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    Change in HS FP+ tiers as of Aug 29

    Do you actually have to tap in though, or can you just let your fp window expire for the Tier 2's that you've booked to add your 4th fp of the day? Lets say you book a show from 9-10 am, a show from 10-11 am, and SDD from 11-12. You don't show up to either show and you ride SDD and 11:30. Can...
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    “Updated” MDE app being a pain for anyone else?

    If you have a CDMA network phone, then you can't if you are using your phone's data plan to access the app. On a CDMA network you can't use data and talk on the phone at the same time.
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    I’m debating driving from NY to Disney with a 4 yo and a 6 month old. Am I nuts?

    I’m curious if anyone one this board has ever made this trip with kids so young before. Am I nuts? It will be me, wife, and two daughters aged 4 and 6 months. Four year old has taken many 4-7 hour car trips with us before but nothing like this. The plan is to drive 9 hours one day and stop in...
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    Ohana....any better lately?

    We went to Disney the first week in September (Labor Day week) this past year staying at the Polynesian and were completely unimpressed by O’hana. We thought the food was bland and uninteresting. The service was fine. For comparison, on the same trip we also ate at Tusker House, Akershus, and...
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    Party of 7, then 5 and Possibly 4... Do I lose my table?

    You can cancel up until midnight the night before without being charged. Given that you should be able to call a few days in advance to lower the number on the reservation with no issue either.
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    Help me understand “Rider Switch”

    Ok, thanks. So then I should fastpass everyone for 7DMT in my example to utilize rider switch? \
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    Help me understand “Rider Switch”

    Meaning if the people in party 2 don’t have a fast pass they can’t come onboard with the person from party one who is rider switching and bringing them along? What would the actual benefit of rider switch be then if everyone needs a fast pass anyway? Couldn’t the ones with the fast passes...
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    Help me understand “Rider Switch”

    Can you let me know when you get back if this is in fact the way it worked? Your understanding is mine as well but it’s very difficult to actually find confirmation of this online and it makes planning the fast passes out difficult. Thanks!
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    Help me understand “Rider Switch”

    I appreciate all the help in advance, and apologize if this is a dumb question, but I am having trouble understanding some of the finer points of “Rider Switch.” On our next Disney Trip in October my party will consist of myself, my wife, our 4 year old, and our 6 month old infant daughter. We...
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    Is Tusker House going downhill?

    We ate there the first week of September for breakfast. This was my first trip to disney with my wife and just about to be 3 year old daughter. During that trip we ate at CRT, Akershus, Tusker House and O’Hana for breakfast. Tusker House was easily the best breakfast we had. Akershus was a...
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    No Countdown Calendar w/ the new MDE?

    A follow-up question on the new system. You used to be able to "pick which park" you were going to visit and add it, before the fast pass window it was a good way to roughly map out your plans. I don't see a way to do that anymore either, am I missing something?
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    Boat from Epcot to Hollywood without entering Epcot?

    Ok, thanks. We just thought taking the monorail and Boat would be more fun. We’ve got a toddler with us and aren’t as worried about timing. The boat itself would be like a ride to her.
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    Boat from Epcot to Hollywood without entering Epcot?

    Quick Question that I can’t find the answer to and would much appreciate the answer. We are going on our first Disney trip in September, staying at the Polynesian. We read that you can get to Hollywood by taking the monorail to epcot and then taking a boat from epcot to Hollywood (instead of...


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