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  1. Debbie123

    APs and Resort guests can now upgrade their magicband

    I had ordered the birthday one and there was a glitch and I didn't get the checkout page and now it is missing from my account and no longer available. Waaaa.
  2. Debbie123

    Piecing together a reservation?

    I had a reservation in October and needed one more night so I had to do two reservations. The funny thing is when I try to add on the extra day there is no availability but if I try to book one night there is plenty! Go figure.
  3. Debbie123

    Adventures of the Traveling Fire Pit Round 2 Try it again?

    Thank you DisneyMommyMichelle. I am looking forward to it.
  4. Debbie123

    Adventures of the Traveling Fire Pit Round 2 Try it again?

    I am very excited To be caring for the fire pit in December. I was wondering how it works. Do you have to let the person before you know what site you are on? Thanks.
  5. Debbie123

    Adventures of the Traveling Fire Pit Round 2 Try it again?

    I am going to be there 12/8 to 12/15 and would love to help.
  6. Debbie123

    Seeking All Christmas/Winter Time Fort Campers, Need A Little Help

    We will be there from 12/8-12/15 and could help.
  7. Debbie123

    Agent P & Flower and Garden

    Is Agent P's adventure available during the Flower and Garden Festival? Thank you.
  8. Debbie123

    Magical holidays room offer question

    Why does this offer make you check in on a Thursday or Sunday? I am checking in on Saturday. Can I call and add on a night? Thanks.
  9. Debbie123

    Free quick service question

    I was just wondering if anyone has returned and could report back on what the dessert situation is. Thanks.
  10. Debbie123

    The Headless Horseman Is Returning To Fort Wilderness For The 2017 Halloween Season

    I was finally able to book it as well after spending 25 minutes on hold. The premium ones were all sold out for Oct. 26th and they didn't have anything at all for the 28th. Hope we get some reviews with the September people.
  11. Debbie123

    Values and mods no availability?

    Wow. It's going to be packed.
  12. Debbie123

    Values and mods no availability?

    i was thinking of doing a quick weekend visit Nov. 10-14. Looks like all the value,moderate and some of the deluxe hotels have no availability. What's going on? Thanks
  13. Debbie123


    What do you do with your pets?
  14. Debbie123

    Golf Cart Rental

    When you reserve a golf cart from Disney do you have to pay then or when you pick it up? Thanks.
  15. Debbie123

    Musket Mickey Sign

    Can someone give me the information too? Thank you!
  16. Debbie123

    Another Fastpass Question

    Thanks Robo for the phone numbers. Calling IT wasn't as painful as I thought it would be!
  17. Debbie123

    Another Fastpass Question

    I apologize for another fastpass question but I couldn't find the answer! Today is my day to pick my fastpass. When I log on it only lets me pick Magic Kingdom and I want Hollywood Studios. The funny thing is I can pick HS for my husband but it says that some tickets in your party are not...
  18. Debbie123

    Fastpass question

    I am checking in on Sept. 11 and should be able to book my fastpass on July 13. When I go into MDE it only goes up to Aug. 10. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance..
  19. Debbie123

    Anyone booking today?

    I was planning on it but when I went to book it the deposit is more than 10 percent. It's not as high as 20 percent. Is it because the deposit is not due to after the 15th?