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  1. pearlieq

    Howling in Geriatric Cat

    My 15 year old is an an occasional night yowler. He calms down if we speak to him in response, so we tend to chalk it up to disorientation/cognitive decline but I've also noticed it picks up when his thyroid levels increase. It's actually helpful indicator for us to get him checked out to...
  2. pearlieq

    Would you be upset?

    Sure, anyone would be. I'm so sorry this happened to you.
  3. pearlieq

    Looking for a home scanner

    I've used the Turbo Scan app on my phone for several years. It's very easy to use! You can then email the documents to yourself, upload them to a storage service like Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, or Google Drive, or even store them with TurboScan itself.
  4. pearlieq

    Do You Consider Yourself a Feminist?

    Of course I'm a feminist. I don't understand how anyone isn't. Some of these comments are so depressing. I find my teeth especially set on edge by the vein of, "No, I'm not a feminist, I just enjoy the right to vote and own property and have a credit card in my own name, and a (tenuous)...
  5. pearlieq

    Overcharged Disney on ice

    Along with contacting Feld, I would also try sending a letter to the venue that hosted the event. They have a vested interest in happy customers being served well by the people they book into their facility.
  6. pearlieq

    Moving costs from Boston to Pittsburgh--$12,000!!

    It sounds like the OP is all set, but for anyone else reading along, we did our move from IL to FL via PODS in 2015 and it was awesome. We took roughly 3 bedroom's worth of stuff. We hired our own movers on each end for loading/unloading. It cost around $500 for loading and packing supplies...
  7. pearlieq

    Fall Florida Trip

    Yes! If you're a nature lover it's a wonderful place to visit, though I wouldn't call it a full-day experience. The boat ride from the main park center to the animal exhibits is so peaceful. The Crystal River parks are not too far away either and offers a cool boat tour and Native American...
  8. pearlieq

    Fall Florida Trip

    Honestly, the gulf coast doesn't make me miss Disney the way the Port Canaveral area does. Maybe because the PC/Cocoa Beach area is much sleepier except for the cruise port/Space Center, and the beaches are just kind of OK (compared to other beaches), but it seems more like an off-shoot of...
  9. pearlieq

    Is this possible? Safari to Tusker house

    You'll probably be fine as long as you show up at 9:05 - 9:10. On the odd chance that you get delayed on the ride, I'm sure you could explain that and still get seated for your ADR as long as you went there directly after. They generally try to be as accommodating as they can be in those...
  10. pearlieq

    Budgeting for tipping?

    Generally speaking (and there is a very broad range) the menu "cost" of the table service meal included in the dining plan (entree, dessert, drink) will be around $50/adult and $20/child. So, for your party, you can expect the total on the check you're handed to be about $300ish and the tip...
  11. pearlieq

    Looking for examples of daily food budget

    A typical day for my husband and I usually looks like this: Breakfast - Usually just protein bars/packaged snacks that we carry with us, with maybe a coffee for DH. We're not big breakfast eaters. - $5 Counter Service Meal - 2 entrees, and 1 large beverage to split.- $30 Table Service Meal -...
  12. pearlieq

    Napping and room checks

    It might not be going away, but I am! :D Between that and the parking, I'm staying offsite at least 50% of the time now, where I used to be an onsite-only kind of gal.
  13. pearlieq

    Napping and room checks

    That's possible, and may be the better of bad options, but say 1 person went back and decided to get a shower. They either need to leave the door unlatched and risk security coming in, or latch it and leave everyone stranded until they're out of the shower and presentable to open the door...
  14. pearlieq

    Napping and room checks

    Our experience at SSR in October was not great. There were 7 of us in a 2-bedroom. Frequently a couple of people would want to go back and nap or shower, but couldn't latch the door to the whole unit as the rest of us needed to be able to come & go freely. We got interrupted in the...
  15. pearlieq

    Morning walk

    There's a thing called the Neighborhood Power Walk, but it's just for DVC members and their guests. You have to make reservations with member services at least 24 hours in advance--they don't take walk-ups. It's at 7am on Thursdays in DCA, it's about a mile long, and you get free Jamba Juice...
  16. pearlieq

    Anyone nervous to do their taxes?

    Can't say I'm too excited for this year too--we realized some capital gains so I've been making estimated payments on that for the last couple of quarters. Hopefully I did my math right! This will probably be our last year itemizing for a while. We're only barely going to clear the standard...
  17. pearlieq

    I love credit cards so much!

    We're doing the same, except SW Points/CP and the Sheraton! :) I wish I could make myself pay GC prices, as it is such a lovely hotel, but I just can't. I'm really hoping for a nice, quiet week. All signs point to yes given DL's hotel & ticket discounting and their choice to schedule the...
  18. pearlieq

    Moonlight Magic

    We're in! I logged in at 11:10 EST and was done at 11:38 EST So, so, so much better than the previous registration method! I won't miss the spinny wheel of death.
  19. pearlieq

    Moonlight Magic

    Interesting updates about capacity. ~30% full at 14 minutes!
  20. pearlieq

    Moonlight Magic

    Just 2855 people to go! :rotfl2:


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