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    Surprising Teenage girls?

    Like surprise the day of? Or surprise a few months in advance? I have 5 teens/young adults, and it takes a lot of work and coordination to plan things together.
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    Restaurants accepting credit/debit only?

    Ds21 just mentioned that most places he has been buying lunch in manhattan don’t take cash, and he’s just getting sandwiches to go.
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    Why did people live in bland looking rectangular houses in the 1980s?

    I was a teen in the 80’s there are no homes like that in my area. My current home was part of a brand new development, building started in 1910! The house I grew up in is 180 years old.
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    Parents of the Class of 2019

    Dd finally got a real job as a hostess at a new trendy restaurant. Her graduation party (friends only, about 100) is Saturday. It’s going to be very basic, soda/water, chips, pizza, brownies from 1 - 5. Prom was okay, but she had a blast at the prom house for 3 days. She just got her roommate...
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    How messy is your home right now?

    I wish!😭 And thanks.
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    How messy is your home right now?

    Hmm, let’s see. Dd16 and ds16 are finishing up the school year, and are both on two soccer teams so their bags are always out. Dd18 has a severe case of senioritis and is only home to shower and dump stuff and sleep, just got home from prom weekend. We are accumulating her college stuff in the...
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    What happens when a person dies

    Really? I’ve been to dozens of open casket wakes, including my parents. I’ve only heard of a couple non traditional situations where they didn’t have a viewing and funeral, but instead a private service and a memorial celebration a few weeks later.
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    Late to the party

    That’s how I would describe it too.
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    What happens when a person dies

    My mom was cremated 3 years before my dad was buried, hers was only about $1000 cheaper. We rented a casket for her wake, got one of the most least expensive ones for my dad (didn’t have time to order from Costco). You have to pay for a specific vessel to cremate them in, and then to put the...
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    Parents of the Class of 2019

    Dd received 4 additional scholarships at awards night bringing the total of community scholarships up to 6, totaling about $10,000. She was definitely one of the top receivers out of about 100 students. Prom was Thursday night, she texted me a picture of her at Hawaiian day at the prom house...
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    Stroller rental

    We rented from WDW when the youngest were 4/4/6 (a double) because I didn’t need for them to nap, and they were perfectly capable of walking. We stayed at the BC, and they walked to and from Epcot and DHS with no problem (like most kids their ages).
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    Do the HS kids wear varsity letter jackets where you are?

    Hmm, brand new poster bumps up a zombie thread with a varsity jacket website... Four of my kids got them sophomore year, very popular here, ds16 is lucky he got one since he lost last year’s winter jacket and I refused to buy him a replacement.
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    90 Day Fiancé!

    He carried his mom’s hair with him, her hair!
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    I am a little bit rattled at the moment

    Unfortunately I’m a freezer, thank goodness DH is not. When our 5 year old swallowed a quarter he took her to the ER with our next door neighbor (nurse), she had to be put out and scoped, when our 12 year old had a bad bone break on the soccer field (ambulance brought him and DH to a trauma...
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    90 Day Fiancé!

    They marry people from other countries, it’s very entertaining. Some are obviously doing it for Visas.
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    90 Day Fiancé!

    I’ve been watching from the beginning on DVR, but it seems like so much is repetitive (I have it set up for only new shows). Almost every time, it’s stuff I already watched.
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    Family of 8 with an age range of 7 to 84 (4 generations) with 2 on scooters, need a strategy.

    I think your biggest issue is transportation. We did a trip with my parents (60’s) and our 5 kids ages 4 - 11. We broke up into groups a few times a day, with some staying in parks, some needing an afternoon break, others not, some going back to the parks at night, some not... My parents saw my...
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    What East Coast Beach for a Family Vacation?

    I’ve only been to Hilton head and OBX in the south, I prefer OBX but probably because you get get gorgeous homes for little money. I like Corolla (also stayed in hatteras and nags head). Hilton head will have more resorts. I love the jersey shore because I grew up going there, and can tolerate...
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    What East Coast Beach for a Family Vacation?

    Lodging in NJ is always going to be much more expensive than the southern states. We are renting a large home in point pleasant omg the beach for $1500 - a night. However, it’s an hour’s drive. For a fraction of that we can rent a home in the outer banks, but it’s a drive.
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    Help me Plan for November

    The first week of November is jersey week, expect crowds that weekend.


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