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    153 BLT Points for Transfer, $15 per point

    I would definitely be interested in this transfer, I can't seem to message you though. Let me know if these are still available and I can complete transaction today. Thanks
  2. J


    Same type of plan (deluxe) but 1 less guest on the 2nd stay (6 to 5 people). I talked to 3 people at AKV front desk before we actually did the extension that night (to make sure we didn’t need to use up credits) and they all seemed to be familiar with the practice. I asked because when we were...
  3. J


    We had a split stay over thanksgiving week (both stays with dining plan). They extended our credits for us on check out/check in day. The total number of credits for our 2nd stay was incremented by the unused credits from the first stay. This was from BCV to Kidani. The front desk staff at...
  4. J

    2:00 Entry to MVMCP?

    We arrived last night, there is a poster advertising the 2 pm entry dvc benefit by the beach club villas elevators.
  5. J

    2:00 Entry to MVMCP?

    Great thank you!
  6. J

    2:00 Entry to MVMCP?

    Anyone know if you had to purchase with member pricing to get the 2 pm entry benefit? We’re going this Thursday and we purchased using the military discount
  7. J

    NOVEMBER 2018! CANCELLED ADR Thread - Guidelines in first post

    Will cancel these (for 3 people) Chef Mickey's Thursday 11/15 11:55 am Crystal Palace Friday 11/16 12:10 pm PM to coordinate
  8. J

    Legoland...Reserve N Ride?

    We're also planning a 1 day legoland trip on July 15th! And also wondering about reserve n ride. In case you haven't purchased your tickets - We just bought our tickets online using the buy 1 get 1 free code we picked up at the Lego store. It was even cheaper than the military discount tickets...
  9. J

    Just back - deluxe plan with kids

    No we didn't try. We didn't always order dessert for everyone but we already had so much food at table service meals that we didn't even think to ask about substitution.
  10. J

    Chicken Nuggets adult portion at Contempo Cafe?

    In case anyone is interested, adult portion of the chicken nuggets was not on the menu, but was available at contempo cafe this past week (8 nuggets instead of 4).
  11. J

    Just back - deluxe plan with kids

    Just reporting back on our experience this past week. We had 4 adults 2 children on the deluxe dining plan 1. No issues ordering adult entrees and/or appetizers and/or desserts for the kids. We did this at chefs de France, yachtsman, rose and crown, narcoosees. 2. At the resort (contempo...
  12. J

    Can you still exchange QS credit for 3 snacks?

    Thanks for sharing that information! How about swapping the drink for a side when using a counter service credit - do you know if that's still allowed with the latest 2017 changes?
  13. J

    MARCH 2017! CANCELLED ADR Thread - Guidelines in first post

    Going to cancel 'Ohana Sunday 3/12 at 830 pm for 6 people. PM me if you are interested in coordinating.
  14. J

    Epcot Snorkel in Living Seas Aquarium - Reviews?

    My husband and 2 older kids will be doing this tour next month. Is there a good place in The Seas for the rest of us to watch out for them? And general timeframe - around what time were you snorkeling? They said the tour starts at 1230, so perhaps 1:45 or so? Thanks!
  15. J

    can I pay for DDP with Disney gift cards?

    I use disney vacation account so I can add all the gift cards online - then I just use the 1 DVA gift card number when I call DVC Member Services to pay for the dining plan. It's easier than trying to use multiple gift cards over the phone.
  16. J

    Boulangerie Patisserie - 2017 counter service

    Has anyone used a counter service credit at Boulangerie Patisserie in 2017? It used to be 1 salty, 1 sweet, and 1 drink. I assume now it is only 1 salty and 1 drink, is that right? Or hopefully 1 salty and 1 sweet if you trade in the drink?
  17. J

    Chicken Nuggets adult portion at Contempo Cafe?

    I only see the kids meal chicken nuggets on the online menus for Contempo Cafe. When we were there in 2016, they had an adult portion as well. Does anyone know if the adult portion is still available? Thanks!
  18. J

    Issues adding tickets to MDE?

    Disney help desk had to add the tickets on their end. They said they have a known issue with certain types of 2017 tickets, and the 2017 Salute tickets are one of those types.
  19. J

    Issues adding tickets to MDE?

    Thanks, on hold now!
  20. J

    Issues adding tickets to MDE?

    Anyone else having issues adding tickets to MDE? I've been trying to add our Military Salute exchange vouchers to MDE for a few weeks but I never seem to get past the validation point - I never get the Next button, and it just spins (I assume trying to validate the id number) Just wanted to...


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