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  1. DarthMaz

    4 WDW Resorts to allow dogs

    My Dog actually has Service Dog Privileges and has been trained but again, I do not use or abuse the system and being in NYC I had to go the whole Letter thing to be able to have him in my apartment. but ESA's if you look at the rules to be certified they have to be able to do certain commands...
  2. DarthMaz

    4 WDW Resorts to allow dogs

    Spoke to a CM friend of mine. Each hotel will have a designated area where only people staying with dogs will be allowed if they are booked up, then they are booked up. CM will then attempt to look at other hotels for them to stay at. they even have their own area for walks and bathroom use...
  3. DarthMaz

    Top 3's for food durning the holiday season!

    Hey Diser's I have a serious Question! Cus food is ALWAYS serious! Im asking about durning the XMas Holiday season!! Name your Top 3 Desserts and location Name your Top 3 go to snacks and Location Name your Top 3 quick Service and location
  4. DarthMaz

    The Tim Tracker

    DING DANG!!! :ccat:
  5. DarthMaz

    The Tim Tracker

    We love The Trackers in this house! I think what appeals to us, is the fact that they go to the parks and show everything even if they disliked it or not! A lot of vlogs are BS and lie just to save face which I don't care for! It's another reason why we LOVE Pete Werner of the DIS!! Love his...
  6. DarthMaz

    Fall / Winter Discounts Question

    Thanks Mrs D! ☺️
  7. DarthMaz

    November/December 2016 discount code watch

    Do you all think they will have something for Nov 12th - 18th! When they announce?
  8. DarthMaz

    Fall / Winter Discounts Question

    Ooo thanks! So I guess I will hold off on paying the rest of my trip off till the end of Aug! Hopefully we will be able to apply the free dinning to our trip! We shall see
  9. DarthMaz

    Fall / Winter Discounts Question

    I know they had some fall discounts that came out along with a few winter ones. Will they announce more? When? And any hints as to what maybe offered? Thanks
  10. DarthMaz

    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    I am very excited to be spending an overdue honeymoon / 8th anniversary at Poly this upcoming November ( 11- 18th ). We had originally had reservations at POFQ but after spending some time at Poly on my solo trip in April, I instantly fell in love with the resort. I sent my husband a few photos...
  11. DarthMaz

    Where are you staying and why?

    We are heading to WDW Nov 11th - 18th and org we were staying at POFQ but while I was there on a solo trip I stopped at the Poly and instantly fell in love with the decor and just everything about the resort. I took pictures of the Main House and sent it to my husband. he called me back in 5...
  12. DarthMaz

    How do you Display your Ears

    Over the years Mickey ears have gotten more elaborate and pretty amazing. I have several pairs that I am trying to figure out how I can display them without them getting all dusty! I thought of the Autographed Football Cases they sell at Michaels or Container Store but I am not sure if they...
  13. DarthMaz


    awwww man.. but I can see why.. and possibly budget cutting with everything going on with Disney Singapore and supposed Outsourcing it wouldn't surprise me. But I never complained until today. lol.. even if it was a mickey shaped towel on my bed I would have made happy with just that.. oh...
  14. DarthMaz


    I was recently just down there for the Star Wars Challenge and stayed at Pop.. I tipped each day $5 while I was there. Even if I didn't leave a mess... I have friends that are CM and I know what CM's make. So out of kindness, I always Tip well.. But this trip Mousekeeping was slacking. I was...
  15. DarthMaz

    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Question

    New here and I am sorry if this has been asked before. My husband and I will be traveling to WDW on 11/12 - 11/18 and staying at Poly. I noticed that the MVMCP closes the park fully on the 15th at 4pm for the Party that starts at 7pm. Is it worth paying the additional money to attend this...


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