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  1. pezaddict231

    Orange Bird cups at F&G

    Thanks for posting, we’re going next week and my dd is recently obsessed with orange bird.
  2. pezaddict231

    Should I rent a scooter ? Not able to get DAS ?

    It doesn't hurt to ask for the DAS and explain your issues and why you need it. The worst they can say is no. I think you should rent a scooter regardless, there is a lot of walking at Disney, even just from the buses to the entrance, and you'll want to conserve your energy as much as you can...
  3. pezaddict231

    Wings in the parks?

    We’re bringing dollar tree wings, she has official tink wings but they’ll be a pain to pack. The ones from dollar tree are cute enough and super light and if they get ruined or she doesn’t want to wear them 5 mins later it’s no big deal.
  4. pezaddict231

    Renting offsite ECV after you arrive?

    Yes I have and I think it was next day they were able to deliver it but it wasn't first thing in the morning, it was fine because we didn't have early morning plans but was an added inconvenience. I thought I reserved one but I had forgotten to actually place the order lol. If you think you'd...
  5. pezaddict231

    What to do with ECV at restaurants and attractions

    For restaurants I would always park it outside. I also find it easier to go in shops without it. For rides, I would generally park it but for those with long queues I would bring it. Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Toy Story Mania, and Kilimanjaro Safari all have really long queues. I can’t...
  6. pezaddict231

    ?? Virtual Waits for Guests with Disabilities

    In November they let me have 8 people on mine. I actually went back to Guest Services to add my SIL and family bc I didn’t have their bands at the time I got the DAS. It doesn’t hurt to ask.
  7. pezaddict231

    Can you share a place you couldnt wait to eat but was a huge letdown

    If you can sit right against the tank I’m sure it’s awesome. We’ve gone twice and been seated on the 2nd and 3rd level so it’s just not as cool. There are better choices in Epcot. It’s so fun! We did dinner and breakfast and nothing at either meal. And there wasn’t the singing at dinner...
  8. pezaddict231

    2019 DXDP - are you allowed to share? Post your ACTUAL experiences

    Interested to see how this pans out. We have a trip in May and was going to suggest sharing the DxDP with my parents but if it's going to be an issue I don't want to do that. We shared the plan in the past with no issues with my SIL's family, and when I divided the credits I would even divide...
  9. pezaddict231

    DxDDP: Exactly how do you share?

    We've shared the DxDP with my SIL's family on two trips, most recently in Nov 2018. I basically divide the credits among both families. Then I have a spreadsheet to track our meals and how many credits we are using to make sure we use them all. We don't really try to use child credits for...
  10. pezaddict231

    Can you share a place you couldnt wait to eat but was a huge letdown

    1. 50's Prime Time - we forgot to put my 6 month old nephew (who was too small for a highchair and was going to be held the entire time) on the reservation and they were incredibly rude about it. Made it seem like a huge inconvenience, huffing and puffing about it and threatened to not seat us...
  11. pezaddict231

    Where to eat when staying at SSR?

    We stay at Saratoga a lot. We enjoy all their QS locations, Paddock grill is the only one that has fries though. We also really like Turf Club. It's quiet and not much to look at but the food is always good and sometimes it's nice to just walk over and have dinner instead of dealing with the...
  12. pezaddict231

    Is Whispering Canyon still fun???

    We went for dinner in November and it was not fun. No pony races, they did the ketchup but that was really the only "fun" thing. We were a large group with 4 kids. We decided we won't go back for a while.
  13. pezaddict231

    First trip after CHF diagnosis

    Glad you had a great trip! Ohana is really the best and they take it so seriously which is nice. I'll have to try Mama Melrose too! Good to know about Homecoming, I've wanted to try it but been concerned about what I could actually have.
  14. pezaddict231

    Just a little nervous (ECV renting)

    I'm so sorry this was your experience. My friend (who doesn't use an ECV) went to Disney a few weeks ago and also commented on very rude guests, it sounds like that week was when all the jerks decided to go. I've been lucky in that I've never had anything truly nasty said to me or I just...
  15. pezaddict231

    First trip after CHF diagnosis

    I have CHF, was diagnosed over a year ago at 36, we don’t really know the cause but they suspect viral. They initially thought I had bronchitis and pneumonia but after all the meds I was still having trouble breathing. I’m glad your Dad is doing better, that is a huge increase in EF in a very...
  16. pezaddict231

    Gold Mobility Rental

    Just got back and used Gold Mobility for this trip. Had a great experience and loved all the features on the scooter. Especially the phone holder and ability to charge it. The phone holder was very secure. Great service,) they met me as I got off magical express. The scooter was in great...
  17. pezaddict231

    DAS question

    I got one last week. I didn’t have my group with me, just their magic bands. I have issues bc of CHF and I don’t discuss that around my 5 yr old DD. The process was very easy and handled discretely. The CM saw me come up on my scooter so she asked me right away if it was for a DAS. I...
  18. pezaddict231

    Can’t find many recent Turf club reviews?

    We’ve eaten there a few times, most recently in July and it was very good and convenient when you’re staying at SSR. I’m debating dropping Whispering Canyon for Turf Club on our arrival day but not sure yet.
  19. pezaddict231

    WDW and rides with an ICD

    I don’t have personal experience but was close to needing one. I would think he couldn’t go on any rollercoasters or rides that increase the HR too much, these devices can shock you if it thinks you’re getting into a bad rhythm. For security you’d have to tell them and then they may do a pat...
  20. pezaddict231

    First time ECV user - encouragement needed

    Don’t be nervous, they are actually really easy to use. The bus is prob the hardest part and most of the drivers are really helpful. I haven’t hit anyone yet, but you do need to be vigilant. If the crowd is too thick I just pull over and let it clear a little. If someone can walk in front of...


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