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  1. Winchester24

    Visiting in August and dealing with the heat

    We went during a heat wave in October and it was rough. I have a chronic illness that makes being in the heat tough, I am literally sapped of all energy within 20 minutes. Point being, I survived! lol. It took some planning though. We bought 2 of those overpriced spray bottle/fan thingies...
  2. Winchester24

    What do you take into the parks (and what do you leave behind)?

    We used a mini backpack and brought water (2) sunscreen, blister bandaids (just in case!) and phones. We had enough room to throw our sunglasses in when we went on thrill rides, and we used our magic bands in place of credit cards or cash. The Magic Bands were great, we were on the dining plan...
  3. Winchester24

    NOW I'M PANICKING...Just a few quick questions ..

    We went this past October on a Thursday night and had an amazing time. I would definitely spend the money to go on a party day and not attend the party. We rarely close a park and often left by 7 or so anyway. I think the crowd was at a 3 the day we went (we had party tickets that time) and it...
  4. Winchester24

    Utterly terrified of SW:GE crowds during opening months

    I am nervous about the crowds as well. We were thinking of going back for our first anniversary (2nd week of Oct) and if we do I think we will plan for some resort days to offset the craziness. I would like to add that when I told people we were going during Food & Wine and MNSSHP last year they...
  5. Winchester24

    President Day Weekend... Crazy Crowded

    I'm in MA and this week is President's Day and February vacation for us, NH has their Feb vacation next week so I would expect that week to be crowded as well. In April they do it again, MA first then NH the following week. Kind of ridiculous to have 2 big breaks so close together IMO...
  6. Winchester24

    Trail's End Breakfast

    We booked it on a whim the day before. Our plans had changed and I decided to try for a breakfast at TE and Hoopty Doo. I was surprised to find several openings for Hoopty Doo and TE, but none of the times for Hoopty worked for us so we wound up booking Spirit of Aloha at the Polynesian which...
  7. Winchester24

    Travel Times to parks

    When we were there in October we made the mistake of driving to MK. Not the best way at all! lol. Yes the buses can be slow (and crowded so sometimes you have to wait for another one) but they have the advantage of using the bus lane to bypass traffic. They also bring you right up to TTC so you...
  8. Winchester24

    DVC rental

    We just got back from our Disneymoon, and I successfully made a Disney fan out of my husband! YAY! We are planning on going back in late October of 2019, but aren't sure how we want this one to go. For our Disneymoon we stayed at the cabins in Fort Wilderness because I thought I would need the...
  9. Winchester24

    November Wish Trip

    Yes they are going Thanksgiving week. That's a bummer, I know they were offered tickets to Universal, maybe they can head over there to some of their Xmas events. I don't think they do ticketed events like WDW but I know they decorate. Is there anything else going on that week that you know of...
  10. Winchester24

    November Wish Trip

    My sister and her family are planning a Wish Trip with their 3 kids the last week of November. They wanted to go to the Christmas party but according to the Disney website that is the one week they are not doing it. Anyone know the reason why? Any other Christmas related (or not) events they...
  11. Winchester24

    Random Poly Spirit of Aloha question

    DH and I just got back from our Disneymoon! Yay!! And boooooooo. We had the vacation of our dreams, it was amazing! And because of tips from this community we were able to make it extra special. Thank you! On our second to last day I was able to grab some last minute reservations for the Spirit...
  12. Winchester24

    Romantic Disney Honeymoon!

    Little tip I forgot to mention! If you have dinner at the Grand Floridian or Contemporary they allow you to come back and watch the fireworks from their property at no extra charge. We were originally going to book a fireworks dessert party but came across this tip on this board. We went last...
  13. Winchester24

    Cabin inspections??

    That is just so sad. I get it, but I wish they had explained it as well as you all did, hopefully they will get better at that as time goes on.
  14. Winchester24

    Romantic Disney Honeymoon!

    For resorts I would say GF or Polynesian for deluxe, or Port Orleans for moderate. We went to the Spirit of Aloha dinner at the Polynesian and had a great time, they called all newlyweds up to the stage for a dance and it was very sweet. We also did a dinner at Narcoosees at GF and had a great...
  15. Winchester24

    Best way to get to Floridian from the fort

    We did this last night for dinner at Narcoosees and took the car. It took 10 minutes to get there and park, and about 20 minutes of wandering around to find the restaurant. lol. That resort is huge and we got lost, plus self parking is kind of far from the main building. Park Fare is right...
  16. Winchester24

    Cabin inspections??

    Thank you! I get it, but man is it unsettling when you are in the cabin when it happens. They had cleaned the cabin the day before and the only reason we threw the do not disturb sign up yesterday is because it was past 2:00 when we came back and they hadn't cleaned it yet. We were exhausted...
  17. Winchester24

    Cabin inspections??

    Thank you!!
  18. Winchester24

    Cabin inspections??

    DH are in a cabin on our honeymoon as I am typing this. We were at F&W for a few hours, came back and less than a minute later someone was banging on our cabin door. The do not disturb sign was on the handle, but as I started walking toward the door the banging stopped and the handle started...
  19. Winchester24

    Dining during Halloween party

    DH and I are attending the Halloween party tonight and are looking into some last minute dining options. There are 3 restaurants open during the party, one of which is BOG. Does anyone know if this is table service during the party or quick service? Thank you!
  20. Winchester24

    Is anyone here a parks junkie?

    Me! We go to the parks everyday, we've spent so little time in the Fort while we've been here that I am actually starting to feel guilty. In all honesty, if we had more time I would do a ton of resort days because I love it here, but for the money we spent to get here & stay near the parks we...


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