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    "For 2,000+ Mile Round-Trip Drivers Only!" (Part V)

    Try iExit (android at least, not sure if it's for iOS as well). We have found it to be very helpful.
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    Heads Up: I-95 is closed outside of Jacksonville, wildfire

    She comes down from Yellow Mountain On a dark, flat land she rides On a pony she named Wildfire With a whirlwind by her side
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    Jetblue Prices???

    JetBlue stopped trying to be a customer first, price competitive carrier a while ago. They have made a lot of anti-customer changes under pressure from wall street.
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    Restaurant ideas for 12 year old boy

    What kind of themes does your brother like? What kind of cuisine is he into? 12 year old boys are not all the same.
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    Hollywood Brown Derby with Kids

    We went with our triplets (then 7 years old) two years ago and we all enjoyed it.
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    Bringing first timers...which resort would you choose?

    If you are going President's week 2020 then you're already in the 11 month window. Forget about preference right now. You need to book a studio at your home resort ASAP to guarantee you have anywhere to stay. In 7 months check availability and see what's still open, if anything. It's likely not...
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    Dining reservations thoughts? Any changes recommended?

    We tend to do our character breakfasts only on non-park days at non-park restaurants. On park days we have breakfast in our room (but we are DVC so the rooms have a full kitchen, which makes that easier). I personally don't think 'Ohana is that good. Maybe it's convenient if you're staying at...
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    Moonlight Magic Hours

    Nevermind, i kind of answered my own question but you can't delete posts here.
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    Skipper's Canteen....is it just me or do they get NO love?

    It's good there. One of our favs.
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    How to satisfy craving for NYC style take-out chinese food near WDW?

    These places are nearly universally terrible in NYC. I would never want to seek one out on vacation haha
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    Sharing a Contract

    I would never do this. There are FAR too many opportunities for things to go south down the road. Each family should just buy their own DVC membership.
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    Analysis of Riviera sales as of 5/10/2019

    1 billion points. I've never really thought about the scale of total available points at a resort. Another resort at Reflections soon to be built with more millions or billions of points That's a lot of money. A lot of timeshare being bought by people blinded by pixie dust who probably can't...
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    Why Don't Disney Do ROFR Before Resale

    It's just an impractical idea. Disney has no way of knowing what resale contracts are up for sale until they are submitted for ROFR. To proactively do ROFR would mean setting up the infrastructure to do so, and processing every resale contract whether it's going to sell or not. It would also...
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    Purchasing a new computer

    What kind of software are you running?
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    Purchasing a new computer

    Also not true. Most big box stores (at least best buy) sell name brand gaming computers like Alienware, MSI, ibuypower and cyberpower, all of which use name brand, high end components. Costco also sells a couple of these models. I have been building my own PCs since high school (I am now in my...
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    Purchasing a new computer

    Patently false. PC gaming and e-sports are more popular than ever (and growing) and make up a very large segment of PC revenue via system sales, component sales and peripheral sales.
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    Canceling for part of the party

    It's really a shame that people do this and take up seats from other people who might want to make ADRs for that restaurant.
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    Hot Takes on Tables in Wonderland

    I don't really think there's much to think about except whether or not you'll exceed the break even of the cost of the card. If you have AP or DVC discounts, which already offer 10% discounts, you'd need to spend roughly twice as much to break even since you'd be getting a 10% "free" discount...
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    Purchasing points to complete a reservation

    Seems like you're over complicating things. If you already own points at AKL, then you should book a room at 11 months using your home resort advantage. When it comes to 7 months, you can modify your resort reservation based on availability at the time. If nothing is available, then you can use...