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    Are there towels at the pool at CSR?

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    Disney outlet near orlando

    I understand that there is a disney outlet near the parks! I have a few questions about that. Does anyone know if it differs from other disney stores (we have one near us) and do they usually have disney t shirts on sale? I want to get a few tshirts on our upcoming trip to wear while I am...
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    Coronado Springs Resort - New Unofficial FAQ Thread - November 2012

    thanks Annmarieda :). We may go to Disney Quest (that is a great idea actually - thanks!) but I am curious about the arcade at CSR? Do you know if it requires quarters? :confused3 Thanks!
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    Coronado Springs Resort - New Unofficial FAQ Thread - November 2012

    Thanks to everyone who has posted on this thread! I have gotten so much information! :cool1: One question about the arcade. Even though we have been to disney several times, we have never gone into the arcade. This time we have worked in some more down time and I am sure the 12 year old will...
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    June 2013 pin code watch !

    me too!:goodvibes
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    If I book now what are my chances of getting a free dining pin code

    thanks everyone! I think I will go ahead and book!
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    If I book now what are my chances of getting a free dining pin code

    Hey everyone! My family decided for sure today that we are going to head to WDW in June (8th - 12th). I know there is a discount now for a percentage off of the room and discounted tickets if we buy 4 or more days. I am thankful for those discounts:) but my husband LOVES free dining. Last...
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    Loved CBR!

    we are thinking about staying here for our trip in june but i wanted to verify - are there double beds in the rooms that aren't kings, or are there queen beds? Thanks and I am glad everyone loves CBR!
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    Characters, Crowds and Cuisine-A Tale of the World at Spring Break!

    Loving your trip report so far. Your daughter is so cute! We are thinking of staying at Port Orleans on our next trip. It's so beautiful. Did you enjoy the resort?
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    Tell me all there is about a January trip

    Thanks to everyone who commented on this thread. We are considering going next January, but due to a change in the school calendar, we would have to go over MLK weekend, which I am pretty sure means no free dining:confused3. Anyway, I appreciate everyone's comments.:cool1:
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    jan free dining dates question

    We are thinking about taking a family trip next January and we want to go during free dining (assuming they have that again next year). Can someone please tell me the exact blackout dates for this year. and am I right that as long as you check in during a non black out time, then you're good...
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    Fantasmic nights in December? Schedule?

    Does anyone have a link to a schedule that shows which nights in december Fantasmic will be showing at DHS? Looked and can't seem to find it. Thanks!:goodvibes
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    Is there a way to Walk from DHS to EPCOT?

    Hello all. I am thinking I read somewhere that there is a way to walk from the Studios to the back gate of Epcot. Is that correct, and if so, is the path hard to find and about how long would it take to walk (adults only, no kids). Thanks!:goodvibes
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    Ramada Gateway Kissimmee

    We are thinking of staying there in December. Anyone stayed recently?
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    Ramada Gateway Kissimmee

    hello all. my husband and i are planning a trip to the world in december. he travels frequently and as a result has enough points for us to stay free:cool1:! One of the places we are considering is the Ramada Gateway Kissimmee at 7470 West Irlo Bronson. Has anyone ever stayed there, and if...
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    Want to visit the Poly. Can I park there?

    Thanks! That's exactly what I was trying to confirm. :goodvibes


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