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  1. Dis703

    When did you stop using a car seat on the plane?

    I switched to a CARES harness around age 3-4.
  2. Dis703

    Any idea when will Frontier will release flights for December?

    We've never flown SWA, but I've flown Frontier a lot now. Major differences as far as I can tell is that Frontier is your standard discount airline where you pay for everything separately. This works great for us because we rarely ever take a checked bag or even need the paid carry on. You...
  3. Dis703

    Flight Changed Drastically - WWYD?

    The only compensation to be expected in these situations is a refund (even if it's a nonrefundable ticket) or a waiving of the change fee to switch to a different flight since it was such a drastic change. It happens unfortunately and it's at least better to know now than for it to be a last...
  4. Dis703

    At CBR now

    We usually have great bus service here as well. Once in a blue moon we've had the one crazy wait for one bus but that's happened to us at all of the resorts at this point. One of our first trips here we had a 5 minute or less wait 95% of the time. It was awesome.
  5. Dis703

    Any idea when will Frontier will release flights for December?

    I feel like it was around the end of June when I started being able to check December flights last year, but after watching for flights with them the past several years I don't feel like it's been predictable.
  6. Dis703

    flying one airline out and another back?

    I've done this a few times and so has my boyfriend to get a better price. The only issue I can see is if you had to cancel you have to deal with two airlines and two separate fees should you need to make changes.
  7. Dis703

    Not renewing Frontier Discount Den?

    As long as you have it at the time you book you'll be fine. I've done this several times as I usually let it lapse between travel dates.
  8. Dis703

    Ohana’s Disappointing

    Assuming this was a custom ordered cake it's not an uncommon report for mix ups when the actual presentation of the cake occurs. Not that I'm excusing them at all, as I don't know why it seems to happen, just that there seems to be some mix up between bakery and restaurants sometimes when it...
  9. Dis703

    Character breakfast help

    Our worst character breakfast experience (and also our worst meal experience overall) was Ohana breakfast. Fun characters but food variety and quality was very poor. More what I expect to get at a quick service location but with a long wait as well. It didn't help they seemed rather unprepared...
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    3 hour layover at MCO. What to do?

    First, is it actually 3 hours? If you land at 12pm for example and the next plane takes off at 3pm you won't be off the plane until after 12 and you'll be boarding by 2:30 at the latest. If there is a delay coming in, even less. So keep that in mind. But there are plenty of restaurants and...
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    CAR seat or not?

    I found a carseat, or at least a CARES harness, to be a godsend on the airplane with a toddler. We also explained that they would be in it just like in the car ahead of time, and they treated it very much like the car where they knew they were in it for the duration.
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    Tiffins for Kids?

    Tiffins is one of our absolute favorites with or without kids. The food is great and there is a lot to choose from. The decor is also really interesting for the whole family with some rooms being more kid friendly than others in that regard. If you can get a table near the totems they'll love...
  13. Dis703

    Under seat luggage

    I think this may have changed. I had 2 United flights this year and an American Airlines flight that did not allow carry-ons (without paying for them) only the free personal item under the seat. I believe they had levels of tickets and since I bought the cheapest one, carry on was not included.
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    Using AP discount at restaurants

    No, you will only get the AP discount on your bill so if you split the bill up the others in your party will not get it. Also, if you use a credit card it needs to have your name on it.
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    How is Walk-Up (no Res) dining?

    If you have your mind set on a particular place I wouldn't risk a walk up. October is typically a very busy time and with HS opening up the Star Wars section this fall likely to be even busier. I'd at least check for last minute ADRs the day before or the day of.
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    Skipper Canteen!

    I really enjoyed the pork here. Tastes like Chicken was also good.
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    Gluten Free birthday cake

    It depends on which resort and what you are looking for. Many times they will refer you to Erin McKenna's which does not deliver to resorts. But I have in the past had luck with ordering a gluten free cake if it comes from the Contemporary Bakery. Not all bakeries are willing to make them, but...
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    Best resort for autistic child

    I would choose a moderate resort (other than POFQ) for something quieter. We love CBR for this reason. The main pools and food court may get crowded, but the resort itself is quiet and peaceful. I rarely hear noise from the rooms around me and it's very spread out. There are quiet pools, that...
  19. Dis703

    What day of the week do they lower flights???

    This is no longer a thing as far as I can tell.
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    Tell me about 6 am flights

    I've done them, but only when there wasn't a mid morning or early afternoon option. It takes a lot out of me though to be up and ready and out the door that early in the day. At my local regional airport I can easily be there 1 hour ahead and have no issues, but it's tiny. At our larger...


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