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  1. Julie's Haircut

    Songs that have a number in it

    David Bowie-TVC 15 I especially liked his performance of this song on Saturday Night Live back in 1979.
  2. Julie's Haircut

    Songs that mention a "weapon" in it

    Bikini Girls with Machine Guns-The Cramps
  3. Julie's Haircut

    What do you think of Disney clothing for adults?

    As long as there is at least one scene in a bland rectangular house from the 80's, of course.
  4. Julie's Haircut

    What was your Favorite Barbie you had or wanted?

    About 15 years ago I bought a standard Barbie doll and displayed her on a shelf in a bookcase. She was wearing her shirt but we removed her pants and kept her bottomless as a gag. There was a reason for it but I can't remember it. It was there for several years. I'm not sure what happened...
  5. Julie's Haircut

    Men's wallet

    Bi-fold money clip wallet, similar to this. Has a clear window for driver's license, about 5 slots for credit and other cards, and a magnetic clip to keep cash in place. Each slot can hold two or more cards. It's carried in my left front pocket, never in a rear pocket.
  6. Julie's Haircut

    People your parents loved

    Father liked Jackie Gleason, Raymond Burr (Perry Mason), and Goldie Hawn when she was on Laugh-In. Mother liked singers Englebert Humperdinck (sp.), Jerry Vale, and Perry Como.
  7. Julie's Haircut

    How messy is your home right now?

    The house looks comfortably lived in. We'd probably straighten up if the Queen was coming over for tea, it's good enough for the crummy crowd we associate with. Oh yeah, there is still a tote of Easter decorations in a corner of the family room that I haven't gotten around to putting away...
  8. Julie's Haircut

    This is unacceptable

    And parents like those in the video are likely compensating for their own failures by insisting their kids be the successes they never were.
  9. Julie's Haircut

    S/O - do you attend Pride events?

    I've attended parades and associated events about a dozen times over the years.
  10. Julie's Haircut

    Do you know anyone who identifies as asexual?

    A friend from college just turned 60 and as far as I know he has never had a relationship with anyone. He doesn't discuss it and I've never asked or cared. DW tried prying into his sex life about 15 years ago and I shut her down quickly.
  11. Julie's Haircut

    Do parents have low standards when it comes to toys these days?

    No, but the DIS has low standards on who they'll allow to post. (Like me.)
  12. Julie's Haircut

    Your Top Songs 3 of the 1970's

    My family drove to Ohio the summer of 1970 to visit some relatives. Car only had AM radio. We must have heard that song two dozen times within the 10 days we were away. It brings back good memories.
  13. Julie's Haircut

    2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs anyone?

    Aww, too bad. Hopefully you won't have to wait 52 years for a repeat.
  14. Julie's Haircut

    Spinoff: Worst Songs of the 70's and 80's

    Worst of the 80s What I Am-Edie Brickell and New Bohemians Safety Dance-Men Without Hats Wild Wild West-Escape Club What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)-Information Society Wind Beneath My Wings-Bette Midler Sucking in the 70s Seasons in the Sun-Terry Jacks Billy, Don't Be a Hero-Bo Donaldson My...
  15. Julie's Haircut

    Spinoff: Worst Songs of the 70's and 80's

    I knew it would be here since it's on practically every "Worst Songs of All Time" list. IMO it was OK, nothing special, but not worthy of the hate either.
  16. Julie's Haircut

    Amanda Knox in Italy!

    No, to make the B serve hard time.
  17. Julie's Haircut

    2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs anyone?

    Hey, @Gumbo4x4 , going to the parade today?
  18. Julie's Haircut

    Amanda Knox in Italy!

    Arrest her for littering or jaywalking and give her a 20 year sentence.
  19. Julie's Haircut

    Your Top Songs 3 of the 1970's

    Male singers Diamond Dogs-David Bowie Tie Your Mother Down-Queen Closer to the Heart-Rush Female Singers The Hardest Part-Blondie Barracuda-Heart Cherry Bomb-The Runaways
  20. Julie's Haircut

    your top 3 songs of the 80,s

    Male singers Ashes to Ashes-David Bowie Sunday, Bloody Sunday-U2' Orange Crush-REM Female singers Bad Reputation-Joan Jett Hit Me With Your Best Shot-Pat Benetar Express Yourself-Madonna


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