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    When did you stop using a car seat on the plane?

    You can stop using a carseat on the airplane when your toddler reaches 40 lbs that's the weight that the airplane seat belt fits the child (according to Car seats for the Littles). We used a Cosco Finale for our 2.5 year old on the plane in February down to disney (we put her forward facing on...
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    Asking for the last row on a ride (questions)

    In February, we asked for the first car/row on both Seven Dwarfs and Slinky Dog Dash (it was our 4.5 years old first coasters) and both times the CMs happily obliged and we just had to wait for the next go around.
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    3 best TV Series you didnt watch on regular TV but

    Breaking Bad Peaky Blinders - binge watched it in December - now impatiently waiting for the next season to be released. The Sopranos - currently watching
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    Adult Measles Vaccine

    I was born in 85 and sometime between my first and second pregnancies (they did titers during the first blood draw of each pregnancy) I lost my immunity to Measles, so after i delivered my second child, the hospital administered a booster before we were discharged.
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    Strollers on restautants?

    In February our youngest was sleeping in our double stroller during our early dinner reservation at Skipper's Canteen and they let us bring it in. I'm grateful because she's 2.5 and no way would my husband or I have been able to enjoy our meal if we had to hold her while she slept.
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    TICKETS & Upgrades - Prices and "How to"

    This is a random question, but we originally had booked a package with dining and tickets for our Feb. 2019 trip - we ended up cancelling the package tickets and getting tickets through UT. I noticed that both tickets were in my disney experience but didn't think anything about it, we went on...
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    MK Town Square 90th Birthday special characters meet

    We met Nick and Judy on Thursday, February 28.
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    Jambo! The newest AKL Information thread

    No we didn't see or hear any refurbishments while we were there.
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    Jambo! The newest AKL Information thread

    We just stayed in a standard view room (2 queen beds) and I'm sure it would fit but it would be tight quarters. And probably block a walking path. We thought about our 30 month old using a pack n play but ended up requesting bed rails and she shared a bed. I'm wondering if a room with a king...
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    Minnie Vans

    We used Minnie Vans three times last week - once from Wilderness Lodge to Animal Kingdom Lodge, and then Animal Kingdom Lodge to Disney Springs. I did have a $3 off ride coupon so our rides (with tip) were about $35 each trip. I found it well worth the money, with two younger kids, I was...
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    Jambo! The newest AKL Information thread

    Just back from a wonderful stay at AKL - Jambo House. We booked a standard room and on our requests (that I put in during online check-in and my travel agent also put in requests) I asked for a partial savannah room close to the lobby. Well it was granted, we got room 3210 (first room I believe...
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    Autograph ideas other than books

    Just an update we returned from our trip and ended up doing personalized pillow cases. I had a picture of the castle and their names vinyled on them. We used hoops to help with signatures and tulip brand fabric markers. The girls are thrilled to have the signatures and we got lots of compliments...
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    Those using swagbucks ???

    Did anyone do the Hasbro review (it was 50 sb to review 5 Hasbro games on and get credit? I did it on 12/18 and it said to allow 30 days to credit, well it's been well past 30 days and I haven't received credit. I was going to ticket - but wasn't sure what to ticket it under, I...
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    Those using swagbucks ???

    For what it's worth Home Chef is great. The portions are just right and the quality of ingredients is the best out of any of the meal kits we've tried. We also really like the menu selections. We've probably gotten 10-12 boxes with 3 different meals in each and there are probably only 2 I...
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    Those using swagbucks ???

    Yes I just load a physical gift card to and then add my ecards there and transfer the balance that way.
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    Those using swagbucks ???

    I've successfully been using the Virtual Visas to order Disney e-cards from Target since it was reported was rejecting that form of payment. I typically receive my ecard from Target within an hour (but no more than 4 after ordering). I've probably ordered 12 or more this way.
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    Critique my ADR Plans

    Thanks for all of the insight. I'm now leaning towards cancelling Mama Melrose and looking for another meal that day and also probably cancelling Bon Voyage as it sounds like it may make for a pretty hectic morning. I think I'll keep our other character meals though. I may look into one more...
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    Those using swagbucks ???

    Okay thanks just went and purchased a gift card for $100. he scanned my QR code and then the gift card and then I paid. On the bottom of my receipt it says Swagbucks $0 affliate SKU though so does that mean it wasn't done correctly?
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    Critique my ADR Plans

    Thanks for your insight - we are using DME to get back to the airport on departure day so I guess I will either try and move up that reservation (we will most likely take a Minnie Van to get there since I know it can be a pain to get to non-parks from each of the resorts) or cancel it. My girls...
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    Those using swagbucks ???

    Oh okay good to know. I'll attempt a $100 gift card today and see how it works out. Thanks for the help.


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