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  1. KristyBox

    WDW with Epilepsy

    My 8-year-old kiddo has epilepsy. He's never reacted to strobe lights on an EEG and I've read here (but, still, it's rumor only) that Disney doesn't use true strobes anyway. I am keeping him rested, cool, and hydrated as much as we can, but the real reason I am asking for the disability pass...
  2. KristyBox

    Emergency Info

    My older kid (11) knows our cell number. My younger kid (8) has an autism-like illness, so he gets an emergency bracelet for that and his epilepsy with our number on it.
  3. KristyBox

    No flight of passage fast passes

    Keep trying. We got a FP+ for River on one day and FOP another. But my kiddo gets a DAS and we do rope drop, so we might DAS (disability pass) FOP, use our River pass, then go to FOP. If we do that, we'll definitely cancel our next day FOP FP+ because we don't want to spend two days in Animal...
  4. KristyBox

    Autism and Express Pass - Do We Need Both

    Thank you! That's exactly what I needed to know. He's already freaking out about the Disney employees knowing he has "epilepsy" (he has way more than epilepsy, but he doesn't understand that). But I cannot chance him waiting in long lines. We've had to shut down stores before to stop him and...
  5. KristyBox

    Autism and Express Pass - Do We Need Both

    My kiddo is 8 and has an autism-like illness. He is classified as special needs at school, and in particular has struggled in school and in the community with lines. He melts down or runs away if he is in a queue. He is very likely to qualify for DAS at Disney, and we have a doctor's note (that...
  6. KristyBox

    For those who schedule all FP's later in the day...

    We did mostly morning passes, but for Pandora, we did the Navi River one morning, and another day we did FoP in the afternoon with Rivers of Light. The combo lets us ride both new rides.
  7. KristyBox

    Autism and Anxiety - What Do You Pack for Your Kid

    I'm thinking about bringing stuff other than electronics to bring for the lines (even though they might only be 20 minutes so given the DAS, that is still a challenge) for my ckid. He's 8 and has anxiety and autism, but is an honor student. lWe'll likely no stroller (so we have to carry whatever...
  8. KristyBox

    Suggestions for a room where I can push bed up against wall.

    Pool noodles are at the dollar store and are cheap and comfy under the sheets!
  9. KristyBox

    When will July hours be updated?

    The whole time we'll be in there (2nd and 3rd week of July) looks like Animal Kingdom has EMH from 10-midnight.
  10. KristyBox

    at what point do you stop getting a DAS for your child?

    No. He doesn't target at all. He just runs and pushes whoever out of the way. But as a toddler, doing that wouldn't hurt someone. As an 8-year-old, it could. I'm a lawyer, so I'm quite aware of the liability, which is why he is on medication, in counseling, and in group therapy. We've learned...
  11. KristyBox

    Which Rides Do Your Kids Refuse to Try

    I would NEVER force them. However, I feel certain it's the words and not the actual ride they are scared of. I guess I just wondered if other kids did that. If it was called "Terror of Star Wars," my kiddo would be all over it, drop or no.
  12. KristyBox

    Which Rides Do Your Kids Refuse to Try

    My kiddo (11, been to Disney before at age 7) refuses to ride the Tower of Terror, even though he has ridden everything else at Disney and had fun. I think it's solely based on the word "terror" in the title. My 8-year-old loved Haunted Mansion at age 4, but is freaking out based on the word...
  13. KristyBox

    Is DAS Available on My Disney App

    I've been reading older blog posts that mention that your DAS selections are not on Magic Bands and not on the My Disney Experience app. Is that true? I *thought* they were not on the app, but that your band does carry the return time for the ride (instead of a slip of paper).
  14. KristyBox

    at what point do you stop getting a DAS for your child?

    I had the same question as the original poster about my 8-year-old, who has been surrounded by services and improved behavior significantly. So I asked his therapists and doctors. They ALL reminded me that he has had meltdowns 50% of mornings and that he has run away from a line (he tries to...
  15. KristyBox

    at what point do you stop getting a DAS for your child?

    Having has a cranky toddler in lines and now having a cranky 8-year-old in lines, I can tell you there is a big difference. I can carry the toddler. The 8-year-old can easily injure anyone in reach.
  16. KristyBox

    Wearing a sundress to the parks - any issues you've come across?

    It's funny that you said that. I just thought that I wouldn't wear a sundress, except maybe for rides where I get wet, so that the clothes dry faster. Lol.
  17. KristyBox

    New FP+ Rule and Park Hopper

    Whew. This is why a lawyer (me) should never read the "guidelines." :) I read them like a lawyer and overreact. I don't know about Express Transportation, but we opted not to do it anyway. We'll just drive our car that day since we get free parking for staying in the resort. My only concern...
  18. KristyBox

    HEA (Dessert Party) vs. Sleep- HELP!

    Would your 6.5 year old sleep in a stroller? You could rent one just for that night.
  19. KristyBox

    New FP+ Rule and Park Hopper

    I understand why Disney changed the rule and said that you must be checked into a park to use a FP+ in that park, but want to make sure I understand how this works with a Park Hopper ticket. On one day in July, we plan to go to Hollywood in the morning. We were lucky enough to score a Flight of...
  20. KristyBox

    How Do I Get Coffee Every Morning?

    Sounds like Joffrey's is the way to go. I think Starbucks tastes burnt, too. Last time I went to Disney, they didn't have many coffee options away from the resort. Glad to hear that changed for the better.


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