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  1. Brittni__duh

    Blended O'HANA: lights, water fountains, and characters OH MY!

    So I know I'm waaaay late to the party, my bad. I love when I find a good trip report with many pages for me to binge read popcorn:: But I already had to stop and comment because I think it's just incredible you planned this trip with your step daughters mother and family too. :grouphug: My...
  2. Brittni__duh

    Disney World for Spanish speakers

    My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Disney World for the 50th anniversary year and we are considering extending an invitation to his family. His parents are native Spanish speakers and while his father speaks English well enough, his mother doesn't speak English very well. I know that WDW...
  3. Brittni__duh

    Spinoff: What was your prom dress like?

    My was a knee-length black dress that had a beaded faux-necklace style halter strap. It was kind of sparkly, but not overly so.
  4. Brittni__duh

    Souvenirs that you actually use at home

    Christmas ornaments! How did I forget that? My husband and I collect shot glasses and ornaments from every trip. I love my Disney one.
  5. Brittni__duh

    Souvenirs that you actually use at home

    We have all four Starbucks "You Are Here" mugs from the park plus a few other mugs, like a huge Haunted Mansion one I love. I also got the Haunted Mansion Dooney & Bourke and I use it daily. Inside that purse is another Dooney & Bourke Disney cosmetics bag and a Disney wallet :love:
  6. Brittni__duh

    WWYD: Luxurious Resort or Luxurious Meals?

    I'd choose the resort, for sure. I've only stayed at Values or Mods
  7. Brittni__duh

    Special mom and daughter activity

    Sounds like you both could use a spa day! My mother and I are planning on doing a spa day at the Grand Floridian together one day while we're in Disney World. We're sending my husband and my father to the golf course for a few hours ;)
  8. Brittni__duh

    Have You Ever Formally Protested or Boycotted Anything?

    I've participated in Take Back the Night marches a few times, which aren't so much protests as they are rallies. I've also contacted local politicians by email and also set up appointments to meet with them to discuss issues I felt strongly about.
  9. Brittni__duh

    Disney planning book

    The Unofficial Guide is great. It also has a discount code for
  10. Brittni__duh


    That's pretty awesome! Unexpected upgrades are the best. Enjoy the extra pixie dust. I hope it sets the tone for the rest of your Disney vacation pixiedust:
  11. Brittni__duh

    What was the first car everyone in your family had?

    My first car was a '95 Dodge Neon. I loved that little thing. I sold it to one of my parents co-workers when I went to college. Last I heard, Leon the Neon is still running just fine. My husband had a used Pontiac Grand Am his sister gave him. It only lasted him about a year.
  12. Brittni__duh

    What is your mental age?

    I got 32. :confused3 I'm only 25 but I'm okay with that.
  13. Brittni__duh

    Trump at the Hall of Presidents

    I do plan to go to the HoP when we visit again in September. My parents have never done the HoP in all of their trips. When my husband and I took a trip last fall, I made it a point to do all the "educational" or "boring" attractions we skipped when I was younger. I really enjoyed the HoP.
  14. Brittni__duh

    Best refillable water bottle to bring?

    I love my Kleen Kanteen for keeping drinks cold. It is made of stainless steel though so it isn't the lightest bottle available. In the parks, we used a hard sided Brita filter bottle. I didn't care about it keeping water cold since we drank it so fast it never had a chance to get warm.
  15. Brittni__duh

    Just for fun, post a wedding picture.

    Our wedding was December 30th, 2013. This is probably my favorite picture from our wedding day. My mom and I were ready for the professional photographer, my husband and father would rather spend time making faces at our friends.
  16. Brittni__duh

    Teen Mom OG

    D'oh. I forgot about TTM.
  17. Brittni__duh

    Teen Mom OG

    To be fair, both Farrah and Amber have started multiple business. These could be good investments. Maci does seem to be the type who would have saved a good portion of her money for her kids. Now Cate...she seems to be quite the impulsive shopper
  18. Brittni__duh

    Teen Mom OG

    Did anyone catch the marathon before the season finale? I recorded the finale and the second to last episode that day and they did 100 Facts about Teen Mom during commercial breaks. One of Farrah's questions was "What hashtag would you use to describe your journey on Teen Mom?" and of course she...
  19. Brittni__duh

    Last thing you cooked

    I just made a pot of vegan 3 bean chili and it was delicious. Perfectly spicy :thumbsup2
  20. Brittni__duh

    dumpster diving...

    I did this at the end of every semester with my roommate. Especially around the apartment complexes the exchange students favored. Many of them bought furniture (nice stuff too!) and just threw it out before they moved back home. My roommate would climb into the dumpster. I preferred to stay...


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