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  1. NatureBoyChris

    Where has Charles been ?

    Just think...this thread only exists because no announcement was ever made on air.
  2. NatureBoyChris

    The we loooooove Bonnet Creek thread Part 4

    Can anyone currently there post a copy of the June activities?
  3. NatureBoyChris

    News Round Up 2019

    It's crazy to see how much effect Pandora had on AK. Curious to see this report next year after Galaxy Edge opens at DS.
  4. NatureBoyChris

    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    Let's be real. The Pete solo show is the main attraction. The Patreon was hardly discussed on here until they started adding the solo shows. Before that, all I remember being offered was early access to see content that was eventually offered to everyone.
  5. NatureBoyChris

    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    I don't think anyone's asking anyone to justify their choice to contribute to the DIS on Patreon. Value is subjective. I personally think the DIS has upped their game with amount of content on Patreon recently. I honestly go back and forth on whether to subscribe or not. However, I know for a...
  6. NatureBoyChris

    **Disney After Hours-Animal Kingdom** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    Count me in as another person anxiously awaiting more dates to be added. We did the MK one last year on June 28th, and it was great. However this year, we are going to Orlando in early June. I'm hoping they add earlier dates than last year. Fingers crossed.
  7. NatureBoyChris

    News Round Up 2019

    News Captain Marvel' Delivers a Massive $153M Domestic Opening and $455M Worldwide Strong opening this weekend. Saw it with the kids on Friday night. I really enjoyed it. Not sure if it cracks my personal top 10 MCU movies, but still a solid movie.
  8. NatureBoyChris

    News Round Up 2019

    I think it's a mistake if they aren't opening the land with both attractions ready. Can you imagine the wait if only one is open?
  9. NatureBoyChris

    Bonnet Creek - Can we use pool and restaurants at Grand?

    If you are referring to WBC, you can use all pools on the property. It doesn't matter if you are staying at the hotel portion or timeshare portion.
  10. NatureBoyChris

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Opening Day *August 29* Planning Thread

    I don't think the question is whether or not, but how much it'll cost. I'm curious to see how much they'll actually charge for special access events for SWGE.
  11. NatureBoyChris

    Mickey bars will be in grocery stores in February

    Am I the only one that misses the old school bars like these?
  12. NatureBoyChris

    News Round Up 2018

    I agree. I think a lot of people are underestimating the reach Nintendo has. Not only was my generation influenced by Nintendo, but my kids as well. With a third gate, Universal becomes a week-long destination. Not just a tack a few extra days on a Disney trip type destination.
  13. NatureBoyChris

    News Round Up 2018

    I think you are forgetting one key component. The time period you're speaking of was during the last recession. Disney is now playing catch-up and putting capital investments into the parks. These were sorely needed. The competition from Universal is another reason.
  14. NatureBoyChris

    Are bookings down?

    Agree. I work for a major auto parts supplier, and we are very worried. The tariffs with China are one of the major factors.
  15. NatureBoyChris

    RIP Captain Jack

    I think the PotC franchise has a tarnished reputation due to some of the sequels. However, the first pirates movie was a great movie. A lot of it was due to Johnny Depp and his take on the Jack Sparrow character. I'm not sure that Disney can re-create that magic with a reboot.
  16. NatureBoyChris

    Question about the marathon live show 11/24/18

    I believe Pete mentioned parts of it might be recorded and released later, but not the entire show.
  17. NatureBoyChris

    Animal Kingdom reducing attraction hours

    Fixed it for you. :D
  18. NatureBoyChris

    News Round Up 2018

    GOTG 3 was slated for a May 2020 release originally.
  19. NatureBoyChris

    Parking Now $25

    Good point. What happens when we hit another recession? Things look great now, but we are due one. I believe I read the other day that this has been the 2nd longest time between recessions.
  20. NatureBoyChris

    A Fifth Park

    I agree. If Nintendo land is done right, I'll be a game-changer in Orlando. Nintendo spans multiple generations. I'd also argue Nintendo has a wider appeal for the general audience than Star Wars, and I'm a fan of both.


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