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    Maui Itinerary Help

    Honestly, you can save some money and do the Road to Hana yourself since you will have a rental car. There is an APP for your phone that you can buy that will narrate the drive. We did not enjoy the Road to Hana at all. Not many good views, the road is twisty all the way to/from, it was...
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    Disney cruise disabled

    Yes, those thresholds are a bear to get over to get to the outside deck. It was also terrible to have to try and maneuver around the buffet area with a wheelchair or scooter. Very close quarters. The expansion joints going through the hallways are also higher than they should be. Not...
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    Disney cruise disabled

    Yes, we used the beach wheelchairs at Castaway Cay. Very easy to push as the sand isn't real soft at least in the adult only section. I will say that we were on the Disney Wonder and it was not very wheelchair friendly at all. Hope you are on one of the larger, newer ships.
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    Percentage of stays at home resort

    0% for us. We have owned for 12 years at SSR and haven't stayed there once. We have stayed at VB, BCV, BWV, AKV, OKW, BLT and Aulani. We have made a reservation at SSR at 11 months and have always been able to change it at 7 months.
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    Does anyone complain about the pool hours?

    As a family who went to Aulani about a year after it opened, we really loved the late pool hours, and we are east coasters. We toured the island during the day and had pool time in the evening. There was NOTHING better than going around the lazy river after dark and looking up at the sky...
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    Disabled Parking at the Studios During Construction

    We just got back from an 8 day stay at WDW. We took the bus once from Bay Lake Tower and drove our car one evening after we had moved to a different resort. The disabled parking cut off about 1/3 of the walk from the bus parking. Since we parked in the afternoon, we just took our chances at...
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    Hawaii for Disneyworld Lover?

    The only complaint I Have about Hawaii is the awful long flight home, lol!
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    Should buses be modified to take >2 scooters?

    Both of my sons use wheelchairs in the parks due to congenital heart problems. However, they can walk up the few steps onto the buses. I get somewhat annoyed when we are told to go in the scooter entrance before everybody else loads, and then take on our folded wheelchairs when it would...
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    Mini van vs Fullsize SUV

    We travel as a family of 4 adults plus a wheelchair. the golf clubs and suitcases would fit easily in a mini van. Just put the back seat flat. We had an SUV once and could not fit everything in. Some suitcases needed to go in the back seat with the occupants. It was tight.
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    Universal Tickets Question

    I was just going to ask a ticket question also. We are going in mid-October and see that the current discount expiring on 9/18. We are only interested in going for a 1-2 day ticket. We went a couple of years ago at the same time and remember a buy one day get another day free ticket. Does...
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    Pandora rides

    I have secured FP's for the ride for our stay in late October for the 4 of us, but only 2 of us will ride. My son has Down syndrome and has had scoliosis surgery, so we are not chancing it. He has a lot of fears about being restrained, so it just isn't worth the anxiety of trying to get him on...
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    Disabled Parking at the Studios During Construction

    Thank you for all of your photos. Does anybody know when this "temporary" bus loop will be done along with a permanent area for disabled parking? We always thought the disabled parking lot was too small at HS and are hoping the new one will be bigger.
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    Star Wars Fireworks in October?

    The calendar on this site does not list fireworks, nor does the official WDW calendar on the Disney World site. But, I am assuming that since there is a dessert party, I guess there are fireworks. So, is the dessert party worth it? I have read that some people say it is the best dessert party...
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    Star Wars Fireworks in October?

    Tonight I was beginning planning for our late October visit ...... yes I know I am woefully behind. Anyway, I was looking at the restaurant availability and the dessert party popped up for the Star Wars fireworks at HS. However, there are no fireworks listed on the calendar at HS, just...
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    Disney eliminating plastic straws

    Here is the response I received from Disney World guest services: Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about our recently expanded commitment to reduce single-use plastic materials across The Walt Disney Company. Meeting the needs of Guests with disabilities is extremely important to us...
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    Disney eliminating plastic straws

    That's great! They could still put them on top of their hotels and cover their parking lots, like some in Nevada. The parking lots would be a lot cooler with solar over head. It's not like they have parking garages, except at Disney Springs.
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    Disney eliminating plastic straws

    A family friend is working for a company in California that is developing a solar battery in sheets as thin as place mats that will go on the top of your car to continuously charge the battery. Disney has enough space that they could have a huge solar farm on their property, on the top of their...
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    Disney eliminating plastic straws

    It's not just about plastic straws, but also a lid on drinks that the straw goes through. My 28 year old son will spill every drink if he has to drink out of a paper cup without a lid and straw. Yes, I can bring my own straws, but they won't do any good unless the cup has a lid on it. I am...
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    Target on the way from the airport?

    We have always brought the cooler resuable bags when traveling to Hawaii, just because of the general heat and the paper bags that Safeway uses. They don't weight much and are easy to pack in a suitcase. Use them.
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    Latest Arguments in DAS Lawsuit

    12 years ago when my son was on a Make-A-Wish trip, we didn't even get instant access then. If we were waiting in line for a ride or a character, if a CM saw my son's button, they moved us to the front of the line. At no time do I believe WDW has provided instant access to anybody. If they...


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