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    Is it rude to ask guests to attend/pay for a destination wedding?

    One of my sibling had a destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico. At the time I was pregnant with baby number three. To be honest the very last thing we needed was to shell out money for was a vacation we had not intended on going to, but it was my brother so my husband and I sucked it up and never...
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    Vero Beach and Love bugs

    We drove from the gulf coast across the state to Vero Beach this past weekend. The love bugs were horrible while driving, so much so that we took the car to a car wash in Vero when we arrived so we could see out the windshield. However, once we arrived at the resort we were never bothered or saw...
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    Katsura Grill and Quick Service DDP

    Thank you! I appreciate the information.
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    Katsura Grill and Quick Service DDP

    Does anyone know if you can order the sushi combo with a drink or the teriyaki chicken with a drink instead of the listed entrees for a credit with the quick service ddp? I'm traveling with teens and they want to know if this is allowed. Thanks.
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    Planning our dream trip to Disney World. Help please!

    The best trips we have done have been when we got 2 connecting rooms or a 2 bedroom DVC on points. We love having extra space. Everyone sleeps better and if someone wants to stay up or sleep in it can be done without everyone in the room being bothered. Two bathrooms are also very nice. My...
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    How old were your kids the first time they went to Disney?

    First one was 9 months, second was 6 months and the third one was 4 weeks, but we live in Florida. Also, with the 3rd one my husband had a required work conference at WDW. It was either tag along or be left at home alone with a newborn and two more kiddos under 5. I elected to tag along, but we...
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    Flying with Young Children - Paying to Choose Your Seats

    As someone who often travel on Southwest airlines out of MCO please be advised that there will be many families traveling on Southwest out of MCO. Yes, they do offer families with young children (I think it's ages 0-5) the opportunity to board between the A and B group. However, it is not...
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    Last minute/Walk-in Hotel Reservation

    I did this last May at Port Orleans. We are Florida resident pass holders and spent the day in WDW visiting with family staying from out of state. We ended up visiting far later than we had intended and I wasn't in the mood to make the two hour drive home. I stopped by the front desk and asked...
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    Keep September or switch ?

    I'm a Florida Resident and I can honestly say there is not much difference between the weather in August and September. Both will be hot & sticky and you can pretty much count on it raining daily in the afternoon. I'm also a Mom with two grown college students and a freshman in High School. I...
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    Convince me to take the leap and try RCCI ( and share your advice on ships:)

    Okay, I'll be the one person who admits our family was not happy with our experience trying out Royal. We sailed on Allure in May of 2018. Although, I am glad we decided to give it a try for ourselves as I think the only way to know if another line is a good match for your families vacation...
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    New menus at the Polynesian's Kona Cafe

    Does anyone know if you're on the standard dining plan if sushi offering at lunch and dinner can be used as your entree choice at Kona Cafe? I have some sushi loving teens who want to eat here if that is the case, but would prefer to skip it if they can not redeem their dining credit for sushi...
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    May Vs. Sept, 12 mo vs 17 mo

    I'm not so concerned about the babies age. I think either age for your little guy will have its advantage and disadvantages. Although, I do think it's easier to keep control of a younger child. As a Florida resident I highly recommend May over September especially if you can book towards to...
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    World Wide of Sports Soccer Tournament - MLK Weekend

    My daughter has played in many softball tournaments at Wide World of Sports. Your friend needs to look up the organization sponsoring the tournament for the schedule. However, if it is anything like softball it won't be out until a few days before the tournament. Also, the schedule is typically...
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    Teppen Edo - kids are picky eaters

    Much to my sons dismay they do not have fried rice at Teppen Edo. I hear about it every time we eat here because our local Japaneses hibachi restaurant does have fried rice. My son gets annoyed every time he hears the cast members here tell him fried rice is from China...They will do plain white...
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    Townesuites by Marriott - Flamingo Crossings

    I have stayed at both Marriott properties at Flamingo Crossings on several occasions (more than 10). For what it is worth, I have never encounter or witnessed guest that are rude to other guest or staff. I have had several experiences with rude guest at the Disney value resorts. Cheer-leading...
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    I went to buy FE items for our cruise...

    This happened to me at my local shopping mall just this weekend. I was caught off guard and admittedly pretty peeved that I was spending hundreds of dollars on Christmas gifts and they were going to charge me 10 cents a paper bag. It seemed pretty petty that the store didn't just give their...
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    Help deciding on a time to take my family!

    I also have a son who is high functioning on the spectrum. He is now a 20 year old college student. We live in Florida and our family has been to the parks often during your two proposed dates. As I'm sure you're aware you may have to adjust your schedule if something triggers or sensory...
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    CBR - Room for 4, but 5 people

    Travel (softball) parent here. We have this issue all the time when we travel with our club as some families are over 4 people. Your friend needs to call whoever does the bookings for their group and ask how they should adjust for their family. Often this may mean two rooms. What we sometimes do...
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    leaving a package at front desk for friends?

    I have left a package at the front desk at both Pop and Port Orleans for friends. I just labeled them clearly and put their check in date on the package. Both were given their packages at check in.
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    New law, parents/kids sitting together

    I just ordered plane tickets today to fly from Tampa Florida to Michigan for Christmas this year on South West. It was a relatively last minute decision based on a family need. We are a family of five with 2 college age kids and a high school student who all have exams up until 12/21 and we fly...


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