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    How to make $2000 in 6 months?

    A site that I often visit when I'm trying to cut expenses is She has many suggestions on her blog and website, and her followers (who live all over the world) share their own ideas too. She actually has a post called "Cutting Expenses (When You Think You Have...
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    T-Tapp: Tried it? Loved it? Hated it?

    Hi! Just did a basic web search of "T-Tapp" and this is what came up! I was searching for success stories or other experiences with T-Tapp. I have done the Basic Workout Plus video many times now, and it truly is 15 minutes - maybe 20 tops if you include putting on your shoes, putting in the...
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    W.I.S.H - A July to Remember

    My favorite "excuse" is that it's okay to eat whatever I long as I just eat a "little bit!" I never measure exactly what a "little bit" is, but I remember from my Weight Watchers days that it is surprising how many calories you can consume just snacking in this way. Big thanks to...
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    W.I.S.H - A July to Remember

    Hello all! Is it too late in the month for me to join in? I recently had my 39th birthday and have decided that I'd like to start my 40's feeling better than I do now! I have received so much support from DISers in the past, and of course it's so encouraging to read your experiences too! My...
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    Anyone find an "easy" way to get toned up?

    I hope to lose more weight myself! The fastest toning exercise I have ever experienced was Callanetics. Some people compare it to Pilates, but it is different (and more quickly effective). It was created in the 1980's by Callan Pinckney, and has been recently updated by Sandra Hanna and Lacey...
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    My 3+ year journey to become stronger and healthier . 70 lb loss Primal, weight lifting and running!

    Thanks for sharing your story! I appreciate your honesty and courage in talking about something that is so personal - but many of us share the same struggles! I have had some success in the past with weight loss but it has come back, and I feel ready to make some changes. Now that I'm in my...
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    Best painless "stretching things" budget tips?

    Hi everyone! It's been a LONG time since I've posted on this thread, but I've been slowly re-reading through it, trying to get some frugal ideas. Here are a few resources to share: *Check out The woman who writes it also maintains a blog which is...
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    Free Dining Oct-Dec Is Here!!! (And a whole lot more) ~ Part 3

    CaraMiaBelle - Thanks for your reply! Our TA made it sound like that portion of POR was totally excluded, and there never were any rooms set aside for the free dining promotion in Alligator Bayou. I will try to contact Disney a few times and see if something opens up. If not, my next...
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    Free Dining Oct-Dec Is Here!!! (And a whole lot more) ~ Part 3

    Hi everyone! Sorry if this has already been asked and answered... I tried to get free dining for our dates (first or third weeks of Nov.), and my TA said that no FD was offered at POR in the Alligator Bayou rooms. I didn't see that on the exclusions for this package. Has anyone else had...
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    Weight Watchers Chat -- Part III

    Lovesmurfs, I am so proud of you! You ate 42 points AND YOU TRACKED IT! Every single person on this thread has eaten more than enough once or twice, but you figured out the points values and recorded it. I've gone overboard before, and then I try to keep my points reasonable for the next few...
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    Weight Watchers Chat -- Part III

    Congrats on all the losses out there! I've been doing WW since August 1 and have lost 11 pounds. It doesn't feel like much, but it's about a pound a week. The trouble is, I'm starting to lose focus - I want to eat! :) And not veggies and fruit, either. Is there a way I can motivate...
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    Our Spectacular FIRST Disney Vacation! August 2011 UK TR- OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY Mini TR

    I have so enjoyed reading your trip report, and getting to know you and your family better. Looking forward to another update soon! :)
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    Weight Watchers Chat -- Part III

    Shiny - congratulations! Great first week loss! I attend meetings with a good friend, who is losing much faster than me - it can be hard. But just remember, we are going in the right direction, and we will succeed! Some leaders say it is better to lose slowly, as it tends to be more...
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    Weight Watchers Chat -- Part III

    Welcome JavArmy! This is a really supportive and helpful thread - jump right in! I had WI today, and lost 2.4 pounds (better than a maintain like last time!). I'm two pounds from my first 5% loss...maybe by next week! I will just keep tracking :). Good luck everyone!
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    Pooh-sized runners: really bad foot pain? This is new to me!

    Be sure to ask the podiatrist about orthotics. For very flat feet (like mine!) you may need to have orthotics (shoe inserts) made that are fitted to your feet, to support your arches. Flat arches can lead to bunions, arch pain, etc. Like others have said, you will likely have to replace your...
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    Weight Watchers Chat -- Part III

    WDWRids - I also started at exactly 192, and have lost about 5 lbs in 3 weeks. But other than my 5% goal, I haven't set a final goal. I don't have a "before" image, as I've always been heavier than I would have liked. But the lowest I remember being is 155, so I'm going with that. Honestly...
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    Weight Watchers Chat -- Part III

    I am so inspired when I read this thread! Thanks for your posts everybody! WI earlier this week was a little disappointing - I maintained exactly the same weight as last week. I was a little disappointed, but I decided to figure out why I didn't lose instead of feel sorry for myself. :). I...
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    Weight Watchers Chat -- Part III

    Welcome, luvpooh! WI was tonight, and I was down 1.8. That makes 4.6 for my first two weeks! Of course, I wish it were more, but I am thrilled to see the scale going in the right direction! I could do less snacking (or choose better foods!) and more movement, and maybe that will help me keep...
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    Weight Watchers Chat -- Part III

    I have had a few experiences since starting WW where I realized that my "normal" - even when I thought I was being moderate - was a LOT of points! I made pancakes for the family today and thought "I'll just have one...can't be that many points.". After figuring in one pancake and a drizzle of...
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    Weight Watchers Chat -- Part III

    I found a "make it at home" Dole Whip recipe, but it included heavy whipping cream, which would increase the pts value. I know the official DW is dairy free. Either way - a Dole Whip sounds so good right now! I have gone over my daily points for several days in a row, and I'm worried I won't...


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