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  1. MickeyReeds

    A Royal Upgrade - Solo 7/14-7/16 (Completed!)

    It was fun to read about your adventures!
  2. MickeyReeds

    Sometimes you just need to run away to your happy place ~ A March break solo trip! update 06/16

    Hello from a fellow K teacher! I've never been solo, yet (growth mindset!!). Sounds like your trip is off to a fabulous start!
  3. MickeyReeds

    "Five Mickey bars hit you like two glasses of wine!" a Jan 2019 adults-only TR UPDATED 6/7

    Joining in from frigid Iowa! Home from school today (I'm a teacher) because it's so cold! Bummer about being sick, but glad to hear you recovered quickly!
  4. MickeyReeds

    Dig A Little Deeper: Dopey 2019

    Hello :wave2: fellow Iowan! I just read your TR since I'm home from school (I'm a teacher) for a "cold day"! Sounds like such a fun trip--except for the running parts--I don't run unless something is chasing me! :rotfl2:
  5. MickeyReeds

    January 2019 - Daddy/Daughter 5th Birthday Trip!

    How exciting and fun! Priceless memories!!
  6. MickeyReeds

    “Mom, you just beat cancer, what are you going to do next?!” I'M GOING TO WDW! Sept 18 *NEW 3/19 X3

    I've enjoyed reading your trip report! Thanks for sharing!
  7. MickeyReeds

    4 Birthdays and a Graduation... our June trip report

    Thanks for sharing your trip! I'm really enjoying reading along!
  8. MickeyReeds

    A Solo Trip: "The Heartbeat of Freedom!" July 2-9, 2018! *COMPLETED 10/14/18*

    AMAZING! I enjoyed listening to their performances!!
  9. MickeyReeds

    Disney Food Nostalgia

    These are no more??? I had one in December and it was amazing!
  10. MickeyReeds

    Best Disney "Splurge"?

    My parents did this in December and LOVED it!
  11. MickeyReeds

    This Bridge is Old, Like You! - A July 2017 and April 2018 TR *Completed + New TR Link Posted

    7:00 a.m. is way too early for a knock/enter from housekeeping any day! I wish there was a way to let them know what time you plan on leaving so they could plan out their work as well. Looking forward to reading more!
  12. MickeyReeds

    A Solo Trip: "The Heartbeat of Freedom!" July 2-9, 2018! *COMPLETED 10/14/18*

    Amazing morning! What a cool ToT experience!
  13. MickeyReeds

    "Lemme Get You By Your Fishy Fin!" a May/F&G '18 dining report *COMPLETE 8/29, Maria & Enzo's

    I think I also read that sometimes the "other" houses they are looking at aren't even on the market! By the way, I read all of your June trip in one night and really enjoyed it! I'm glad to find this one!
  14. MickeyReeds

    I can't tell if we've landed...Spring Break 2018 with Grammy and the teens-UPDATE 9/30

    Just found your report and read it all tonight (as well as your cruise report)! We stayed in a lake view BLT studio in February and were lucky enough to get a similar view!! Loved it so much, we just bought BLT resale!
  15. MickeyReeds

    I Went Running and Racing...and Boozing and Freezing!

    Late to the party but I've really enjoyed reading about your trip. I started with your vow renewal TR and then read all of this one today! Some of our Dec/Jan trip days overlapped with yours! It was soooo cold! We wore every warm piece of clothing we had brought. I even bough a mickey...
  16. MickeyReeds

    Christmas and New Years at WDW - "free dining"!!

    We were at EPCOT on NYE too! We watched the early Illuminations show and then got out of there. Way too many people for my taste!


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