say that taking a lap is not a big deal, its a very common way to attempt to get the kids to try harder. If I had a dollar for every lap I took, well I'd have spent that money by now. :rotfl: Point being, don't worry about your son...
  11. Smooshdog

    Anyone collect Disney Wilton Cake Pans?

    I have one, I'd like a Mickey one but the ebay prices are high.
  12. Smooshdog

    Chicago Cubs Fans

    Koyie Hill's postgame interview today made him my favorite Cubs player. Not only did he overcome a horrible accident, he made it back to the major leagues and is a good backup catcher, but the way he acted and the whole just glad to be here, the pitchers do all the work attitude really made me...
  13. Smooshdog

    Transformers II - what did everyone think??

    I thought the movie was great. Good action and just fun. And for those of you questioning the language watch the cartoon movie from 86 and it has some bad language in it. The human Dad drops the old s word when they see Unicron, Ultramagnus says a bad word. And also arugments that are...
  14. Smooshdog

    All New Picture of the Day Thread - Jan 21, 2009

    A castle shot, and a pic of my birthday cake!
  15. Smooshdog

    All New Picture of the Day Thread - Jan 21, 2009

    Tried to get a good pic, but still learning how to use the new fancy camera.
  16. Smooshdog

    Donald Duck Birthday cake!

    I thought I would share a picture of the cake my mother made me for my birthday. I got the pan on ebay for my fiance as she thinks Donald is #1, so I thought my birthday would be a good time to have one made. Yes my mother made this cake and decorated it too! Nothing like a Disney cake on...
  17. Smooshdog

    Brazilian tour groups...aaargh!

    But Mexican beaches aren't the family vacation destination that disney is. :)
  18. Smooshdog

    Things to do at Fort Wilderness

    You can rent those mouser boats and ride all around Bay Lake and the Seven Seas can get a nice close up view of MK, The Grand Floridian, Poly...also you can charter a boat to go fishing. They also have bikes you can rent to ride around, there is a great trail from the Fort to the...
  19. Smooshdog

    Christmas decorations at site

    Here's a pic of just a normal site at Christmas for some ideas.


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