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  1. RealBlast3

    Disney Dining cancellation question

    Actually, to put an extra fine point on what the above posters are saying...something I have done quite a few times and maybe it's not something one wants to broadcast exactly, since it is skirting the Disney rules, but really how ridiculous is it to charge people for cancelling dining...
  2. RealBlast3

    Anyone have good Hollywood and Vine experiences?

    It's always a good breakfast! I have done it quite a few times. I mean, you really can't mess up eggs and sausages and Mickey waffles, though, can you? But it's always very, very good and unlike Chef Mickey's, it isn't a chaotic and confusing to navigate crowded mess with food thrown...
  3. RealBlast3

    Spice Road - Apps only?

    And the apps there are amazing, too, it's a great restaurant, an undiscovered gem, to be honest, some of the best food in all of Disney, and the apps are the best part. And it's never crowded or loud in there either, in fact it's rather intimate and nice decor, too, a perfect place to relax away...
  4. RealBlast3

    Dining Plan: can you now get an appetizer instead of dessert?

    That is an interesting idea! I have had the Disney computer do some fabulous magical pixie dust things to enhance my dining experience over the years though. I am always a solo diner on the Deluxe Dining Plan, and anyway, I often like to get two or maybe even 3 appetizers - like I am always a...
  5. RealBlast3

    A quiet place to dine?

    Yes, I will echo the previous people's posts that generally, a resort restaurant is your best pick for quiet. And Victoria and Albert's is the ONE guarantee of it (unless harp playing bothers you). I have eaten in just about every park restaurant and it totally is pure luck how noisy or quiet...
  6. RealBlast3

    What kind of fish is at Yorkshire County?

    LOL The conflicting stories and information. :crazy: I feel like we will never know the truth on this. The last thread on this issue was hysterical. But also exhausting. While I was one of the few defending tilapia and doing my best to counter alot of misinformation about it, I will say this...
  7. RealBlast3

    Rose & Crown available for booking 1rst week Dec

    This is the best news, ever, right? I have been checking every day since my window opened up and it has been very frustrating. Was thrilled when I checked the app this morning and saw availability. I thought we were going to have to wait until July when the Candlelight Package booking opened up...
  8. RealBlast3

    Be Our Guest during MVMCP

    I should point out that as someone who had a later evening dining reservation to Be Our Guest last December, during the party, I actually regretted the time I picked. I picked 6:10 pm. Seems like the perfect time for dinner, no? And relatively close to the start of the party but with enough time...
  9. RealBlast3

    what the heck?

    I presume tons of spots will open for everything on the day the candlelight processional packages are released, I guess. What's odd is how this only affects a few Epcot restaurants to the extreme, this year really affecting Rose and Crown alot, probably because Rose and Crown dinners are also...
  10. RealBlast3

    Takumi-Tei watch thread!

    You might be right but the young people do still like to buy those torn jeans anyway - they are unfortunately still popular and more ugly than ever and weirdly expensive, too, LOL - you think they would be less since there's less clothing material on them, but no, apparently, the "style" of...
  11. RealBlast3

    Be Our Guest Dinner... worth it? What is good to eat?

    I thought my dinner there last December with the new, much maligned and controversial menu changes to be wonderful. I might be in the minority, though, as I am a more adventurous eater and feel the bump up to a signature experience made the dinner so much better and worth it compared to my last...
  12. RealBlast3

    Takumi-Tei watch thread!

    Well, I mean, I will wait and see. I have shelled out big bucks before for a non-dining plan restaurant but I only like to do that if it is truly an out of this world experience like Victoria and Albert's - I've done them several times and did feel it was worth every penny. Perhaps, this place...
  13. RealBlast3

    what the heck?

    I did see some Sci-fi when I checked on Friday for my window (12/4-12/13). Granted, it was only for slots of 1 (solo diner here), and I didn't see alot. Also, Coral Reef slots did start appearing much later in the day for me, weirdly enough, just not in those first few hours. And I was toggling...
  14. RealBlast3

    Takumi-Tei watch thread!

    Well, this is incredibly disappointing. According to what I just read on a site that it seems I am not allowed to mention without it being scrambled on here(or link to the article here, either it's not allowed or I am doing it wrong), it is official that the dining plan will not be accepted here...
  15. RealBlast3

    what the heck?

    Like, this is so annoying. I like just checked November's availability for Lunch for Rose and Crown and there are TONS of availability....right up to the day after Thanksgiving. Then it all ends. No lunch. No dinner. For the entire month of December. All because of Disney refusing to release the...
  16. RealBlast3

    what the heck?

    had alot of trouble today for solo reservations. Not a single lunch or dinner for Rose and Crown for my entire 10 day stay on the website in December, my window opened today. Coral Reef was almost as impossible. I don't get it.
  17. RealBlast3

    Official 'how to get from point A to point B while at WDW' thread.

    Oh, wow, I completely forgot about that option that is coming to Disney! That would be a very cool and exciting way for me to get there, absolutely! I can't wait to try those. And of course, if all else fails, I have taken the Mears taxi service here and there over the years on my trips, if I...
  18. RealBlast3

    Official 'how to get from point A to point B while at WDW' thread.

    I will be at Art of Animation the first 10 days of December.
  19. RealBlast3

    Official 'how to get from point A to point B while at WDW' thread.

    Thank you SO much! You are the best, kpd6901! I am totally going to use this method. And I LOVE to walk, so I am actually looking foreward to it, too.
  20. RealBlast3

    Official 'how to get from point A to point B while at WDW' thread.

    Thank you, these are some good ideas! I did try to find the schedule of the friendships boats on google and somewhere said they don't start running until 8:30 AM so that would probably be too late for an early breakfast reservation as it seems also, that both Epcot and Hollywood both open at 9AM...


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