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  1. Blackadder337

    Question for family members of cancer patients

    Hello all, OP here. Its been a while so I thought I'd give somewhat of a happy update. Its hard to believe its been almost a year and a half since BIL passed. All those "firsts" were tough for my sister and nephew but thankfully my sister managed to dig real deep and keep going. There were a...
  2. Blackadder337

    Question about checking in and picking up magicbands

    Online checkin does speed things up but its not like it saves a huge amount of time. If you don't do it, its not like you'll be in line for hours or anything. And when you physically check in, they will give you the magic bands at that time :) . Depending where you check in and the cast member...
  3. Blackadder337

    Gender Reveal Photo

    I'm thinking the Mickey or Minnie in the photo idea is probably better ;) Definitely safer!! :) I saw someone have both Mickey and Minnie in the photo, giving the parents to be a small plush Mickey (for a boy) and the mother to be was holding her belly with one hand and the other was over...
  4. Blackadder337

    Trip cancellation/interruption insurance

    We used it not for a Disney trip but for a different trip. The day we were supposed to leave, wife got violently ill. Ill spare you the details but if you use your imagination you probably have a 50/50 chance of guessing. I have trip cancellation on my credit card which is how I booked and...
  5. Blackadder337

    Arriving at MCO late- what to do with luggage?

    We arrived just after 11am and our bags didn't show up until 6pm, so I definitely would NOT use the tags after 4pm myself either. Just treat it like any other airport trip. Get off the plain, go get your luggage, take it to MDE knowing you'll have what you need as soon as you arrive :)
  6. Blackadder337

    A few totally random questions...

    We have never had a problem at all with the Magic Bands, charging to cards etc.. But I'm the type that I usually like to keep a some cash on me at all times just in case. And I'd be shocked if you needed anything more than shorts and tshirts at this time of year :)
  7. Blackadder337

    Disney to Universal?

    For what its worth, a Mears Taxi from POR to Universal, for 2 adults and one child was approximately $35 - 40 each way, including a tip. This was first thing in the morning, and during "rush hour" traffic in the afternoon.
  8. Blackadder337

    A few totally random questions...

    I did some wheelchair pushing at Disney a while back, and I was going to suggest wrist sweatbands for your hands, but bababear_50 beat me to it :) . Definitely a hand saver!! Also, from my own experience, While you naturally need to take care of your daughter's needs, you should also make...
  9. Blackadder337

    Silly Jokes

    What's orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot :)
  10. Blackadder337

    Do I really need a "consent to travel with a minor" letter?

    I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. I've been asked for one a few times, and I've always had it with me. Usually they just do a super quick scan of the letter and pass it back (I keep extra copies just in case they keep it) . But I've never gotten one notarized...
  11. Blackadder337

    odd sayings?

    My mom grew up in England and i guess at one point, when they were going to telephone a friend or ring on a friends doorbell, they'd use the expression "knock me up tomorrow". I would assume a large majority of you are now laughing and have a vague idea where this story is headed. Fast forward...
  12. Blackadder337

    OMG!!! Some people....

    My manager gets pizza on occasion, but he usually says "just take one for now until I make sure everyone gets some, then I'll offer up the rest". So if you do it again, give that same speech before they dive into the box :)
  13. Blackadder337

    Random iMovie question

    This is probably not what you're looking for but I never really came across any free plugins or programs that worked well. There was always some sort of limitation or drawback. But I had a friend that used Faasoft Video Converter, so i took my files to his place and used a few times and I was...
  14. Blackadder337

    ID for drinks at Disney?

    I had my drivers license which worked fine. But I think some of my gray hairs gave me a free pass on the id check ;)
  15. Blackadder337

    Which travel insurance provider?

    The first thing I always recommend now is to check with your employer / union (if applicable) . I didn't know it originally but through my union, they had a great deal for vacation cancellation and medical insurance with Johnson / MEDOC insurance. For 2 adults, 1 child, it was quite a decent...
  16. Blackadder337

    How Long for DME to Resort?

    The last 2 times we've gone it took between 90 mins and 2 hours to get from plane seats, to resort. For me personally, I wouldn't book anything that close to arrival time. But this forum is full of people that seem to have no trouble making it within 2 hours of their flight. I'm just never...
  17. Blackadder337

    Question for family members of cancer patients

    Hello all, OP again with a follow up. Christmas 2017 was tough. It didn't help that just about our entire family had bad colds, and my sister and nephew had stomach flu as well. That made it extra tough to feel "festive". We all munched a little, but for the most part we just sat at the...
  18. Blackadder337

    Why use a travel agent?

    I used a travel agent mainly because of time. I had done a bulk of the planning but when the time came to commit, I just found that trying to keep on top of deals, promotions etc.. was more than I could handle. I'm not sure about all travel agents, but the local one I used had a "disney...
  19. Blackadder337

    How much money for kid soueniers?

    On our trip we did 7 days at Disney and hopped over to Universal for 2 days. At the time our daughter was 10, and she worked hard and managed to earn herself some money by doing chores, helping the grandparents etc.. and with what she earned plus some extra we and others gave her, she took...
  20. Blackadder337

    Would you bring your laptop across the border?

    In the past few years with the increased technological security coming into place, I decided to buy a very basic, cheap laptop for travelling purposes. I put a few family photos on it so that it looks like its used, but in general I store nothing on it and only use it when on vacation. That way...


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