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  1. bbel

    What are the crew doing???

    Immigration. For the crew that started their contract on the day you got onboard (which is why it's only a small number and a mix of all departments and nationalities). At the end of their first cruise sailing out of US ports all crew have to go through immigration and get their I95 (crew...
  2. bbel

    How's the "free" drip coffee?

    I find it slightly more drinkable than DCLs, but I might just have been on ships so long now with no other free option that I dont know any different anymore Haha But at DCL I always had to have my own sachets, but I royal a can suck it up.
  3. bbel

    Suggestions for Freeport? What to do?

    I was in Freeport for a month for dry dock... I vote beach day. There's not much else.
  4. bbel

    Considering booking a trial cruise on mariner of the seas - questions

    Last I heard escape room was $19.99 and there was a minimum age of 14 but I think it's been lowered to 12 now. And you have to pre book and you'll probably be put with others if you're just a small group. At coco cay you have to pay for the same things as castaway such as cabanas, snorkel and...
  5. bbel

    Considering booking a trial cruise on mariner of the seas - questions

    I lost track of whats on Mariner now...but there's not much with an extra charge: (I dont think Mariner got one, but escape room), any private flowrider/rockclimbing sessions/lessons (general open hours are free), certain craft activities (scrapbooking/jewellery making), any classes (cupcakes...
  6. bbel

    Cape Liberty Disembarkation

    If you're happy to carry off all your own luggage, you can leave at any time once the ship is cleared.
  7. bbel

    RCCL after DCL what to expect?

    Independence is an amazing ship for teens even if they dont set foot in the teen centre. (In reality Disney's was a few TVs and tables, they just made it look fancier...) Within the teen centre (living room) theres games consoles and card/board games and crafts all similar to Disney and offer...
  8. bbel

    Smoking sections on Mariner of the Seas

    Every ship I've been on its been port side (not been on mariner but all other 6 royals ships I've been on it has), only it may change if bunkering I happening.
  9. bbel smoking allowed?

    Not allowed on ships sailing out if the UK thanks to UK smoking laws!
  10. bbel

    Kids Wristbands for Kids Clubs

    Probably a reused band then and not a new one....they all automatically come with the extra bit on.
  11. bbel

    Kids Wristbands for Kids Clubs

    A lot of the bands were new. A lot couldn't be reused, they discolor from suncream and other things or just get scratched. If a kids band had to get replaced mid cruise it was usually not a brand new one because all the new ones for that cruise were probably used on the first day or so. There's...
  12. bbel

    Classic Soda Package

    Sometimes bar servers walk around the pool or windjammer with a selection of drinks in a trolley of ice, theres usually a few cans of soda in there too.
  13. bbel

    Kids Wristbands for Kids Clubs

    At least back in the day, one YAC would be scheduled (for about 5 hours) to dishwash all the returned bands (all hundreds of them), and check they looked decent, ready to reuse the next morning.
  14. bbel

    Just off the Fantasy- Crew still handling drinks & ice cream

    It's not punishing anyone. Punishment would be turning off the ice cream and soda completely. Its following the rules set by CDC to help protect everyone. Both Disney and royal (and I assume others) have the same/similar procedures. It's something like, once 5 cases are reported within 5 hours...
  15. bbel

    Royal Caribbean Coco Cay Has stepped up

    They announced it a while back, I think when they announced coco cay's revamp. One in Asia, one in Australia and another in the Bahamas I think, and I assume labadee is the 5th even though technically it's not an island....
  16. bbel

    Perfect Day at Coco Cay Report

    Tbf they were kind of hidden and I only noticed because someone was taking one and they were big rainbow ones. If I hadn't of seen them with it I probably wouldn't have known they were there...
  17. bbel

    Royal Caribbean Coco Cay Has stepped up

    Now to wait and see what they do with the other 4 islands they're planning...
  18. bbel

    Royal Caribbean Coco Cay Has stepped up

    The difference in a month is absolutely insane! Looking at it from the ship you would think it was a picture and not real....
  19. bbel

    Perfect Day at Coco Cay Report

    There are loads of umbrellas piled up at various points along the beaches and if you ask they'll put them up for you where you want them. You dont have to rent them, they're just there. There are signs up every so often along the beach with all the warnings on (similar to the ones on castaway)...
  20. bbel

    Those Famous Room Service Cookies...meh

    They're all the same. All made onboard..


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