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  1. amie416

    Monorail Lime door detaches and “dangles”

    Ah, is that what happened?? ¡Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas! :earboy2:
  2. amie416

    Anyone else completely priced out of the buffets at Disney now?

    I'm pretty much over AYCE experiences in general... I just can't and won't eat enough mediocre food to make the experience worthwhile; the added cost at Disney just reinforces that. The only AYCE we'll be doing on this trip is California Grill brunch, which is obscenely expensive as far as...
  3. amie416

    Disney Gift Cards

    The difference is the exchange rate that you get when you use the Disney Gift Card vs. exchanging money at the bank or using your CAD credit card in the USA. The Disney Gift card converts to USD at the closing mid-market rate from the previous day with no foreign exchange fee. When you're...
  4. amie416

    Ordering groceries?

    Has anyone ever just taken an Uber or Lyft to Publix instead of ordering food delivery? I’m debating if we should try Instacart or not... this is our first trip without a rental car. We usually like to buy fresh fruit, salads and wraps to keep in our resort room... along with a 6 pack or two...
  5. amie416

    A restaurant you weren't expecting much from but were pleasantly surprised

    I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Pizza Ponte... to the point that I’d make a special trip back to DS just to get a slice.
  6. amie416

    Coffee Anyone???

    Where do you buy empty pods from?
  7. amie416

    Data in the US

    I think they had a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale last year.
  8. amie416

    Can you share a place you couldnt wait to eat but was a huge letdown

    Good to know... we’ve never been to Splitsville!
  9. amie416

    Special Events- Birthday Celebration Ideas Needed!

    Definitely sign up to get your free steak at Shulas while you’re there! It doesn’t have to be on your exact birthday. (
  10. amie416

    Disney dining for large families on a budget

    Last trip we discovered that a loaded foot-long hotdog is more than enough food for two adults! :laughing:
  11. amie416

    Kona Cafe- yay or nay?

    Kona was a great standby meal for us last trip... there was always a reservation available on the OpenTable app. We loved the burger with pork belly! However, I was not a fan of the sushi... but we have excellent sushi where I live and I was disappointed with all the sushi at WDW.
  12. amie416

    Can you share a place you couldnt wait to eat but was a huge letdown

    Every piece of sushi I've had at WDW: Kona, Tokyo Dining and California Grill. It's like they don't even bother seasoning the rice. I was so disappointed!
  13. amie416

    Insurance suggestions?

    You can also check Medipac insurance. They specialize in out-of-country medical insurance for Snowbirds, but I’ve found their rates and coverage to be pretty good for those under 60 too.
  14. amie416

    Data in the US

    We always use ROAM mobility for travel in the states. Even with a substantial staff discount with one of the major wireless carriers here, it works out to go with ROAM. Also, I like having a US number for text notifications from Disney restaurants and resorts. I’m not sure about DL, but at...
  15. amie416

    Canadian Disney Gift Cards

    Does anyone have an update on how Canadian gift cards are working at the resorts? I bought two $400 cards at Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday and was able to add them to the disney gift card website. I was able to combine the balance of both CAD cards online, but I was not able to transfer the...
  16. amie416

    Price increase too much?

    The increases hurt a bit... I was really excited to score a reservation for two of us at California Grill brunch at 55 days out, only to find out that the price has jumped from $80 to nearly $100 each. *sigh* It’s our one big splurge on this trip after a disappointing and expensive round of...
  17. amie416

    What do you do if you have a bad cold the day you leave?

    If you come down with a cough and a fever, there’s a good chance of influenza. Apparently, there are anti-viral drugs that can be effective against the flu virus if you take them in the first day or two... so if you get to a doctor quickly you may be able to shorten the duration of your...
  18. amie416

    Flame tree or satu’li canteen

    I would eat something light in the morning and do Tusker House for the last breakfast seating available... for “brunch”.
  19. amie416

    Prohibited items

    I would say that it isn’t even worth trying to wear/bring the bullet belt. There is a heightened security environment after the mass shooting in Las Vegas and things resembling weapons (including obvious toy guns) are definitely not permitted in the park. I don’t see them letting fake...
  20. amie416

    The Sheraton Vistana Resort Thread

    I just checked into a 2-bedroom in Fountains I and snapped some photos of the kitchen supplies for you:


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