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  1. chalee94

    Advantage to owning multiple DVC contracts at different Resorts

    Yes. Banking and borrowing will never turn Poly points into Riviera points or vice versa. If you want to book Poly at 11 months out, you absolutely have to have Poly points. All people are saying is that they might book Poly 1 year at 11 months out with banked plus current points from the...
  2. chalee94

    Which studio would you choose?

    For Food and Wine, definitely BCV or BWV. BCV is a tad closer to Epcot and I would lean towards BCV for Stormalong Bay pool (BWV also takes some flak for long hallways) but I wouldn't have a strong preference.
  3. chalee94

    Tell me about Biergarten!

    Shows are at fixed times during the day. Should be listed on the Disney website, I think. Or here:
  4. chalee94

    Car parking

    There is no differentiation based on resale or direct. DVC owners get free parking at their resort when they are staying as a guest on points. DVC owners never get free parking at the parks just for owning DVC.
  5. chalee94

    Considering DVC Rental for the first time....

    As stated, towel packs are $6 per day. I agree that if you are looking at BLT standard studios or AKV value, that is a long shot. AKV standard is a good option. OKW or SSR would be reasonably priced but relatively comparable to moderates in terms of transportation. . OKW studios are the only...
  6. chalee94

    Buying/selling for profit

    Or rescind and take a few months to research DVC before making the financial commitment.
  7. chalee94

    Buying/selling for profit

    I just don't want the OP to think that historical resale values are guaranteed. I do think that there is more of a risk that potential resale buyers will prefer L14 to Riviera and move in that direction rather than accept the restriction of RIV-only, reducing the demand side of the economic...
  8. chalee94

    Buying/selling for profit

    Disney loves it when people are selling DVC for cheap. ROFR gives them the option to pick up the contract for cheap, or else pass on it if they are short on cash and nervous about the future (as they were during the "great recession.") ROFR is a mechanism for annoying potential resale buyers to...
  9. chalee94

    Buying/selling for profit

    I hope you are aware that DVC has altered Riviera contracts so that there are resale restrictions now which have not existed before. I would not count on DVC holding its value in the resale market like it used to. If circumstances change and you are forced to sell, you might be taking a big hit...
  10. chalee94

    OKW hospitality harbor

    I think I prefer Hospitality Harbor now. :)
  11. chalee94

    Poll: Size of Room

    Tough call. I like staying onsite in a studio for the onsite perks. The FP advantage is probably going to be essential for Star Wars and FOP for a while. It's nice to park at the resort and leave the driving to Disney. But I also like trading my non-DVC timeshare for 2BRs offsite. More room to...
  12. chalee94

    DVC AP Discount

    They also offered the Platinum AP for the cost of a discounted Gold DVC AP.
  13. chalee94

    What would YOU do if buying first-time into DVC today?

    OTOH, $50 per point in 1997 was for a 45 year contract purchased directly from Disney. Now Disney direct for OKW is $156 per point with 38 years remaining (and while the buildings are well-maintained, they are over 20 years old). Disney also offered free passes the first few years - not so much...
  14. chalee94

    Marriott Vacation Club

    Noticed you mentioned Disneyland. I have stayed at the Marriott Newport Coast resort. It was great for exploring Southern California but it was a bit far from Disneyland if that is your focus. DVC only has 1 tiny resort near Disneyland so you would need to own there and book early if you wanted...
  15. chalee94

    2 Bedrooms

    Ah, no. I love using my DVC points for onsite stays, but I can rent a 2BR offsite for 7 nights for less (sometimes much less) than my ownership cost of 5 nights in a DVC studio.
  16. chalee94

    2 Bedrooms

    Yes. People need to be aware of this. When you rent a DVC points stay, the cost is lower but one trade-off is that you generally cannot cancel and get a refund. You need to be rock solid on your dates and arranging for insurance is a good idea.
  17. chalee94

    Marriott Vacation Club

    Yes, TUG is a good place to get started. I have a small DVC contract and a 2BR nonbranded timeshare in the mountains of NC. I can break apart my 2BR into 2 1BR deposits each year and easily pull most Marriotts and Sheratons in the WDW area for trades. Not sure I recommend owning in Orlando even...
  18. chalee94

    Use Year

    A December UY would be a poor choice for the OP when traveling in October and November. Any UY can work for booking any stay. But if unexpected issues come up that force a cancellation, a good UY can keep you from losing points for zero value. It works like free insurance.
  19. chalee94

    What would YOU do if buying first-time into DVC today?

    1) September through December is peak season for DVC bookings. Studios tend to book up first. If you buy, you should plan to buy where you want to stay. 2) Based on your travel plans, you don't sound like you would need Annual Passes, so I would immediately point you to resales. The biggest...
  20. chalee94

    2 contracts 2 resorts same UY?

    The title would just refer to the owner(s) of the contract. If one contract is titled to John Q. Public and the second is titled to John and Sally Public, jointly - then the second contract could not be an add-on, but would have to be a new membership.


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