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  1. TXAKDisneyFan

    Just back! WDW vet's first time at DL!

    Totally agree about the food, including table and counter service. We're going again in August and looking forward to trying out MaxPass. We love both DLR and WDW, but WDW wins hands down. Even on the rides that DLR has superior versions of (the ride track on Pirates, for instance), the...
  2. TXAKDisneyFan

    Magic Bands Upgrade

    We also got the clear straps but no luggage tags for our trip in April. Never called about it since we already have a bunch.
  3. TXAKDisneyFan

    Spaceship Earth Closing Rumors Before October 3?

    We were there last week and SE was down (early afternoon I think?). Didn't see it come back up at all before park close.
  4. TXAKDisneyFan

    New ice cube rule

    Honest question: Could someone not still hide something in ice in a baggie? Is there a restriction on bag size (eg, no bigger than a quart)?
  5. TXAKDisneyFan

    DIGITAL Rider Swap/Rider Switch/Child Swap: In Effect as of June 16th

    We've never had trouble having our kids ride first and then again using RS, both before and after digital RS. (Meaning my 2 tall enough kids ride with me while DH waits with the 2 too-short kids, then the 2 tall enough kids ride again w DH.) I def think there was confusion. The iPads they used...
  6. TXAKDisneyFan

    DIGITAL Rider Swap/Rider Switch/Child Swap: In Effect as of June 16th

    I wonder if we go ask random CMs at the rider swap areas what they'll say. In July we had CMs make sure every person riding had valid FP+ before they'd give us RS at 7DMT, Splash, BTMRR, SDD, and FOP that I can for sure recall. ETA: I remember the CMs at SDD (on two separate days) and BTMRR...
  7. TXAKDisneyFan

    How hard is it to get FP+ for SDD?

    Thanks. We make FP+ for everyone who even *might* ride (we've never used the strategy of only booking for the first group riding). I have pretty significant anxiety that prevents me from doing things that could even possibly cause us trouble.
  8. TXAKDisneyFan

    How hard is it to get FP+ for SDD?

    Several months back, there was a long thread where what you're talking about was discussed. As far as I can remember, the consensus was that the previous practice ("loophole") of only needing FP+ for the first group was being eliminated. (There was much debate over whether parents should be...
  9. TXAKDisneyFan

    How hard is it to get FP+ for SDD?

    When's the last time you went to WDW? Idk if something's changed in the last couple months, but they were checking that everyone in the party had FP+ before giving a rider swap
  10. TXAKDisneyFan

    Stroller rules to be enforced

    Despite having a small gaggle of kids, I'm generally pretty unaware of newfangled baby/kid gear (and I've never read a single parenting book *gasp!*) So this thread is the first time I've ever heard of a Keenz. We have several friends who always take their red rider wagon places, and it never...
  11. TXAKDisneyFan

    Stroller rules to be enforced

    We use Lite Ways, too. We've never owned huge, expensive strollers (they get roughed up by baggage handlers, etc, I'm not going to spend a fortune). I think I'd be stressed trying to maneuver a larger stroller through crowds and stores, and trying to find places to park them.
  12. TXAKDisneyFan

    Stroller rules to be enforced

    We stopped letting our kids use them regularly at age 4. DS5 still gets mega fussy about it, and DH does end up carrying him quite a bit. If either of his baby brothers wants to walk, well let him take a break and ride for a bit. One of our kids has a feeding tube with a pump that runs for 12...
  13. TXAKDisneyFan

    Paid FP options coming soon to WDW?

    How many people do you book for? Do you ride the "e-ticket" rides? Obv it's easier to book for one or two people than it is for larger parties (we have a family of 6, and often times have extended family with us). Most people don't have the time (or desire) to refresh and constantly check back...
  14. TXAKDisneyFan

    Paid FP options coming soon to WDW?

    Were lucky in that we live in the CST so 7 am EST isn't that crazy early (or late) and it's also not in the middle of the work day. And I stay at home and have a fairly open schedule. If we relied on DH to book everything, we'd be SOL. Even at that, I wouldn't want to have to book day-by-day.
  15. TXAKDisneyFan

    Paid FP options coming soon to WDW?

    But no matter when they change the booking time to, it will always be at an inconvenient time for guests since WDW draws visitors from all over the world. Change it to noon EST and most people in the USA are at work, they're sleeping in Australia,... It's MUCH easier to be inconvenienced (made...
  16. TXAKDisneyFan

    Paid FP options coming soon to WDW?

    But most people don't want to have to get up/be at a computer at 7am EST (or simply aren't available) every single day for 5, 6, 7, ...14+ days in a row. How many people on these boards complain about how complicated WDW planning is? Or comment about how complicated other people think WDW...
  17. TXAKDisneyFan

    Paid fastpass for Star Wars? I sure hope not...

    I wish we could easily make free FP+ for all rides at WDW (and really, that we could ride everything standby with minimal wait times). However, the parks are crowded enough, on a regular enough basis, that unless they substantially raise prices so that fewer people go to WDW, that won't happen...
  18. TXAKDisneyFan

    What's the current lid/straw situation?

    Moody preteen (who drops - and someone shatters - EVERYTHING) and 3 toddler boys.


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