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  1. umichigan10

    AP Price Increase June 18th, 2019

    It’s a huge flaw for long term thinking driven by short term investors looking to make a buck. Trying to turn off the frequency of long term, loyal fans is not something any business should want to do. In 20,30 years maybe they pay the price. But stockholders now don’t care about that....
  2. umichigan10

    Paid FP options coming soon to WDW?

    Imo I prefer the current system vastly to original paper system. A lot more ease of mind in knowing you have stuff locked in and can enjoy things you wouldn’t be able to because you’re not running around getting paper tickets. I think the biggest flaw of the current system is the tiers, which...
  3. umichigan10

    News Round Up 2019

    Given who the source is here, I’m taking this at as much face value as a bus driver rumor. If a more reputable source picks it up I’ll be concerned
  4. umichigan10

    Is Brazil Happening At World Showcase?

    But did peter quill ever visit Brazil as a child?
  5. umichigan10

    The Wave to turn into Incredibles Steakhouse?

    Considering the chef mickeys has notoriously mediocre food, I give my wholehearted agreement to this
  6. umichigan10

    News Round Up 2019

    To me only MK has seemed really crowded. Putting it this way, i did everything in toy story land at least twice, and midway mania 3 times. Also was able to do tower of terror 3 times despite the renovations including a “90 minute wait” that in actuality was 20 from line entrance to elevator...
  7. umichigan10

    News Round Up 2019

    I will say I’ve been here since Tuesday and the crowds haven’t been bad. I’ve been several times this time of year and it’s been a lot worse in the past this week in June. I’m certainly not complaining
  8. umichigan10

    Epcot Construction Update Thread - Updated 6/19/19

    What a blessed time we live in
  9. umichigan10

    The Wave to turn into Incredibles Steakhouse?

    Their breakfast has gotten really rave reviews as of late (I know Pete for one has praised it a lot). I really don’t see why this is warranted, though I’m also not privy to the spreadsheets
  10. umichigan10

    The Wave to turn into Incredibles Steakhouse?

    There’s been weak rumors from time to time of the convention center being knocked down and more rooms being added on. From what I’ve heard, and this could be off base, is that it’s kinda an outdated facility (built in the early 90s I believe) and isn’t the most trafficked spot on property.
  11. umichigan10

    The Wave to turn into Incredibles Steakhouse?

    I’d be curious as to the foot traffic it gets due to its location. I’ve enjoyed most meals there, and Pete has raved about their breakfast on the dining show. Only reason I see a change happening is because of up charging for a character meal, and to increase foot traffic if it’s currently low...
  12. umichigan10

    News Round Up 2019

    NEWS I posted a thread about this, but I hope everything’s alright for all involved
  13. umichigan10

    Team Members hopsitalized at Volcano Bay The WESH link doesn’t say much, but I hope everyone is ok!
  14. umichigan10

    Spoilers: How much do you want to see before you go?

    We’re going to WDW June 11th, so obviously before the Orlando version will be open. I’m 100% fine with seeing pictures and spoilers of stuff in the land, but doing my best to avoid on ride spoilers, especially when the resistance ride opens
  15. umichigan10

    Crazy Theory based on recent rumors...

    They can do little to no marvel given their current state with universal and their rights to marvel in Florida. It’s a big, complicated web that I have very little expertise in
  16. umichigan10

    News Round Up 2019

    I’m going in a couple of weeks to Disney world so it obviously won’t be open yet. So I probably won’t see it until next May or June. While it sucks to have to wait so long, I can’t wait to see all the reactions and whatnot to the land, even if I’m going to do my best to avoid ride videos
  17. umichigan10

    News Round Up 2019

    I’ve never gotten outwardly emotional about any theme park area before, but I really think I’m gonna tear up when I finally visit galaxys edge. The pictures I’ve seen so far are absolutely breathtaking for a nerd like me
  18. umichigan10

    Rumor? Seas and The Land closing?

    Can certainly see future world being rebranded, because as you pointed out that concept as envisioned is dead. But I got rebrand world showcase? Even with IP additions like rat, it still keeps to the main idea
  19. umichigan10

    Rumor? Seas and The Land closing?

    The bottom line is future world needs a direction, which it severely lacks currently. I really don’t think current management knows what they’re doing, and just are plugging in anything they can. But maybe they do have a vision, and it’ll all make sense in the end
  20. umichigan10

    Rumor? Seas and The Land closing?

    Fair enough. I definitely would say that imagination needs to be stripped down to bare bones and rebuilt. Though I’d personally rather the ride revolve around figment, but really there’s bathrooms that are preferable to the current ride, so I can’t be too picky


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