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  1. SevenWonkas

    RCL Dinner Attire on Formal Night

    Speciality restaurants are always “smart casual,” even on formal nights. So if you feel like you should dress formally, but don’t really want to, book a speciality restaurant. :)
  2. SevenWonkas

    Disney Cruise Lanyards

    I have never used a lanyard on a cruise, and don’t plan on using one. I put my card in my pocket, or in my pool bag if going to the pool. I suppose some people may find the lanyard useful when purchasing alcoholic beverages (because it can hold their ID too), but I don’t drink so that doesn’t...
  3. SevenWonkas

    Party Ship?

    We went on a 4-night Royal cruise several years ago, in February. It definitely was not a party cruise. Most people on the cruise were probably 50+, with a lot of them being in their 60s and 70s. We were in our 30s, and were sat at a table with three couples in their 70s and 80s, and the other...
  4. SevenWonkas

    Thrifty Couple Celebrity Edge Review Jan 27th to Feb 3

    We booked it the day they opened for bookings, figuring the prices would just go up. And they have! We figured we’d just cancel if it didn’t look like it would work out for us. We did the Celebrity Reflection two years ago, and had a great time. Our 7 year old isn’t into the really active stuff...
  5. SevenWonkas

    Thrifty Couple Celebrity Edge Review Jan 27th to Feb 3

    I have seen several blogs and posts on Facebook groups with photos and reviews of the kids clubs on the Edge. There are groups on Facebook just for the Edge, and I’ve seen people post scans of the daily kids activities on them. We’ll be on the Edge with our 7 year old in a few weeks! Here is...
  6. SevenWonkas

    Oahu luau advice, please!

    Chief’s Luau and FiaFia are essentially going to be the same show. Notice on the Chief’s Luau website how they’re closed on Tuesdays and Saturdays? Saturdays are their day off, and Tuesdays they’re performing their show at the Marriott. ;)
  7. SevenWonkas

    Must-see beautiful drives?

    We’ve been to Ko Olina 5(?) times now, and finally on this last trip drove up the coast from Ko Olina. We didn’t really do any research ahead of time, just winged it, and the road ended at Ka’ena Point State Park. There was a trail to walk on, but were in flip flops, so we just walked up a...
  8. SevenWonkas

    north shore food trucks

    Giovanni’s Shrimp truck is the most well known, and thus probably the most popular. There are a handful of other trucks in the same area (parking lot), which makes it convenient for a one stop shop if you want to try multiple trucks. Whenever we go, we will search “food trucks” in yelp and...
  9. SevenWonkas

    Thrifty Couple Celebrity Edge Review Jan 27th to Feb 3

    There is no Infinite Veranda on Equinox, just the Edge. Just a heads up!
  10. SevenWonkas

    Thrifty Couple Celebrity Edge Review Jan 27th to Feb 3

    Thank you! That’s good to know.
  11. SevenWonkas

    Please explain dining packages

    I’ve never done the dining package, but you mentioned Wonderland and I wanted to say that we did that a couple years ago on Anthem and really liked it! It was a fun experience, and the food was good. I don’t know if I’d do it again, because I’ve already experienced it, but we enjoyed it! We...
  12. SevenWonkas

    Shore excursions in Skagway

    We will be on Ovation this summer too. We plan to book all our excursions through private companies, or just go off on our own. 10 years ago we did an excursion through Royal.... ride up on the train, then a bus tour on the way back including a stop at Caribou Crossing for lunch.
  13. SevenWonkas

    formal nights

    Lately on formal nights, my husband wears dress pants and a dress shirt. No tie and no jacket. (He just doesn’t want to pack them). He fits right in. People dressing in tuxes, and even suits on some cruises, seem to be in a minority. Some people will still wear jeans and a T-shirt on formal...
  14. SevenWonkas

    Alaska on the Ovation

    We will be on Ovation in July, and we have a Family Junior Suite. Admittedly, we always do balcony rooms. We have considered doing a Oceanciew (porthole) Room on the Dream, but the balcony has always been a very minimal cost over the ocean view room, that we always get a balcony. We enjoy...
  15. SevenWonkas

    Thrifty Couple Celebrity Edge Review Jan 27th to Feb 3

    I am enjoying reading your report. We will be on the Edge in a couple months with our 7-year old. In general, how would you say people dress for dinner? We always wear khaki pants and nice tops/polos to dinner on Royal/Disney cruises, and we wore these on our Reflection cruise a couple years...
  16. SevenWonkas

    Convince me to take the leap and try RCCI ( and share your advice on ships:)

    In regards to the Mariner cruise -- From what I understand, the completion dates for Coco Cay DO keep getting pushed back. I haven't been following it that closely, but the last time I read a blog post about Coco Cay, people were commenting that the completion dates for various attractions kept...
  17. SevenWonkas

    Oasis 3/31/19 Cancelled

    This happened to us a few years ago, on Allure I think. We got a few months notice on our cruise cancellation, also for maintenance issues. Luckily we had the flexibility to change our vacation time at work and were able to rebook for a cruise a week or two later. There were some hassles, but in...
  18. SevenWonkas

    Family of 5 on RCCL

    Ovation of the Seas will be in Alaska in 2019. Assuming it will be back in 2020, they have Family Junior Suites which hold 5 people. The bathroom configuration also has a full bathroom with a tub, sink, and toilet. There is a second half bath with toilet and sink. (This second bathroom takes the...
  19. SevenWonkas

    Nearby Ko Olina hotel experiences?

    @cgattis On our first “trip” to Aulani we were actually staying at the Marriott. We got the cheapest hotel room possible, which overlapped our Marriott stay (where we had a 2-bedroom ocean view). We actually got a room for two different nights at Aulani - Monday and Wednesday I think. We then...
  20. SevenWonkas

    Nearby Ko Olina hotel experiences?

    We are DVC owners, and also Marriott Vacation Club owners. We’ve stayed at Aulani twice and Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club five times. The Marriott is a great property. The pools are a lot of fun, as there are features like waterfalls and a sandy entrance area. But like another poster said, if...


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