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  1. Cramden

    Restaurant Tours

    I got a tour of the Kitchen at Flying Fish and got to meet the Executive Chef and GM. I made a comment to my Waiter about how cool I thought the setup was and he asked me if I'd like a tour of the Kitchen and to meet the Chef. Didn't have to ask me twice! It was early in the night and not very...
  2. Cramden

    Where there any Restaurants that surprised you in a good way? Secret gems??

    Sebastian's Bistro was probably my biggest surprise last trip. Loved everything about it.
  3. Cramden

    Surprise birthday dinner for dh

    Ditto all the above feelings by NYCgrrl regarding Flying Fish. Atmosphere, service and quality of the food make it my favorite Deluxe on Disney Property.
  4. Cramden

    Ohana’s Disappointing

    That happened to me last year at Ohana. I ordered a Brave themed cake from the Grand Floridian for my Wife's Bday to be delivered after our dinner at Ohana. When I checked in prior to dinner I asked the hostess to confirm the cake. She came back a few minutes later and said they couldn't find...
  5. Cramden

    How amazing is Beaches and Cream?

    I'll echo most of the other comments. I would never use amazing and B&C in the same sentence. The first thing that popped into my mind was also Friendly's. When I ate there the tables were crowded together, service was fine but didn't leave an impression either way and the food was mediocre to...
  6. Cramden

    Magic Bands Upgrade

    Knowing how Disney likes to cash in when something gets popular it wouldn't surprise me if the price jumps to $15 when they're back in stock.
  7. Cramden

    Magic Bands Upgrade

    So it's not a matter of physically being out of them. For some reason this is bugging me even more now that I know they physically have the bands to cover the demand which they created but are choosing to limit the allotment.
  8. Cramden

    Magic Bands Upgrade

    Why do you think the Disney Store shows availability on all of the Magic Bands but none are showing as available when I try to upgrade for my upcoming trip?
  9. Cramden

    Sanaa Lounge

    The last seating at Sanaa is 9:30 which leads me to think the kitchen would take orders up until 10. The Lounge is connected to the Restaurant so I would think food would be available there as late as in the Restaurant.
  10. Cramden

    Magic Bands Upgrade

    They're down to 4 up-gradable choices as of this minute. Thankfully I have plenty of time until my September trip to keep checking.
  11. Cramden

    What are your favorite lounges?

    Lounge at Sanaa. Love the Wine Flight and Bread Service Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar. Great Small Plates and selection of Wine by the Glass Baseline Taphouse. Nice variety of Drafts and a few nice Apps. Abracadabar. Convenient to your location. Nice selection of creative Cocktails and fun atmosphere...
  12. Cramden

    "Sebastian's Bistro" at CBR-any reviews?

    I ate there with my Wife and Daughter in April and we loved it. We got there early and had a drink at the Open-Air Banana Cabana Bar which is connected to the Restaurant. It's a great place to have a beverage either before or after dinner. As for the food it was creative and tasty, the portions...
  13. Cramden

    Narcoossee's tables...

    They're available but less frequent than smaller parties. I just checked Mouse Dining for parties of 5 in June and it showed availability on about half the nights. Cutting down to 4 showed availability every day but 2.
  14. Cramden

    What do you think is the best non-park midpriced table service restaurant experience?

    Echoing several of the above and in no particular order Sanaa. Fun for the reasons you mentioned Homecomin. Lively atmosphere, excellent food Sebastian's Bistro. The attached outdoor bar, Banana Cabana would be a great place for some B-Day drinks Raglan Road. Fun, loud and excellent...
  15. Cramden

    Sebastian's Worth the Trek?

    We took a Lyft there from the Swan. Think it was $7 each way.
  16. Cramden

    Sebastian's Worth the Trek?

    I just posted about it in another thread. I ate there for the first time last month and enjoyed everything about it. Ample portions, well prepared food with a Caribbean flare and bright and airy interior. There's also an open air bar attached called the Banana Cabana. It's a great place to grab...
  17. Cramden

    Restaurant suggestions needed

    I went for the first time last month to Sebastian's at Caribbean Beach Resort and thoroughly enjoyed it. We got there a bit early and had a drink next door at the Banana Cabana which is a neat open-air bar with a cool tropical vibe. I was more than happy with the comfort, quality and value of...
  18. Cramden

    If you can only pick 3 DW Restaurants to go to

    My top 3 in Parks would be Tiffins Monsieur Paul Brown Derby At Disney Springs Boathouse Jaleo (Been to a few of JA's other locations and this is on my list for next trip) Homecomin
  19. Cramden

    Which restaurants do you think are the best value for OOP travelers?

    I have a feeling you and I share a brain when it comes to food and I'm pretty sure you'd enjoy it. I was close to canceling and am so happy we didn't.
  20. Cramden

    Bacon on a stick. Where can I get it?

    It was the Liberty Square Market but both that and the Chicken Skewer have been removed from their menu.


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