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  1. BassetHoundMom

    When is everyone going to Disney?

    August 8 - 14th at CR. It will be my 15th visit - and, both myself and my MIL will be celebrating our birthdays. Best place to have a birthday! :ccat:
  2. BassetHoundMom

    How many days do you have left #4!!!!

    175 days until our stay at Contemporary Resort - CL! :ccat:
  3. BassetHoundMom

    Best resort dining options for two adults

    Victoria and Albert's is hands-down my favorite for an adults-only dinner, though it is of course extremely pricey. Worth it for a special occasion, if the budget allows. We also had a wonderful meal at Monsieur Paul - the food, ambiance, and location was fantastic - and our reservation was...
  4. BassetHoundMom

    how did you choose your username for the dis?

    I volunteer with a basset hound rescue, and I just love those floppy eared dogs (I've been owned by two). :dog2:
  5. BassetHoundMom

    Just joined Weight Watchers

    Glad to find this thread. I made Lifetime in 1999....well, a lot has happened since then. I went back in 2005 after having a baby, lost the baby weight, but in the past few years put it all back on while dealing with my dad's terminal illness. I ate comfort food to cope, and things got out of...
  6. BassetHoundMom

    Planning for 2019

    We JUST booked a family vacation for August 2019 at the Contemporary. My birthday month....always the best time to go to Disney!
  7. BassetHoundMom

    Does disney card?

    Haha....that was ALSO when I colored my hair...I've now let it go silver, so I'll probably just get waved through from now on! :D
  8. BassetHoundMom

    S/O were you paid for chores as a kid?

    Nothing for regular chores, but I would get $5 for mowing the grass, starting around age 12. And I maintained the lawn mower too, changed oil and spark plugs when necessary. I would gladly give someone $5 to mow my yard now, but I have 2 acres so the charge would probably be a lot more. :)
  9. BassetHoundMom

    Does disney card?

    I am in my 40s and have been carded - most frequently during food and wine fest, so I always made sure to have my ID at the ready just in case.
  10. BassetHoundMom

    Disney's CONTEMPORARY RESORT and BAY LAKE TOWER Information and Questions Thread

    We just booked an Atrium Club room at the CR for next August. I think this is the furthest out we've booked, but as we needed to reserve two rooms for our party (using a CM discount no less!), the earlier the better, I figured. Stayed at CR Garden Wing in 2015. Loved the rooms but the...
  11. BassetHoundMom

    How many days do you have left #4!!!!

    385...well over a year. :yo-yo::ccat:
  12. BassetHoundMom

    Lurking no longer -

    Hello! I've been a member here for YEARS and have never posted - silly, I know. Finally coming out of the woodwork to say hello. We have just booked next year's WDW trip, August 2019 at the Contemporary. :)


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