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    Annual Reading Challenge 2019

    I often come here to look for good books even though I am not in the challenge, so I thought I would list one that I found to be really good City of Thieves by David Benioff It is historical fiction set in the Soviet Union around 1941 or 1942. I enjoyed it immensely
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    Red Cross Will NOT Stop Calling--VENT!

    You are not paying for the blood, you are paying for the testing. HIV, Hepatitis, blood type, etc. all use reagents that cost money. Medical Technologists perform these tests, so you are paying for their knowledge and expertise.
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    Top 5 Original Netflix Series

    Borgia (Netflix, not the HBO one with Jeremy Irons) was one of the best things I have ever watched. Mark Ryder was easy on the eyes and it was Much more historically accurate than the HBO one
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    It's official...ABD is going to Japan!

    For 2 it was around $4500 on the June 2 one
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    It's official...ABD is going to Japan!

    June 30 is already wait-listed
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    Kindle Paperwhite Cover

    me too, but which ones are good?
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    Kindle Paperwhite Cover

    I just gave in and bought a kindle. I got the paperwhite since it was lit and I could read in bed. Now I need a cover. Anyone have any recommendations for a good cover that is not $50?
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    Royal Pacific Breakfast

    Does the Islands Dining Room still do the Buffet for breakfast as well as order from the menu?
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    Iceland Gift Suggestion Needed

    Dear friends of mine are going to be doing the Iceland ABD in July. This is a bucket list trip for them and I would love to get them something to take that they will need. Preferably something they would not think of (one of those I wish I had brought type of things) But, I have not a clue what...
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    April 2018 Car Rental Watch

    Just booked Alamo Full Size $228 all in. April 18-25th costco code and AD2823JAZ
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    TICKETS & Upgrades - Prices and "How to"

    It worked! thank you SOOOO much
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    TICKETS & Upgrades - Prices and "How to"

    Hi, I tried to search this thread rather than read all 150 pages of it but didn't find what I need. I have: ....One adult 10 day park hopper from 2012 that was part of a package. Dad didn't go. Ticket never used. Ticket is on resort room card. ....One child 7 day park hopper from 2010 that...
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    Anyone use Bath Fitters?

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    Walt Disney World SWAN & DOLPHIN RESORTS Information & Questions

    It is a perk of the business card, not being Gold. I know Platinum gets the breakfast.
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    Walt Disney World SWAN & DOLPHIN RESORTS Information & Questions

    I have an SPG AMEX Business Card. One of the perks of the Business Card is club access when staying at Sheraton Properties. Does Dolphin have a club lounge? I thought I read that it was gone. Does anyone know if they give a breakfast perk in lieu of no lounge? I am Gold, not platinum
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    Decorating a Huge Wedding Reception Venue?

    Oh, and I would pop into a few different weddings before hand. Just wear nice clothes and go look around, no one will notice.
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    Decorating a Huge Wedding Reception Venue?

    we ordered centerpiece flowers from Sam's online. They were inexpensive and gorgeous
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    Annual Reading Goal Challenge for 2016 - Come and join us!

    Sorry to interrupt, but has anyone read The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Lucia Graves If so your thoughts? I like historical Fiction
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    Do Disney travel agents get you better deals??

    As long as it doesn't COST me anything, I prefer to give someone a job rather than just WDW keeping the money.


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