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    Would you join a lawsuit to revert DVC's resale restrictions?

    this sounds interesting. i also wonder how much the difference in price would be for fixed-week purchases at resale versus direct purchase. i believe the fixed-week costs a premium and, from what i have seen, are usually large contracts. how much % from purchase to resale would an owner lose due...
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    ** Picture of the Day 3 **

    Love Olympic National Park. Hope to do a camping and hiking trip someday.
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    ** Picture of the Day 3 **

    at the top of my bucket list. Utah has many beautiful parks. Been to a few and hope go to the rest.
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    Sister Wives, First Times and Lots of Wine/An Epic Girls Trip...Updated 6/20

    looked like a wonderful vacation and thanks for letting us follow along. are you going to chronicle Tim's DCP?
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    More Marvel at Disney

    One quick idea. Asgard would be cool. Imagine walking on the Bifrost.
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    So...what did you pay per point for your membership?

    :thumbsup2 it's crazy how much the prices have gone up while the amount of remaining years has decreased. don't know if that is the case with ANY other timeshare program.
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    More Marvel at Disney

    I think a Marvel land at WDW would be epic. They have the space for it and Disney Imagineers would do a great job.
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    $30 Legoland tickets--is this for real???

    Thanks so much. This will help save a lot of money for us.
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    EPCOT Moonlight Magic

    scratch that. i was thinking of another after hour event.
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    So...what did you pay per point for your membership?

    Purchased 100 points Boulder Ridge resale in 2018 at $88/point.
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    For under $5 million . . .

    I know it's in jest, but I do believe there is a per resort limit of 3,000 or 4,000. Perhaps a couple months stay would be possible. :)
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    New Owner!

    Congratulations and welcome home! Some say for their first stay they received some pixie dust, while others say they didn't. My advice would be to keep an eye out for pixie dust but to not be disappointed if you don't get any. After all, at least you'll be in DW. :)
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    EPCOT Moonlight Magic

    the small number of guests make this totally worth the extra cost.
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    Would you join a lawsuit to revert DVC's resale restrictions?

    i would join the lawsuit just to see how this plays out in court. both sides have interesting arguments to make.
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    Waitlist logistics

    been recently thinking about this and if there any strategies to increase the odds of having the waitlist come through. i did a couple before and cancelled them before they were fulfilled.
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    Anyone know which colleges/universities Disney actively recruits at?

    Agree. The DCP is more like a customer service job, which the PI is more akin to what is expected in an internship.
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    Rejected 22 times...

    What do you mean by somewhat qualified for?
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    Is 25 Way Too Old for DCP?

    Not too old. I think if you can afford it I say go for it.
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    OKW on Rented Points....

    Thanks for the response. Kind of a bummer to hear, but I have heard the same sentiment echoed by others. Our last trip to Disneyland overlapped with a day for high school seniors so the parks were packed to the brim. The next day, however, crowds were significantly lower and the experience much...
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    Ideas on pre-day in Rome before Viva Italia ABD

    This one is on my bucket list.


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