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  1. bbn1122

    Western Caribbean Port Exursions

    We did Western way back in 2010. We did Channakaab. It’s a fantastic place. Great snorkeling. In Grand Cayman we did the Reef and Wreck Snorkel. Thumbs up! GC is fantastic for snorkeling or diving.
  2. bbn1122


    Yes, when we took the tour of the island our tour guide talked about this. The US is their main source of tourism, so the Bermuda dollar is at the same exchange rate as the US dollar. They use the currencies interchangeably.
  3. bbn1122


    The vans are right there at port. I think it was $7 per person. Also, our dollar is the same to the Bermuda dollar. They are interchangeable.
  4. bbn1122

    2020 Canada or Bermuda from NY

    2017 we did 4 nights to Canada, just one stop at Saint John NB. 2018 we did 5 nights to Bermuda. Bermuda was so much better. We were there for both cruises 3rd Week in October. I love Bermuda. Beautiful water, beaches and the people are lovely. You are over night there. Seas to Bermuda...
  5. bbn1122

    Shorter cruises more often or longer cruises not as often?

    We do shorter cruises more often. They fit our pocketbook!! Our first was a 7 night and since then we haven’t been able to afford one again. 3 in college takes up most of our $$$. But we have been able to do 2- 3 nights, one - 2 night, a 4 night and just last year 5 nights to Bermuda. We...
  6. bbn1122


    That’s Horseshoe Bay. Just pass those rocks are beautiful coves, very private. It’s really easy to get from the ship, there are vans that run back and forth all day. Full facilities, bathrooms, food, bar, chair and umbrella rentals. A must do!
  7. bbn1122

    DCL Picture of the Day - Part 6

    NYC to Bermuda 2018
  8. bbn1122 your favorite!

    About to do our 7th Magic Western Caribbean (with Key West) Castaway Cay with Cabana/Concierge ( only one time, loved it)
  9. bbn1122

    DVC Poll

    I wish we would have bought sooner. My oldest was already 16 when we purchased in 2010. I also wish we could have afforded a 100 more points. We only have 200 points and that’s the way it will probably stay. 2 in college and renovating a new older home. We are looking forward to a big...
  10. bbn1122


    Hi, Everyone, Arlene & Ken from Colts Neck, New Jersey BLT since 2010 :earsgirl::earsboy:
  11. bbn1122

    Is Cabanas really closed?

    The only time we eat at Cabana’s for dinner is longer cruises, for a change! Shorter cruises we liked to experience all MDR at least once.
  12. bbn1122

    Best pool at the Grand Floridian

    I found the one close to DVC to be more crowded lots of kids, maybe due to slide. I found the larger pool nicer. I don’t know about the food.
  13. bbn1122

    Adult Only Ideas

    Palo for Dinner or Brunch Time in Hot Tub, hopefully alone. Bring a bottle of champagne or wine and have drinks on the balcony, if you have one. Go to the Adult Shows Movies by yourself Drinks together at any bar Request a table for 2 for some private dining Rainforest Pass ( you can purchase...
  14. bbn1122

    IS Palo dining like MDR dining? Would you be able to get more than 1 entree?

    You can get what ever you want. DH is a big eater. We usually each get an appetizer and spilt an extra. You also, can get soup and/or salad. We usually spilt an entree too. Some people get an appetizer, spilt a pizza and then have their entree. The food is rich, delicious. If you want a...
  15. bbn1122

    How Many DCL Trips Have You Taken?

    6 so far with number 7 booked for January 2020, since 2010. We would loved have taken more but with 3 sons to get thru college and private HS. We also, joined DVC off our first cruise in 2010, so that is most of our vacations. DH and I have taken 3 by ourselves. So, this January we are...
  16. bbn1122


    Bermuda last October!
  17. bbn1122

    Aquaduck opening time on Embarkation Day?

    If you are looking to ride it a few times in a row, my family has found the best time is when guests are getting ready or heading to the First dinner seating. We always do seating 2, so around 5p the AquaDuck gets very quiet. My sons have rode it as many as 8-10 times in a row at the time...
  18. bbn1122

    Questions about cruise from NY in November

    Really a 5 night to PR. I guess it’s a repositioning cruise. Does it stop anywhere? We sailed 3 times out of NY. Last October to Bermuda. It was great. We also sailed to Canada. And a 2 night to Nowhere in June 2012. That was fun! The only thing is the Atlantic in late fall is a little...
  19. bbn1122

    DVC on DCL

    We bought on the ship in 2010. They were selling BLT. We saved on points. $112 instead of $120. Plus, we got 200 extra points that we had to use with in a year. We bought 200 points, so that’s why we got the extra 200. We used the extra points for our first stay at BLT in a 2 bedroom Easter...


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