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    Tips for first time visit

    Just got back, a few things that come to mind -pool chairs have been discussed extensively in another post. If there on a weekend, try to be down there to reserve one or two by around 7:30 or 8:00 at the latest. If coming from the East Coast, it shouldn't be a problem to be up a while before...
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    LAX stopover before Aulani..GOOD PLAN?? Hotel suggestions please!

    Last week we flew direct from Houston, about 8.5 hours. I was nervous beforehand because I've never flown more than about 4 hours straight, and I'm 6'7 so folding into airplane seats is not ideal. But honestly, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, and that's with 3 kids under the age of 11 with...
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    Just back. Some tips on navigating the chair situation.

    I agree as well. Like I said, mid-week it was no problem at all. We were usually up by 5 or so every morning because of the time change and ready to get started. If the worst thing you have to do on the vacation is be down there by 7 AM and watch the Pacific ocean while eating or reading from...
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    Just back. Some tips on navigating the chair situation.

    Just wanted to add my experience since I had read this thread with high interest before our trip. We’ve been here since Memorial Day weekend. Currently, it’s Wed AM about 7:30. I’m sitting on a chair between the Kids Play area and Lazy River and there’s not a single other person on a chair in...
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    Just got my SWGE reservation email

    Just wondering, is anyone else with an 8AM spot on May 31 going to try to hit the 7 AM Extra Magic Hour at California Adventure that AM? I hate being up and being right there and not at least getting a ride in at Radiator Springs in the Extra Magic time. Seems like you could be there right at 7...
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    Just got my SWGE reservation email

    Just wanted to also add my experience without getting an email. There appears to be a lot of glitches in their computer system. I had booked Paradise Pier last fall for 5/30-6/1. Not only have I not gotten an email, when I went to the website just to look at my reservation, I couldn't even find...
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    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st & All Other SWGE Information

    Has anyone with hotel stay NOT gotten an email yet? I have a reservation for Paradise Pier 5/30-6/1 and haven’t gotten any Star Wars email yet.
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    Are there Disneyland lovers who've tried WDW once/twice and hated it?

    Some of the early stuff is overkill. Sure, some hotels fill up, but I've made many reservations 2-3 months before a trip. Also, other than first and last days or Halloween itself, the Halloween/Christmas tickets rarely sell out more than a few days in advance, if at all. For the FP+, I usually...
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    Are there Disneyland lovers who've tried WDW once/twice and hated it?

    I'm also reading this topic from the reverse side - we've been to WDW more than 20 times and went to DLR for the first time last year. We loved both (actually stopping by DLR for a day again this summer on the way back from Aulani), but there are clear differences between the two. However, that...
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    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st & All Other SWGE Information

    I'll do you one better. We are traveling to Aulani at the end of May. Last year, I had the great idea of extending our trip a little and stopping by in LA for a couple of days. I decided we'd go to Disneyland for one day. Guess what day that is? Yep, May 31. I'm really not sure what we're...
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    Kid-friendly activities outside Aulani

    We booked our May 2019 trip today and now am excited about planning the activities while we're there. I know some of this is covered in other topics, but wanted to get advice from those in the know on our specific situation. What should we be looking to do as far as activities outside Aulani...
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    coasters and drops

    SDD was actually a little more intense than I was expecting. Probably what I noticed the most was the 3 "humps" towards the end. I wouldn't consider them to be drops, but did feel it a little in my stomach. That said, I rode it several times in a row at Early Morning Magic. The first couple of...
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    DHS/Toy Story Land "Early Morning Magic" (EMM) FAQ & Discussion

    We did the EMM this morning and thought I’d pass along the details and timeframe. -Drove in and parked in the lot around 6:55 -Navigated through parking lot and bag check with 3 kids and were in Park about 7:05. -As others have said, they told us to go to ABC but we noticed group of around 10...
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    Beaches and Cream question

    We've never eaten there, in part because I know reservations are very difficult to get due to the small size of the restaurant. Our 180 day mark is coming up soon and I was going to give it a try. Question is, are there any tables big enough for a family of 5? When I look at the pictures, it...
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    Best Restaurants for Baby in Magic Kingdom?

    I would actually disagree a little about avoiding buffets, but only IF you have enough adult help. Certainly you don't want to have to drag a baby or small toddler up there if you can avoid it. But if you can leave the child or children with another adult at the table, we always had a good...
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    Today is my 60 day FP's says all gone

    I had same major problems yesterday and that was with desktop (multiple browsers), IPad, and phone. I wonder if these problems are the worst on Tuesday. Tuesdays are 60 days before Saturdays and I suspect Saturday is the most popular day for a reservation to begin. Yesterday was a Tuesday and...
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    Which character breakfast to choose

    Have to say I was very underwhelmed with our breakfast at Trattoria this past week. An hour after our reservation and we still didn't have our entrée or gotten a visit yet with a character. For the price and the out of the way location, it didn't seem worth it and I have no desire to go back...
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    Is overnight parking being charged?

    We just got home yesterday from a 3 night stay at the Yacht Club. We definitely booked the stay after the time they announced they were going to charge for overnight parking. When I got the bill, I looked over it and was (pleasantly) surprised to see no parking charges. When I thought about it...
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    Transportation to Hoop De Doo

    We'll be at GF. Like I said, if weather is fine, we'll just go over to MK and take the boat. I guess the best question is, if it's pouring rain, is there any advantage to taking a Disney bus vs driving ourself? Does the bus get you closer to the restaurant, or are you relying on the intra-Fort...
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    Transportation to Hoop De Doo

    We have a reservation at Hoop De Doo this weekend and I started wondering about the best way to get there if there are thunderstorms. The one time we've been before we took the boat from MK to Fort Wilderness which works fine. But I know they shut down the boats in thunderstorms. If that is the...


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