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    Adding adult sons to our DVC contracts

    What DW and I did: Bought a separate contract with DDs names on that one contract. This way they get full benefits and the original contracts we have are outside of anything bad happening in the future. Sure it opens a 2nd membership number but that is what 5 minutes of extra thinking about...
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    Adding Guests to Villa

    Ditto cvjw I have done this multiple times, even at BCV to get people access to SAB.
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    Official AK Moonlight Magic Discussion

    I was 2980 in line, when the queue started at 09:00. Got 4 for July 18th.
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    Goofy in nightgown looking for stateroom?

    Embarkation lunch at PC. Had the camera on the table, DW had Goofy come up behind her, I saw him coming, picked up the camera to take a picture; Goofy reaches past DW and tried to put pepper on her dessert. What a look on DW's face. On one cruise we were seated at one of the tables just outside...
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    Have you ever felt you're going to much?

    Is there something that says you are going too much? I do not believe those words even belong within my dictionary. DW & I would live at WDW if we could. We have looked into moving to Celebration to be closer.
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    DVC Members in Orange, Osceola, Polk or Lake County

    Last minute trips are the greatest - no planning, nothing to do but enjoy the time away.
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    Would you go?

    Had a L knee replacement done in Oct 2018; was home from work for 5 weeks. Went to EPCOT after two weeks at home, got closed in just setting in the lounge chair the whole time. All I could do at EPCOT was look around at things, did not do any rides. It was during F&W so I got something things...
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    DVC Members in Orange, Osceola, Polk or Lake County

    Volusia county and I work in downtown Orlando. We take multiple short stays throughout the year and one longer trip at some point during the year. We want to get enough points to be able to stay 2 - 5 nights per month. We like taking trips to both VB and HH alternating the trips year each. We...
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    So...what did you pay per point for your membership?

    Purchased direct in: 93 at 52 98 at 52 Purchased resale in 09 at 53
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    Riveria Reservations

    Disney IT!
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    DVC Members: How often do you go to the park during your trips?

    My choice: Something else. We go to the parks for two days, take a day off, go for two days, take a day off, etc - no matter the length of the trip. Even with that said, we have done some trips (14 days of Disney) and never set foot in a park.
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    Parking at SSR check in?

    We have done this multiple times. The parking around the whole check-in, Artist Palette, main pool, spa, and other places in that area is way too small. The only other area we have parked at to get to these areas is over by the DVC preview center.
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    Favorite non-park things to do in DIsney!

    Foot golf is golf played with a soccer ball. You kick the ball down the fairway and into the hole. There is a Pro league of players.
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    Epcot or AK for first trip without kids?

    Just did EPCOT last weekend just DW & I. It is lovely to just walk around and enjoy the sites and sounds. IMHO, skip MK this time and do AKL & EPCOT.
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    Earliest time to fly out of MCO on debarkation day??

    The BIG IFs in all of this is the boat arriving at the port on time and clearing customs without issues.
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    What % of DVC owners have a blue card?

    We still have our original DVC card from when there was only one resort in the club (now OKW) cards from 1993.
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    Favorite non-park things to do in DIsney!

    It depends on what you are into: sports: golf, mini-golf, fishing, marathon, bowling, ESPN Club, WWS/ESPN Zone, etc shopping: DS (DTD), area outlet malls, large scale malls drinking: Jellyrolls, Raglan Road, monorail tour of resorts, walking tour of resorts in the Boardwalk area movies: DS (DTD)...
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    What is your really #1 Boardwalk Area Restuarant

    BW - ESPN Club BC - Cape May YC - Yatchman's Steakhouse
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    What is your Disney shameful secret?

    For me: Adult only time in the Parks Adult only time at DS Adult only Resort Adult only DVC resort Adult only DCL
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    DVC - toe in the water

    People have asked me and I have told them to answer these questions: 1. Are you willing to go and stay at a Disney deluxe resort at least every other year? If not then no need to look any further cause the costs are not worth it. 2. Are you satisfied with staying offsite and going to the...


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