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  1. lesliekatya

    Scooter rental for the day?

    True, I don’t think the park rents scooters. I was hoping for an independent company. I know there are places that rent for multiple days that will drop off at a hotel, but that won’t do us any good,
  2. lesliekatya

    Scooter rental for the day?

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to rent a scooter for DLP if you are just there for the day and not staying at a hotel? We are staying in the city and would love to use a scooter. My husband is recovering from surgery Thanks!
  3. lesliekatya

    Have you ever given blood? Plasma? Are you an organ donor?

    Zika virus, maybe? Or maybe Mad Cow or Malaria? I know when we went to Peru, they were interested in which areas we went to.
  4. lesliekatya

    Have you ever given blood? Plasma? Are you an organ donor?

    I’m O- and have donated blood regularly since the Pulse shooting. I’m also down as an organ donor and on the blood marrow registry.
  5. lesliekatya

    Ticket Purchase Failure

    Hello everyone! I am trying to buy tickets on the DLP website and every time I try to purchase tickets, I get the following error: your reservation could not be completed. I've tried multiple cards, multiple web browsers and even tried calling the credit card company. They can't see anything...
  6. lesliekatya

    Happy Birthday to me and all those born on November 8th.

    Happy birthday! :cake: My son is also having a birthday today. :love:
  7. lesliekatya

    Bohemian Rhapsody (the movie)..... (spoilers?)

    I can’t wait to see it - I’m so excited!
  8. lesliekatya

    What kind of unique dishes are from your area?

    I live in Chicago now, but from where I grew up: Maid Rite sandwiches. Yum!
  9. lesliekatya

    Who have you been told you look like?

    Natalie Merchant, but not for awhile
  10. lesliekatya

    What is the best "book series" you ever read

    Harry Potter A Song of Ice and Fire Twilight (yes, I’ll admit it) Hunger Games although the 3rd one was depressing as heck Vicky Bliss mysteries by Elizabeth Peters Crystal Cave trilogy by Mary Stewart Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen
  11. lesliekatya

    Best product for removing blood...

    I like to use a laundry stain spray and let it sit for a week, then wash again. It fixes most stains.
  12. lesliekatya

    If your not a Facebook person , why ?

    I would like to have Facebook for keeping up with old friends who live out of state, but I was stuck listening to people I didn’t really want to be Facebook friends with in the first place (close family members who love to stir up drama) but didn’t want to stir up trouble by unfriending them. I...
  13. lesliekatya

    Winter Olympics

    No kidding. I called my kids in to watch this and nothing has happened yet. Get on with it NBC!!
  14. lesliekatya

    What is the most useless talent

    I don’t know how I do it. It’s a gift ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. lesliekatya

    What is the most useless talent

    I can wiggle my ears :dumbo:
  16. lesliekatya

    Anyone not like art of animation resort

    We loved the resort, but after staying at the POFQ, I realized how spoiled moderates are with the buses. We never had to stand on the POFQ bus, and did about half the time on the AoA bus. It has covered bus stops, though, IIRC, so that’s nice.
  17. lesliekatya

    Who is your partners celebrity crush?

    Isla Fisher - he likes baby-faced redheads. I’ve got a baby-face, but brown hair
  18. lesliekatya

    Do you have a personal scent?

    I used to wear perfume every day, but for the last few years, I haven’t been able to. Scents give me headaches now. :worried:
  19. lesliekatya

    Disinfecting An Ipad?

    I work in an elementary school as well. We just use a 50/50 mixture of water and alcohol in a spray bottle. We haven’t had any problems, and we’ve been doing it for years.


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