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  1. MakiraMarlena

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Opening Day *August 29* Planning Thread

    I won’t have a car so there won’t be anything to put equipment in. So no camping.
  2. MakiraMarlena

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Opening Day *August 29* Planning Thread

    My birthday is 8/30. I want a peek, especially since I’m a gold pass holder and previews are closed to me. No camping out though. Maybe just go over when the resort buses start running.
  3. MakiraMarlena

    Any difference in service?

    DDP guests are reminded on the bill that a tip is not included and are even given suggested tip amounts, so I'm not sure there is an epidemic of DDP users refusing or forgetting to tip.
  4. MakiraMarlena

    Airport no ID

    she's not a minor, so it's probably going to be the same going back and they should allow enough time. She should consider getting a state ID card or passport if she isn't going to get a drivers license.
  5. MakiraMarlena

    WDW Resort Bus question/issue

    from what I understand it is totally against the rules to allow an unfolded stroller onto the bus, much less to LEAVE THE KIDS INSIDE THE STROLLER while the bus is in motion. Unless it's a stroller-as-wheelchair and a type that can be tied down, and those are tagged usually and don't have...
  6. MakiraMarlena

    Why the ever changing TSA requirements?

    The Vegas shooter didn't fly, and that incident wasn't related to a threat to air travel.
  7. MakiraMarlena

    What is the closest to your trip you've gotten FOP fastpasses? 10 days? 1 day? Anyone?

    I have a local friend who got one the same day. Just one though.
  8. MakiraMarlena

    Studio Villa

    if you're all good with staying in the same room, OKW will be one of the best bets for a studio, as it's larger and has two actual beds. Studios have a kitchenette with a microwave, toaster and coffee maker but no actual cooking facilities, so snacks would be fine.
  9. MakiraMarlena

    I just added the dining plan for one night during our stay.

    the difference is that when you add a dining plan to a room only reservation, it's now no longer a room only reservation, it's a package (albeit a ticketless package). Your payment, cancellation and change regulations will be those for packages, not room only reservations. So you need to pay...
  10. MakiraMarlena

    Any difference in service?

    Not sure why there should be. The dining plan has nothing at all to do with service, it is nothing more than an alternate method of payment and gratuities are totally separate. They are relieved because 1) they often have to take time explaining the dining plan and what is covered to guests and...
  11. MakiraMarlena

    California Grill LOUNGE questions

    You can get anything from the menu at the bar. Not just appetizers. And yes they will turn you away at the second floor desk if it's crowded up there. If the Contemporary is cracking down on non-guest parking I would expect that they won't let you in unless you actually have an ADR. absolutely...
  12. MakiraMarlena

    Is fish available as a substitute at Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner?

    As a place with a set menu for dinner, I don't think they will be able to offer a substitute entree that they don't already offer, based on a guest's preference. (It is my guess they have something for vegetarians, but won't offer fish.) You should probably take into account whether or not your...
  13. MakiraMarlena

    Paying with Magic Band?

    just to be sure, I'd say that at the minimum you should carry a bit of (US) cash, one credit card, and your ID. YMMV. Don't know if you are looking to purchase alcoholic beverages, but if you are carded, under Florida law international guests are supposed to present their passport, apparently it...
  14. MakiraMarlena

    Parking at Boardwalk

    You can't walk to a park from CBR, so it makes sense that they might be more lenient. but BW and YC/BC have been known to turn away people without ADRs especially during holiday periods and Food & Wine Festival.
  15. MakiraMarlena

    Resort Parking Fees to be enforced

    Looks like they want guests to use Disney transportation if they plan to go to a resort that isn't their own (at least one that has easy access to a park or parks). Or a ride share service. I can understand cracking down on no-ADR parking at the Contemporary where it's easy to just walk over to MK.
  16. MakiraMarlena

    ME only one way?

    Just sign up her flight under departures.
  17. MakiraMarlena

    Oct 30 - Nov 8 2019 - What's to Plan For - Races?

    In 2013 the races were held on the second weekend, possibly to avoid conflict with Halloween. So it could well be November 7-10. I kind of hope not, as I always go over Veterans Day weekend.
  18. MakiraMarlena

    For Us, Toy Story Land Was a Dud

    if they want to stick with the theming that you're in Andy's backyard, they could have put a store just outside the land, or maybe theme it as a backyard shed which could be huge if you're supposed to be a toy.
  19. MakiraMarlena

    Candlelight Processional not dark

    Edward James Olmos had a small part in "Blade Runner" He's supposed to be a very good narrator. I'm at the 5 pm Christmas Eve. Mom will park herself in line and everyone else will mill around, go buy cookies and popcorn, whatever. the above poster can listen to our show :flower3:
  20. MakiraMarlena

    How bad is World Showcase (not F&W booths) on F&W weekends?

    There are no non-festival parts of the World Showcase on a Saturday. It will ALL be mobbed. The walkways, the shops, all other food vendors besides the booths, the bathrooms. Don't even try walking past as the concerts at America Gardens are letting out in the evening. Go when most of the locals...


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