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  1. LiveToTravelNicely

    Trial Club Level Fastpass+ Purchase Program Planning & Discussion

    Tiers and park restrictions are removed, and the regular FP+ three can be for a different park, but as a whole, that group of 3 follows the normal rule. So, at Epcot you could do Frozen, Test Track, and Soarin, and then pick your FP+ regular three at a different park. Or, maybe if staying at...
  2. LiveToTravelNicely

    Trial Club Level Fastpass+ Purchase Program Planning & Discussion

    Epcot is my favorite park, too. I agree with you that the tiered system FPP at Epcot makes it very difficult. Most, if not all, of the tier two rides at Epcot are either skips or never have long lines. So, if you do multiple days there to get in more than 1 tier 1 FP, you end up with doubling...
  3. LiveToTravelNicely

    Trial Club Level Fastpass+ Purchase Program Planning & Discussion

    I think you should stick with your AM/late PM/EMM/Disney After Dark Events itinerary. September is hot, but the lowest crowds of the year. You're probably going to want to have the option to rest in the afternoons in the A/C or at the pool. We had no problems getting FP+s at the 60 day mark...
  4. LiveToTravelNicely

    Trial Club Level Fastpass+ Purchase Program Planning & Discussion

    I can't imagine them making it go away. They might increase the price, or limit the SWGE rides, etc. It's an easy money making machine for Disney, so I think it's here to stay as long as it turns a profit. Could be wrong, and obviously just my opinion that doesn't count for anything! ha!
  5. LiveToTravelNicely

    Trial Club Level Fastpass+ Purchase Program Planning & Discussion

    It does, but only for the days that you purchase the CLFP program. If you're going for 5 days, but only purchase 3 days of CLFP, you have to wait until the 60 day mark for the 4th and 5th days. (the other 2 days. You could very well schedule the CLFP on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and have the...
  6. LiveToTravelNicely

    Trial Club Level Fastpass+ Purchase Program Planning & Discussion

    Hi! I'm going to WDW in February CL with the extra FPs for three of the four days. After reading your situation, if it were me, I would not do the extra FPs. The reasons for us to get the extra FPs were 1) FOP and SDD tough to get, 2) doing 2 tier 1 FP in advance at Epcot, 3) and not having...
  7. LiveToTravelNicely

    Is doing FoP and Na'vi River Journey at rope drop possible??

    Epcot- I'd suggest Spaceship Earth and Mission Space for your tier 2 FPs AK- If you go this route, I'd get them for Safari, Everest, and Dinosaur or Kali River. Dinosaur is a pretty easy 4th FP. As are Spaceship Earth and Mission Space. I think it will be difficult to get a 4th FP at FEA, but...
  8. LiveToTravelNicely

    Thrill level of Slinky Dog Dash?

    For someone that is afraid of falling, SDD is more fear inducing than any of the other Disney coasters I've been on except Primeval Whirl. As others have mentioned, there is no mountain that the track is built in. Nor is the track in complete darkness so you can't see the height (like RNRC or...
  9. LiveToTravelNicely

    Should I buy tickets for only 1/2day?

    $105 (15*7) gets you -dry clothes- fun for the morning. I would pick Epcot for that morning to reduce time wasted on buses or friendship boats. 2nd pick would be HS. Like others mentioned, it is also a good opportunity to get a FP for a different tier 1 ride.
  10. LiveToTravelNicely

    Parking@ Epcot monorail to MK

    I'd try to minimize the commute time as much as possible, so even if the dining wasn't causing issues, I'd still avoid parking at Epcot for a day MK unless you are going to end at Epcot. If the fam wants to ride the monorail and time allows, you can just do that at your leisure at some point...
  11. LiveToTravelNicely

    Trial Club Level Fastpass+ Purchase Program Planning & Discussion

    I didn't try for anything less than an hour, but had no issues with an hour window for meal. My experience is about 90 minutes for TS since we don't rush, so I figure this gives us another half hour to get the next FP completed. ex: FP at 12:30, TS at 1:30, FP at 2:30
  12. LiveToTravelNicely

    2 days in Feb: which days for MK and AK?

    AK on Wednesday and MK on Thursday due to the MK EMH on Wednesday. I'll be at AK on that Wednesday the 13th, too. See you there! ha!
  13. LiveToTravelNicely

    How long of wait for Flight of Passage WITH a FP?

    We have a similar not wait more than 20 minutes rule for standby lines. Not so much for FP lines. However, FOP is absolutely worth an exception to the limit-on-waiting rule. If I'm not mistaking, the FP system only allows so many per hour, so it shouldn't matter the crowd level. If the FP+...
  14. LiveToTravelNicely

    **Disney After Hours-Animal Kingdom** FAQ & Discussion Thread

    Is there any information on the amount of tickets being sold nightly for AK vs MK DAH? MK offers a lot more attractions than AK, so if the number of tickets is similar between the two events, the lines at AK will be longer. 3000 people spread across MK is much less than 3000 people in line...
  15. LiveToTravelNicely

    How do I order magic bands?

    You definitely do not need a package to get MBs for free. Just a Disney Resort hotel stay. We have four free MBs each from four non-package hotel stays. Hopefully you'll find the page on DH's computer tonight!
  16. LiveToTravelNicely

    Do I need to see Rivers of Light?

    If you're not missing out of something else at 4:30, then I say move dinner and go see it. If you are cancelling your FP at Safari to go to dinner, etc, I say skip ROL and not worry about it. It is impossible to do everything and burn-out/going from fun to miserable will happen in a hurry if...
  17. LiveToTravelNicely

    Best First Ride?

    If MK is our first park, the first ride is Haunted Mansion because on our first trip, we hadn't planned the first evening and that's the ride we wandered to lol and now it's become a tradition. If EP is our first park, the first ride is Figment. We've never gone to HS or AK as our first...
  18. LiveToTravelNicely

    Help! I need an Epcot plan!

    You are going first of February which has crowds similar to September when I was last there. We were able to go to Soarin at rope drop and ride three times with less than 10 minute waits. Likewise, on a different morning we rode FEA twice with no wait. TT had the longest wait unless you were...
  19. LiveToTravelNicely

    Trial Club Level Fastpass+ Purchase Program Planning & Discussion

    It might depend on the CM. Mine would not allow any type of overlap, even with dining. Example, I already had a lunch ressie at Plaza at 1:30, so she wouldn't book Haunted Mansion any time after 1230 since it is a 1 hour window. She was extremely helpful, though, and I appreciated her...
  20. LiveToTravelNicely

    Dining table-mate assignments | Need clarification/advice

    Thank you all for all of your tips and comments. I guess my main apprehension is during the muster drill of our very first NCL cruise we sat with some people that just complained, complained, and complained some more. (two different couples, too, that didn't know each other- the negativity just...


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