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    What will tomorrow hold?

    I say 10
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    What will tomorrow hold?

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!
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    Soarin over Cali

    Me too!
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    Halloween Time Superthread 2019: "Oogie Boogie Bash" Party to Be Held in DCA ONLY!

    Better yet, cut the price back to reflect what they are offering. The value isn't there for the price they are asking for a ticket.
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    Thank you WonkaKid!

    Boy would I love to "work" with you! I would be at the office early every "working" day! LOL
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    Soarin over Cali

    I hope they keep it Soarin Over California. It fits the park!
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    Making Plans

    Since you will be going in February, parks usually open later in the morning (9 or 10) with MM/EE being 8 instead of 7, go to the parks and take it all in making mental notes what you would like to try, avoid, etc. The cost between a 4 day and a 5 day ticket is small. If you were arriving in...
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    Those using swagbucks ???

    The first gift card I get each month is Starbucks for 2200, then, the rest I get paypal.
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    Main Street Cinema Now A Store

    I think Disney should rotate different cartoons, animated films etc in this spot. Have a ticket for it, but not turn it into what they are now doing.
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    Least crowded 2019?

    I would say November so your immune system can get stronger.
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    Fried Pickles

    I would suggest making a reservation. I usually make ours for an early lunch (11:30) on Magic Morning day. We will either grab breakfast on the way to the gate, or, grab a snack before we leave the hotel room (GCH). Then, we ride as much as we can handle, then, head over to Carnation Cafe to...
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    Fried Pickles

    These are very good. I think they are only served at Carnation Cafe (both parks). Even my so called pickle haters eat these!
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    Extra Magic Hour- Summers

    We do! Well, my hubby and I do. We have triplet teenagers (17 years old), so, we tell them, text or call when they leave the room so we can meet up in the parks. We love using it daily and relaxing in the afternoon after an early lunch/late breakfast for a while before going back into the parks.
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    Number of Days to Visit in October

    For me, the more time in the parks, the better. What ever you decide, have a great time! October is a wonderful time to visit the parks. There will be special Halloween treats and goodies to try, decorations up and halloween party. The weather is warm to even hot during the day and it does cool...
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    vacation where everything went wrong update

    You can use a fork with fries. You may get a few weird looks.
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    Must Eat DLR Food?

    Carnation Cafe has a great menu. I enjoy the meatloaf every time we go. The fried pickles are so yummy too. My kids who hate pickles, eat these! I love getting a Pear-o-dice beverage and dill popcorn from Cozy Cones in DCA, get a seat on a bench and people watch for a bit.
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    Disneyland 24 hour events?

    I think if they would do another, they would do it on the next May 4th, 2020 . Perhaps limiting the amount of tickets or special party inside SW:GE.
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    Halloween Time Superthread 2019: "Oogie Boogie Bash" Party to Be Held in DCA ONLY!

    Woohoo!! Maybe they will dole out more candy to each person!!
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    Special experience for 14 year old girl birthday?

    You can have it delivered to Disney TS in the parks and DIsney hotels. Here is the link on the Disneyland site with more information. There is a cake thread that has pictures on it. The Haunted Mansion cake is so pretty.


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