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  1. cmph

    Wonder 2132

    We were in 2134 on the Wonder. We had no issues from docking or restaurant noise, but I wasn't a fan of the vibrations. Didn't bother the rest of my family though, so your mileage may vary!
  2. cmph

    massage for wife and mother in law?

    I'm with the others who suggest doing something else - like the pedicure. You really aren't enjoying anyone's company on the massage table. Neither my own mom nor my MIL would want Rainforest passes (neither even owns a swimsuit anymore), but for someone else - that would be a great alternative...
  3. cmph

    Excursions for Alaska with toddlers

    You're describing my nephew, who was 2 last summer when we all went. But he enjoyed whale watching. We did a private one and saw many whales. He was go-go on the ship, so I actually think he was ok with some time with less movement (although you can walk around the boat, you're not strapped to a...
  4. cmph

    Vancouver transportation

    FYI - the free bus doesn't run early enough to get you to Grouse Mtn's bear breakfast. We took a cab up that morning, and then the free bus back down. We spent a few days in Vancouver and took a couple additional (short) cab rides when the kids were sick of walking, but we never spent as much as...
  5. cmph

    Birthdays at Universal - advice please

    I'm sorry, I was out of town you posted! Hopefully you had good luck like we did, with food. We used the main app to quickly glance over menus to see where the options were more than little snacks, and DH cross-referenced with another app. We park meals at the restaurant across from the Mummy...
  6. cmph

    Cove Cafe milk alternatives?

    I've had soy lattes on the Wonder. I didn't ask about almond milk, though.
  7. cmph

    Hilton Head - photographer?

    Hello! My quick search was fruitless. We're heading to Disney Hilton Head for spring break in March, woo-hoo! The entire extended family is going. My parents greatly admire the Aulani photos I have of my immediate family and wanted to book a photo session at HH. However, I don't see any...
  8. cmph

    Creative ideas to "gift" a cruise for Chrismas?

    I did a scavenger hunt for my kids for Christmas morning. I did my best to time it so their last stop would coincide with the Mickey call. It was a couple minutes off, and one kid wasn't paying attention to hear it, so it wasn't the best ending. But the scavenger hunt part was fun! They had...
  9. cmph

    New to gluten free - Does anyone have experience getting dishes modified to be gluten free?

    FYI to the PP who didn't get menus handed to them nightly - the menus for the entire length of the cruise are on the app as soon as you arrive. Gluten-free is marked, so you will know what's available without pre-ordering the first day, for every night of your cruise. Possibly they assume...
  10. cmph

    Who has recently included Palo dinner in their trip reports?

    You might try searching the cruise trip reports sub-forum for the DISer @ukintheus. She writes great trip reports and seems to eat in Palo for dinner pretty regularly.
  11. cmph

    Kid-friendly activities outside Aulani

    We went in May/June 2016, when DD had just turned 11 and DS was 7. We did way too much off-site, but I was worried we'd never get a chance to go back. Don't be me. Take your wife's words to heart. :) The kids loved the Dole Whips at the Dole plantation but thought the rest of it was a waste of...
  12. cmph

    Nassau stop next month. Excursions or stay on the ship?

    Do you live in an urban area? I don't personally find it that much worse than other urban areas I have lived in (in the US), but if you are coming from rural small-town America, it's likely to seem a bit shocking. The "overly paranoid about dangers while traveling" part would seem to indicate...
  13. cmph

    When do you stop paying for your kids' cruises?

    Every penny I earned during my high school and college years went to my college savings/expenses. I still graduated with debt, and there is no way I could have paid for a nice vacation even with a full time job soon after graduation. It wouldn't have been on my radar to allocate funds to...
  14. cmph

    Boorish behavior

    I hadn't really seen any behavior terrible enough to note when this thread was first posted. Then we went on the Wonder in June. An older toddler (2-ish) was having a tantrum in Cabanas at breakfast. He was standing in his high chair, wailing and flailing, and the parents just kept eating and...
  15. cmph

    Picky Eaters

    They might surprise you! I have one, who is getting better as he gets older, but will still do goofy things like try to pick flecks of herbs out of tomato sauce. And hates anything "chunky". He eats burgers, pizza, and ice cream on deck for every lunch. But sit him down at the MDRs for dinner...
  16. cmph

    Birthdays at Universal - advice please

    Well, dang, the one of use who disliked butterbeer but loves hot chocolate and marshmallows might have really liked that! DD didn't like cold or frozen butterbeer and wanted a Simpsons donut instead. It was warm enough that we didn't even think to try it hot, and honestly, DS probably wouldn't...
  17. cmph

    Birthdays at Universal - advice please

    I'm not sure *I* liked them so much, but DS did, LOL! They had a lot of the same things, but not entirely. The big shop where Forbidden Journey dumps out had some unique things you couldn't find elsewhere (certain stuffed animals, some clothing items), but don't get stuck there if you're trying...
  18. cmph

    Birthdays at Universal - advice please

    The hot butterbeer is the best?? I will admit we didn't even consider trying it! Mostly b/c it was warm out for a hot drink, but we also couldn't quite see how that would work. The regular cold kind is carbonated, and the frozen kind was like an ice cream float sort of. How does that work in a...
  19. cmph

    Birthdays at Universal - advice please

    I'm afraid I can't report on the button part, b/c my DS did not want one. I did see plenty of people wearing them, though! We stayed at the BLVD, which is a 5min walk from the shuttle stop at the bottom of the Universal hill. It was cheaper than the Hilton and had 2 king beds instead of doubles...
  20. cmph

    Birthdays at Universal - advice please

    @Sorcerer Jody we are back from our trip, and we had a great time! One thing I'll say right off the bat - this was NOT a one-day park for us. It was open 9-6 yesterday, 10-6 today. We were on Hippogriff by 9:15 yesterday and stayed until 5:45 (the rides stopped letting people on at 5:30 b/c of...


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