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  1. 720L

    DLR people, get me pumped for WDW

    Unfortunately you have to plan. Rope drop is a must. (for us) You can get 2-3 rides done in the first hour the park opens usually. Plan fastpasses for a couple hours after the park opens if you plan to be there at rope drop. If your kids are young, a character meal is a good way to see some...
  2. 720L

    What do you think of Barbie? Would you let your children play with Barbies?

    Was that orange? My babysitter had a camper that started my Barbie love. My best Barbie memory was waking up to the Barbie Cottage under our tree. ( I never got the Dream House but I loved that cottage). Also when I got the pool. This was the good pool before everything turned cheaply made...
  3. 720L

    What do you think of Barbie? Would you let your children play with Barbies?

    I loved playing Barbies! I saved all of them, but my DD liked American Girl dolls better ( which are basically bigger Barbies in a way). I don't ever remember thinking I needed to be like Barbie. I just had fun creating different lives for her. She usually lived in her motor home instead of the...
  4. 720L

    For thoses that have stayed at both DLR and Courtyard Theme Park-which would you advise?

    Courtyard is a little quicker walk than DLH. Rooms are way bigger. You can see Space Mtn & the monorail across the street. If you get at least a 3 day ticket you get 1 magic morning. I don't feel like I'm out of the magic, you can see the park from the hotel and everyone walking around is going...
  5. 720L

    Anyone dissappointed in star wars land

    We were there 2 years ago during the summer & it was WDW HOT.
  6. 720L

    Disney World refillable popcorn buckets?

    Do WDW refillable popcorn buckets work at DL also?
  7. 720L

    How long are your park days?

    We are here now for 10 days. This heat is killing me. I was trying to make a point to my DH that its ok to take a break. We've been to WDW lots of times so I don't feel bad missing something but DH feels we need to do everything. We did leave earlier than normal today but I'm not even looking...
  8. 720L

    How long are your park days?

    I'm curious what a day in the park is for everyone. We've always gone rope drop until 7 or 8pm, sometimes later. I told my husband I doubt most people in the parks are doing this. They take breaks & come back later, particularly in the summer heat.
  9. 720L

    Which animal trail is your favorite in AK?

    I'm not sure I have a favorite. If the tigers are out they are fun to watch, but it seems like they are harder to see. The gorillas on Gorilla Falls are usually out somewhere to look at. Of course there are other animals to see on both trails.
  10. 720L

    Room choice at AKL

    1. The lobby is on the 3rd floor, so we like being on the 3rd floor for quicker access to buses. The 3rd floor is also great for animal viewing. 2. AKLs activities were always our kids favorites. I see they have changed a little since we have been there. They liked the animal viewing area &...
  11. 720L

    Did the braised pork change at BOG?

    Disney's does have pork in it, but I'm asking if its being changed to chicken. Or will there be a choice of pork or chicken Coque Au Vin.
  12. 720L

    Did the braised pork change at BOG?

    I just read on the Disney Parks Blog that there is a new Coque Au Vin dish that has chicken in it.....I'm hoping its 2 different dishes ( 1 pork 1 chicken) available? If someone goes soon could you investigate please?
  13. 720L

    Blurriness on FOP

    Blurry for me too, I have an astigmatism so I thought maybe it was that? 3D never is clear for me either.
  14. 720L

    Repacking ponchos

    Ditto. We hang ours up every night & roll up in the morning, put in a gallon zip lock.
  15. 720L

    Ladies - Spring/Summer storms in the parks, what's easiest - poncho, umbrella, rain-jacket?

    We use the Disney ponchos, yes they are hot, but its better than being damp the rest of the day, with the humidity you never totally dry up! I tried a dollar store poncho once, & in the torrential Disney afternoon rain, it didn't work well. Umbrellas seem like they would be a pain & I've been...
  16. 720L

    Prioritizing evening activities for 13-year olds ... Will I regret skipping Fantasmic??

    ROL is not good. And I'm a "do everything at the park" person. I'd rather wander through Pandora at night, that's a better show lol. I'm also not a park hopper person ( we figure it takes an hour to hop so a waste of time) BUT being able to walk back to your room (while at BC) is great. We loved...
  17. 720L

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    We will be there July 6, hoping we get information soon on how they will handle SWGE after the reservation only dates. So far, nobody can line up until 6am is all we know?
  18. 720L

    Do we need to be at Epcot rope drop super early to ride Soarin?

    We go every summer & I still think its busy....not Christmas busy but still busy. We just can't get the must do rope drop out of our system LOL.
  19. 720L

    Do we need to be at Epcot rope drop super early to ride Soarin?

    Since you are going in June, which is very busy, I would get to the park at least 15 minutes before the park opens. I don't know how long it takes for the wait time to change but it will be over 20 minutes pretty quick. I also don't know about being at the back of the crowd because we are always...


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