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  1. DMaciag

    Disney Magic - September 15 2019 - WBTA - Dover to NYC

    Looking forward to meeting some empty nesters on this cruise.
  2. DMaciag

    Disney Magic - September 15 2019 - WBTA - Dover to NYC

    Wow! Finally got to post! We booked as soon as Gold members could. I can’t wait to meet you all. This will be our first TA, but we’ve been on several Disney Cruises.
  3. DMaciag

    Quick and simple question for those that know

    I hope you had a great time .
  4. DMaciag

    Getting the Feel for DISBoards

    I’m still earning my ears.
  5. DMaciag

    In which state do you live ?

    We live in Fl, about 3 hours away. Wish it was closer!
  6. DMaciag

    New to the boards

    I know you will love it! I can’t wait to do the Alaska cruise.
  7. DMaciag


    Hi hope you get to go again soon.
  8. DMaciag

    Shared our secret!

    Best present ever!
  9. DMaciag

    Disney Aprons

    Super cute!
  10. DMaciag

    New to DIS

    Fish extenders are so much fun to give and receive.
  11. DMaciag

    I'm new here!

    Me too, can’t wait to get my avatar.
  12. DMaciag

    My first post!

    Lurking and almost get my avatar.
  13. DMaciag

    Can I change my user name?

    I had to re register
  14. DMaciag

    Hey Newbies.... :)



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